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Romanian Kings from Antiquity to Modern Ages - Private Tour to the Carpathian Mountains
"Departure at 08:00am from your hotel – Bucharest to Sinaia – visit Peleş Royal Castle and then Ialomicioara Cave in the Bucegi Mountains. On the way to these destinations learn about Dromichaites king of the Getic – contemporary with Alexander the Great – the Macedonian; Burebista Dacian King – contemporary to Julius Caesar and Decebalus Roman emperors and their main role and contribution to ancient history.The change of the Dacians Polytheism from five Gods to a single faith: the belief in Zamolxes took place during the reign of Burebista. It aimed to strengthen the power for the Ki convinced that death on the battlefield would be the greatest honor of all.The road to the Ialomicioara Cave crosses the Paduchiosu Mountain and then climbs the Plateau of Bucegi Mountains opening wonderful and deep scenery passes by the beautiful valley of Ialomiţa and the impressive Bolboci Reservoir Lake. The whole area that includes Ialomicioara Cave Babele Sfinxul is described as a zone with unusually high levels of energy that make the human body function at its best.Coming back from Ialomicioara
From EUR90.00
Wine Tasting Private Tour at Rhein-Azuga Cellar from Bucharest
"The Sinaia Monastery. The spatharius Mihail Cantacuzino (a purely honorary dignity in the Byzantine Empire) founded the monastery upon his return from a pilgrimage to Mount Sinai. The first buildings were completed between 1690 and 1695. They were design the structure is a blend between the Moldavian style and the Brâncovenesc style from Walachia. It is said that the belt of three green enamel lines that encircle the building represent the unity of the Holy Trinity in one God and the unity of the Three R with its fairytale turrets and pointed towers rising above acres of green meadows sprinkled with haystacks was built as a summer residence by Romania’s longest serving monarch King Carol I who died and was buried here in 1914 just months after the castle’s completion. The building of the Peles Castle began in 1873 under the direct order of the Viennese architect Wilhem Doderer and was continued in 1876 by his assistant
From EUR160.00
Private Day Trip to Peles and Dracula's Castle from Bucharest
"In the morning you will meet with your travel guide at the hotel to start you day trip to the Peles and Bran. The journey will start driving through the Prahova Valley in order to reach Sinaia where you will visit the impressive Peles Castle built in the 19th century according to the specifications of King Carol I in order to be the royal family’s summer residence. Our day trip ends with a visit to the famously known Dracula Castle situated on the border between Transylvania and Wallachia. Our next stop will be in Brasov
From EUR74.00

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