Iasi Things to Do

  • Be Precious
    by AdrianaAG
  • Palace of Culture (Palatul Culturii), Iasi
    Palace of Culture (Palatul Culturii),...
    by Jetgirly
  • The Museum of Old Moldavian Literature
    The Museum of Old Moldavian Literature
    by Jetgirly

Most Viewed Things to Do in Iasi

  • 1. Be Precious

    Great pace to buy precious gifts for friends and family that appreciate quality and elegance. Very nice choices for jewelry with precious and semiprecious stones, luxury handmade crystal items, niche...

  • 2. Get a Cheap "Eiffel" Thrill

    Can't afford a trip to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower? The next best thing (at least in Iasi), is stopping by Grand Hotel Traian, which was also designed by the...

  • 3. Visit Another Monastery

    The Barboi Church (or Barboi Monastery) is another religious landmark in Iasi. The current church was built in 1841 and apparently a fantastically-painted...

  • 4. Stay Safe in a Fortified Monastery

    Golia Monastery is surrounded by tall, thick walls. In fact, I almost couldn't be bothered to find the entrance! However, I walked around to Str Cuza Voda and...

  • 5. Terrific (or Terrible?) Taxidermy!

    Iasi's Natural History Museum is a treasure-trove of taxidermied animals. And stop. There's not much more to say (check out the seriously creepy seal in the...

  • 6. Revel in Romantic Literary Greatness

    I think one of the coolest places in Iasi is Parc Piata Eminescu, which is a little park located beside Piata Mihai Eminescu. As I've previously noted, Iasi...

  • 7. Back to School

    Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza (Alexandru Ioan Cuza University) is the oldest university in Romania. It's alumni include Corneliu Codreanu, the founder of...

  • 8. Go Even Deeper in Romania's Literary History

    I think it's pretty impressive that Iasi is home not only to the Museum of Old Moldavian Literature, but a second museum of literature as well- the Pogor House...

  • 9. Dodge Crumbling Statues

    Occupying a small park behind the Student Culture House is Voievodes Statuary. "Voievode" used to mean "lord" or "prince" in the language of early Moldavia, and...

  • 10. Celebrate Saint Nicholas

    Dedicated to Saint Nicholas, Royal Saint Nicholas Church in Iasi is a quaint little church and the oldest church in the city that continues to occupy its...

  • 11. Queue to Touch a Saint

    I seriously had one of my most embarrassing moments ever at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Iasi. The Metropolitan Cathedral is the largest Orthodox Church in...

  • 12. Explore a Subterranean Market

    Marked by its street-level glass dome, Iasi's Hala Centrala (Central Market) is actually located below ground. Descend into the market and you'll find a...

  • 13. Read Some Old Moldavian Literature

    Located beside the Palace of Culture, the tiny Museum of Old Moldavian Literature is house in one of Iasi's oldest buildings (Casa Dosoftei). The building...

  • 14. Check Out These Museums... in 2012!

    Closed for renovations at the time of my visit, the Palace of Culture is Iasi's most recognizable edifice. It is normally home to four museums that, together,...

  • 15. Aerial sightseeing

    It's something very new and exciting, just discovered it last week (it was a gift from my friends). The flight was about 30 minutes long and the view of the...

  • 16. Voronet

    Apparently King Stephen would build a monastery as a gift to God for every victory. So there are many monasteries in the northern region. In particular I wanted...

  • 17. Countryside

    We drove from Iasi to Voronet. I was so amazed at the water wells along the side of the road. And they work!!! And the decorations and structures on the wells...

  • 18. Church of the Three Hierarchs

    Our 2nd stop was at the Church of the Three Hierarchs whose splendid carvings of chevrons, meanders and rosettes were covered by scaffolding. When it was...

  • 19. Palace of Culture

    Our first stop was at the Palace of Culture, built between 1905 and 1926 as a government center which now houses four museums-Museum of Science & Technology,...

  • 20. Take a stroll down Stephen the Great Boulevard

    This road cuts through the very center of Iasi. It starts in front of the Culture Palace and ends in Union Square. It's closed to car traffic most of the time,...

  • 21. Culture Palace

    Built in neogothic style between 1906 and 1925, the Culture Palace can be considered the pride of Iasi. It served as an administrative and justice building...

  • 22. Metropolitan Church

    The church is situated in the very center of Iasi. It's rear entrance is from Stefan Street, right next to the one of "Trei Ierarhi" Monastery.This is probably...

  • 23. Ancient part of Iasi

    If you have some time and want to visit a special place, go to 'Sonet Vila'. Here is the house where one of the famous Romanian poets lived: Mihail Codreanu. It...

  • 24. The spirit of culture

    If you are visiting IASI, I suggest you to go to the National Theatre called 'Vasile Alecsandri'. It is placed exactly in the 'heart' of my town and many famous...

  • 25. The Palace of Culture

    The Palace of Culture is a must-see from the outside as well as the inside. This immense - and I mean truly immense - neo-Gothic building (dating to the first...

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