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Private Moscow Must-See Tour
"Itinerary:Red Square and Alexander Garden Fabulous Red Square and Alexander Garden is the focal point and a traveler's fantasy stop. Definitely got to be visited during the evening when it is incredibly lit up! See Kazan Church Historical Museum burial at the Kremlin Wall Mausoleum Senate tower Senate Spasskaya Tower
From $220.00
The Armoury Chamber Early Opening Private Museum Tour
"Meet your guide in your hotel lobby in the early morning to be taken to the Kremlin - the oldest part of Moscow. Behind the Kremlin walls you will see many ancient magnificent structures such as the 15th century cathedrals the coronation the wedding and bury place of Russian rulers the bell-tower Patriach’s Palace Grand Kremlin Palace and of course the Armoury Chamber. The Armoury Chamber has a fantastic collection of insignia of Imperial power
From EUR640.00
Private Moscow City Tour with Red Square and Kremlin
"The smell of history is in the air! When you think about Russia there is no way Red Square and Kremlin won't pop up. The stories about Moscow are as limitless as your desire to explore. On this tour you'll explore the heart of Moscow in depth. known for its architect Postnik Yakovlev who was blinded by Ivan the Terrible in order to prevent him to duplicate this kind of beauty Lobnoye Mesto (or ""Place of the Skulls"") where big and sometimes terrible events took place Kremlin Tour The Ivan the Great Bell To which started as a royal arsenal in 1508 and nowadays consists of 9 halls with a unique collections of the Russian European and Eastern weapons jewelry and household articles of the tsars belonging to the period from the 5th to the 20th centuries. Learn a ton of fun facts on this private tour with your friendly local guide:Red Square is a result of large fire in fiftee however it was really rare because it was considered sacred and made for royal decrees The Tsar Cannon was never actually used in any war conflicts For about 100 years the Tsar Bell was in a pit The sculptor who created the Min
From $179.00

More General in Moscow

Main Post Office

It is very useful to call by phone to your family, or to buy stamps for yiur postcards to send home, or to change money. It is located in street Tverskaya, in front of a Macdonalds, close to the red...
jorgejuansanchez's Profile Photo
Jun 09, 2015

Russian visa

Later in the year are travelling, independently, to Moscow via Belarus.We applied for our Russian visa's in early May 2015. We used to apply. This is the agency that is...
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May 27, 2015


When I arrived in Moscow, it was 1986 and this was the heart of the Soviet Union. It was a bit scary as this was as far behind the Iron Curtain as you could be. The Cyrillic alphabet could was...
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Dec 06, 2012

Estatua - Statues

En las calles de Moscú conviven las estatuas de distintos personajes que vivieron momentos históricos muy distintos, políticos , escritores , militares , obreros,astronautas, artistas, bailarines,...
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Sep 05, 2012

WIFI /INTERNET on #04 train

To answer my own question:No, there was not Hot spot along the way.But I did purchase Small wirless card at the station for 1400 R. It work of of cell network. so the speed were from 14.4 kb and up....
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May 08, 2012

Tourist call-centre

VT has got competition (maybe):A call-centre for tourists starts functioning in Moscow today (that’s October 25, 2011)8-800-220-00-018-800-220-00-02Said to speak (and hopefully understand) Russian and...
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Oct 25, 2011
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Russian visa for US citizens

Ok, at first the visa application for US citizens looks complicated and outright intrusive asking very, very personal questions. They want an invitation from a hotel and detailed information about...
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May 21, 2011

Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation

If you have safety concerns, you can check up the Interior, too, they speak English, German, Spanish and Arabic.Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation Public Liaison OfficeTel: + 7 (495)...
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Oct 29, 2010

Moscow Mayor's office

Every other question about Moscow starts with safety concerns based on shadowy groundsPeople in Russia are often literate and read 'Frommers, Fodors, and various other travel magazines', as a VT...
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Oct 29, 2010

A long walk

When Moscow's crowded streets and manic traffic get too much for you and the thought of another onion dome, museum hall or historic building has you beat, a walk along the the Boulevard Ring...
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Dec 23, 2009

A walk down Tverskaya

Starting from the Kremlin and heading north, Tverskaya is the Main Street of Moscow. Stay on it and keep on going, after 700 km you'll get to St. Petersburg but for this tip we'll take a shorter walk,...
TheWanderingCamel's Profile Photo
Dec 23, 2009

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

The tomb of the unknown soldier is just outside the Kremlin walls and through the gates which lie next to the line to see Lenin's Tomb. The Russian soldiers who guard here stand perfectly still, like...
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Mar 17, 2009

For all your needs in Moscow

If you are a foreigner visiting Moscow for the first time and you need help for anything, check out the following website: Girl Friday, aka Olesya, offers a...
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Dec 22, 2007

Getting Money

I've always been one of those who prefer „Plastic Money“ and therefore I travel with minimal cash or T-Cheques.Here is my tip on getting Money on a cheap and safe way in Moscow...During my stay I...
baldurontour's Profile Photo
Oct 21, 2007

Top Hotels in Moscow

2/1 blvd, Kutuzovskiy prospekt, Moscow, 121248, Russia
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1/4 Teatralny Proyezd, Moscow null
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Petrovka ulitsa, 11/20, Moscow, Central Russia, 103031, Russia
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4 Neglinnaya Street, Moscow, Central Russia, 109012, Russia
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Ul Balchug 1, Moscow, Central Russia, 115035, Russia
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Kosmodamianskaya Nab. 52, Building 6, Moscow, Central Russia, 115054, Russia
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Top Things to Do in Moscow

Things to Do

Red Square

If you don't have much time to explore the city take a private guided tour with a professional driver. It is 3 hours long, great for a family up to 5 people. Tour cost is fixed per group and you don't...
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Things to Do

KGB Headquarters Lubyanka

Back in 1979 I was on a student tour in the Soviet Union (as it was called) While in Moscow I walked around the KBG headquarters to see what it was all about. There was a basement window with steel...
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Things to Do


The official website of the Kremlin is: The website gives details about different exhibitions at various museums in the Kremlin, and information about entry times and ticket...
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Things to Do

Red Square - Lenin Mausoleum

I hadn't had any intention of visiting Lenin's Mausoleum but when I noticed that the queue at the Manege Square entrance was pretty much non-existent curiosity got the better of me. Well, it was...
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Things to Do

Tverskaya Street

Tverskaya Street Hostel is the worst hostel of Moscow. There lot of mafia guys and girls stay, and commit crimes with the help of management. I have had very bad experience there. Thank God, I was...
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Things to Do

Red Square - Saint Basil Cathedral

The first thing we did in Moscow was find and admire the beautiful St. Basil's Cathedral and I promise it looks better in real life than in the photos. However we did have a bit of difficulty finding...
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"My Moscow..."
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"Memories of Moscow"
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"Moscow is my Universe"
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"Marvellous Moscow"
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"Moscow - Thrilling capital of Russia"
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