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Private Moscow Must-See Tour
"Itinerary:Red Square and Alexander Garden Fabulous Red Square and Alexander Garden is the focal point and a traveler's fantasy stop. Definitely got to be visited during the evening when it is incredibly lit up! See Kazan Church Historical Museum burial at the Kremlin Wall Mausoleum Senate tower Senate Spasskaya Tower
From $220.00
Private Moscow City Tour with Red Square and Kremlin
"The smell of history is in the air! When you think about Russia there is no way Red Square and Kremlin won't pop up. The stories about Moscow are as limitless as your desire to explore. On this tour you'll explore the heart of Moscow in depth. known for its architect Postnik Yakovlev who was blinded by Ivan the Terrible in order to prevent him to duplicate this kind of beauty Lobnoye Mesto (or ""Place of the Skulls"") where big and sometimes terrible events took place Kremlin Tour The Ivan the Great Bell To which started as a royal arsenal in 1508 and nowadays consists of 9 halls with a unique collections of the Russian European and Eastern weapons jewelry and household articles of the tsars belonging to the period from the 5th to the 20th centuries. Learn a ton of fun facts on this private tour with your friendly local guide:Red Square is a result of large fire in fiftee however it was really rare because it was considered sacred and made for royal decrees The Tsar Cannon was never actually used in any war conflicts For about 100 years the Tsar Bell was in a pit The sculptor who created the Min
From $179.00
Izmaylovo Flea Market and Kremlin in Izmaylovo
"The territory of Izmaylovo accommodates up to 5 000 people in the major holidays and festivals. Great atmosphere unique architecture Russian crafts and architecture are all waiting for you here!A visit to the Izmaylovo flea market is like visiting the historical museum: endless rows of colorful items and accessories of the past two centuries dresses kerosene lamps dishes silverware
From $65.00

Fashionable - Top end Tips (20)

Fashionable/Top end: As Old World as Casablanca and just as magical

Everytime I watch Casablanca I lament the lack of a Rick's in real life. So elegant, so Old World, so classy, so romantic.

The pianist is playing Mozart?s Rondo alla Turca downstairs and the music sifts through the smoke as it rises to the mezzanine on the third floor, reaching us like a dream, hushed and exotic.

The mayor of Moscow routinely brings his guests here. President Clinton and President Nixon have been entertained here. Pushkin Caf?, housed in a mansion decorated in the style of the early twentieth century, is widely considered Moscow?s classiest and best restaurant.

The music alternated between piano, violin, clarinet and the harp throughout the evening. Two statues of the Egyptian goddess Baath, a slim black cat with a golden collar, greet guests on the second floor and overlook the staircase. The second and third floor resemble an Old World private library, with antique telescopes, globes, and a bookcases reaching from the second to the top of the third floor. After our starters, I pulled down a book. It was all in French, but the copyright was 1862.

The Russian tradition of after-dinner toasts alone is worth the trip: the host orders everyone a shot of ? what else? ? Russian vodka and begins the toasts by making a short speech about the guest of honor. The first toast used to go to Stalin, but he has since fallen from favor. The toasting does not stop until everyone at the table has ordered a round of shots and made his or her own eloquent (and usually increasingly lengthy) speech. Dinner arguments are apologized for and forgotten, and the unity of the table increases until it is necessary to part, usually at least four hours after the meal began. Russian dining is not just an amusement; it is an experience.

Favorite Dish amazingly delicate crab salad starter ? just enough to whet the reader?s appetite for the main course (I had the Turbot). The salad is topped with caviar and olives; surprisingly light and fresh but perfectly satisfying.

marigirl's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Bosco Cafe: Best view ever

It's a cafe with the best view ever, facing Red Sq. and Kremlin wall....
It's a place where one can sit back to back with a Gucci model girl, famous polititian or disgraced tycoon....
It's a nice bay to sit and relax, have a cup of coffee or light lunch observing the glorious past....

Lalique's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Sky Lounge: in the skies

nice relaxing ambiance, not cheap at all, be ready to pay at least 20$ for a glass of wine But the good one), anyway everyone knows he's paying that much for one of the best views of Moscow-great view over Moskva river, Vorobievy hills, Moscow State University and the stadiun Luzhniki, fashionable dj's are playing there and late evening in summer time it feels perfect. the evening i went there i had occasionaly my camera with me and was very happy to take a lot of pictures that i still like much..of Moscow at sunset

angelochka's Profile Photo
Nov 17, 2006

Fashionable/Top end: Sirena

The interior of the restaurant looks and feels like the galley of a ship. There are aquariums which line the walls with many different species of fish in them, and nautical themes throughout. The waiters wear the uniform of a salior's mate. In one room, there are clear, plexi-glass floor, with aquariums under the floors, so that you can dine while watching fish swim underfoot. Quite interesting. The food is good. The prices quite high. A good restaurant for special occassions, but not for everyday dining.

Nov 01, 2006
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Fashionable/Top end: Pir Ogi

A super cool place to hang out, a bookstore cafe and a resaturant all in one. It is spacious, great interior decoration, seems to be popular with young people. We had a great time there, relaxed atmosphere, friendlier staff than in other places we've been to in Moscow. Also the food was great, not something you usually espect in places like that (bookstore-cafe-..), prices were also below average too.

Menu is in russian only and staff spoke only russian, we managed because we know some russian, but the waitress was so kind that she called some girl from one of the table to translate when we didn't understand some words.

Favorite Dish Everything we tried was great.

lana82's Profile Photo
Oct 10, 2006

Eldorado: Moscow Eldorado

We have meeting in this restaurant with old school-friends one or two times a year. Restaraunt is good and expensive.

Favorite Dish All dishes are delicious. So you can chose everything by your taste. I like to enjoy with oysters there. If you are in 5-6 person`s company , I recommend to offer also Big Sea Coctail for whole table. It`s really fine !

vodolaz's Profile Photo
Aug 31, 2004

Asian Cuisine: Cafe Del Sol

You can eat anything you wish. Oisters, sushi, mediteranian seafood.
Warm athmosphere. Frendly service. Beautiful two story interiere.

Favorite Dish sasimi,
seabass in the foil and salt,
fresh oisters from mediteranian sea.

musbars's Profile Photo
Apr 27, 2004

Krasny Bar / Red Bar: On Moscow top

There are two things about this place - breathtaking view over Moscow (better to be seen at nights) and wacky man's toilet with huge windows.
On Friday and Sunday nights the bar is fully packed (to book a table in advance would be a good idea), on other days the main crowd start to appear not earlier than 9pm.
Not much to eat there, but there are good cackes and desserts. The place also boasts good collections of wines and cigars.
From time to time really good live jazz is played there.

Lalique's Profile Photo
Apr 06, 2004
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"My Moscow..."
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"Memories of Moscow"
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"Moscow is my Universe"
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"Mother Russia"
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"Marvellous Moscow"
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Cafe Pushkin: Without a Doubt the Best Restaurant in Moscow

Cafe Pushkin is without a doubt the best restaurant in Moscow, and my favorite.

So much so, that I hesitate to even post it on these pages. The last thing I want is the restaurant to be over-run by loud, obnoxious tourists, which, did I mention, talk too loud. However, in all fairness, I have posted it here with a caveat, do not yell at the waiters, and please turn your stupid mobile phones off.

Cafe Pushkin is spread over three floors, each with their own ambiente - the Pharmacy, the Library and the Mezzanine level. They are open 24/7, but are always quite busy. It is best to make reservations if you are more than a few people.

Last time I was there, we sat beside Mikhail Gorbachev, who was looking years younger, now that he is earning good money on the international speaking circuit, and does not have to worry about running an Empire anymore.

Favorite Dish The cuisine is traditional Russian, which means wide and varied, as history has endowed Russia with Ukraine, Georgian, Uzbek and other local culinary delights, in addition to homegrown favorites.

They have a good selection of wines, which tend to be quite expensive. Expect to spend no less than $100 per person on the meal, and please give at least 10% tip to the waiters because they are good and they deserve it. This is an experience, so don't be cheap. At home, you would spend more to go to this quality of restaurant.

So go ahead and enjoy my inside tip, but please, just like the wilderness, do not ruin it for those that come after you, or unfortunately must sit beside you and ruin an otherwise perfect evening.

Dec 02, 2003

Cool place: Justo

A very stylish place. It's better to take a guide to find it. But even if you get your target, it does not mean you'll get inside. Face control is severe, especially at week-ends. Inside you'll enjoy a beautiful interior, designed by Phillip Clark. The club is divided into two halls. The first one works as a restaurant, the second one, "Moon", - as a dance floor.
DJs play after 9 p.m.
Check out the restrooms!

Favorite Dish Everything is good

musbars's Profile Photo
Nov 14, 2003

Uzbekistan: Hadja Nasredin

Two floor interior. Servants in national costumes.
The interior is designed in the style of an Uzbek yard with blankets and cushions, colorful carpets and clay pots. Interior reminds you of the main plaza of Hiva with old Minarets and old muslim churches. If you feel tired of that noise, you can take a rest in the atmosphere of a Sultan Harem. National Uzbek and modern music. Belly dancers.

The cooks are preparing their food on open fire.

Favorite Dish Shashlik,

musbars's Profile Photo
Nov 14, 2003

Russian Cuisine: Cafe Pushkin

New. Looks as though it is at least 200 years old; the exterior and interior have a wonderful and mysterious atmosphere, as though you have entered into an old Russian mansion, complete with ancient books, high ceilings and the like. A distinguished and literary-looking gentleman, no doubt a descendant of Pushkin's, with flowing white hair and a white beard, greets guests as they arrive and leave.

There are multiple dining rooms -- the library, the roof garden, the salon, etc. -- and the process of getting you from the elegant reception area and bar to your table is not straightforward

Most stylish cafe in Moscow, where the new rich meet. Open 24 hours daily.

Favorite Dish Old traditional Russian food.
Try vodochka (Vodka),
Potatoes with mushrooms.
Caviar ( fish eggs ),
Sturgeon ( fish ),
Halibut ( fish ),
Stolichniy salad( Oliv'e ),
Blini with caviar, honey, sour cream,
Borsch ( beet soup )
Gorohoviy soup ( pea soup ),
Uha ( fish soup ),
Shashliki ( Shish kebab ),
Golubci ( stuffed cabbage ).

musbars's Profile Photo
Nov 14, 2003

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