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Private Moscow Must-See Tour
"Itinerary:Red Square and Alexander Garden Fabulous Red Square and Alexander Garden is the focal point and a traveler's fantasy stop. Definitely got to be visited during the evening when it is incredibly lit up! See Kazan Church Historical Museum burial at the Kremlin Wall Mausoleum Senate tower Senate Spasskaya Tower
From $220.00
The Armoury Chamber Early Opening Private Museum Tour
"Meet your guide in your hotel lobby in the early morning to be taken to the Kremlin - the oldest part of Moscow. Behind the Kremlin walls you will see many ancient magnificent structures such as the 15th century cathedrals the coronation the wedding and bury place of Russian rulers the bell-tower Patriach’s Palace Grand Kremlin Palace and of course the Armoury Chamber. The Armoury Chamber has a fantastic collection of insignia of Imperial power
From EUR640.00
Kremlin Small-Group Tour
"Meet your guide at Kutafia Tower at the Kremlin and get ready for an informative small-group tour.Envision the grandeur of the Grand Kremlin Palace and walk around its central courtyard visiting monuments and cathedrals. In Ivan Square see the popular Tsar Bell the world’s largest at 20 feet (6 meters) tall. Made of bronze and adorned with portraits of Tsar Alexei and Empress Anna the bell broke during casting and was never repaired. Check out the 16th-century Tsar Cannon one of the largest ever made at almost 20 feet (6 meters) long. From here view the southern exterior façade of the Senate Palace
From EUR45.00

Moo-Moo chain Tips (13)


For the second time , Mu-mu chain is my choice in Moscow,Lots of reasons to go there , but the main one is to be able to see and choose your food and taste typical russian coisine.The atmosphere is...
GIPA's Profile Photo
May 08, 2016

Moo Moo

You will recognize Moo-Moo restaurant (Russian: Му му) by its black-and-white Holstein-print decor and big cow-statue in front of. This is cafeteria-style service and is a good way to taste Russian...
Odiseya's Profile Photo
Feb 23, 2016

Russian chains

Moo-Moo is my favourite fast-food chain in Moscow, because it is not really fast-food.The service is fast indeed, but not the food: no sandwiches, no cakes baked and frozen miles away and brought back...
Muscovite's Profile Photo
Dec 11, 2015


Literally!While McDonalds is on the way out (I guess the authorities still hesitate, but another oil-cheapening trick may decide the fate of this Pax Americana symbol), it doesn’t do any good to its...
Muscovite's Profile Photo
Oct 14, 2014

Moo-Moo at Frunzenskaya

As everyone knows, there’s no such crime capitalism will shrink from with the view of 200% profit. You will immediately notice that the personnel in this Russian catering doesn’t look exactly Russian...
Muscovite's Profile Photo
Oct 13, 2014

Cafe Mu Mu

Mu Mu (Cyrillic spelling: My My) is a Russian chain of cafeteria style restaurants. They have several branches in Moscow. I once visited the place at the street ul. Arbat, which is probably one of the...
HORSCHECK's Profile Photo
Apr 05, 2010

Moo-Moo chain

Moo-Moo is a budget-friendly, cafeteria-style restaurant with a rather large selection of Russian dishes. There may be menus in English at the entrance, but if you don't speak Russian, you will likely...
brazwhazz's Profile Photo
Nov 23, 2007

Moo-Moo chain

I do not know why Moo-Moo chain was awarded at VT with a separate "cuisine" locator. Actually this is a kind of fast-food chain, better to say self-service restaurant, as meals are of restautant...
Pablos_new's Profile Photo
Oct 09, 2004

Moo-Moo chain

A russian fast food self service. Nice and comfortable you can choose from many dishes, starters, soups, meat, fish. For one person you can eat very well with 250 roubles (7 euros). There are many...
RedChili's Profile Photo
Aug 24, 2004

Russian Cuisine

The restaurant's name is "Mu-mu". Just to explain : Mu-mu is the novel written by Russian famous writer Ivan Turgenev. Mu-mu is a dog who's lord was deam&deaf and hence couldn't call the dog by...
IngaA's Profile Photo
Sep 21, 2003

Moo-Moo (My My)

For a great, inexpensive Russian meal, hop into the ever present line at Moo-Moo. The restaurant is cafeteria style so you can view the food before you order it, there is an English menu on the wall...
Dabs's Profile Photo
Sep 10, 2003

Mu Mu

For 250 rubles you are offered a good lunch consisting on two dishes plus tea and a sweet. pelmenie and borsh
jorgejuansanchez's Profile Photo
Jan 13, 2016
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"My Moscow..."
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"Memories of Moscow"
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"Moscow is my Universe"
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"Marvellous Moscow"
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"Moscow - Thrilling capital of Russia"
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Things to Do Near Moscow

Things to Do

Kremlin - Great Palace

The stunning, yellow-and-white Russo-Byzantine facade of the Grand Kremlin Palace stands on the crest of Borovitsky Hill in the southern part of the Kremlin complex. The palace on view today was...
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Things to Do

Alexander Garden

Whilst much of the Kremlin/Red Square area is designed to part us tourists with our money the Alexandrovsky Garden is a total freebie. This is one of Moscow's earliest public parks, built on the...
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Things to Do

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (Russian: Могила Неизвестного Солдата, read: Mogila Neizvestnova Soldata) is a war memorial, dedicated to the Soviet soldiers killed during WWII. It is located at the...
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Things to Do

Cathedral Square

The Cathedral Square is located in the Moscow Kremlin. In the square stood the Cathedral of the Dormition, the Archangel Cathedral, Faceted Chambers, Cathedral of Annunciation, Ivan the Great Bell...
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Things to Do

Kremlin - Annunciation Cathedral

The Cathedral of the Annunciation (Russian: Благовещенский собор, read: Blagoveschensky sobor) is a Russian Orthodox church dedicated to the Annunciation of the Theotokos. It is located on the...
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Things to Do

Kremlin - Church of the Deposition of the Robe

The Church of the Deposition of the Robe is another church within Kremlin. It is belief that it was build in 1484-1485 by masters from Pskov. It is a cross-building single-domed church (hood-shaped...
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