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Old Circus - Nikulin Circus Tips (7)

Old Circus (Nikulin)

There are two circuses in Moscow, the old and the new. The new circus was not in town so we ended up going to the old circus twice, once with tickets obtained by my VT friend Lalique and once with our tour group.

The 350 ruble seats were much better than the tour provided 200 ruble seats, spring for the extra cost if you can afford it. There were seats that were even more expensive but I thought the view from our seats was great.

The old circus is in a more central location than the new, in a modern building.

The human acts featured gymnasts, all of which were quite good.

There were also several animal acts including chimps, reptiles (boy, was I rooting for that crocodile to take a chunk outta that trainer!), seals and bears.

I have to say that a couple of the animal acts made me a little uncomfortable and it was a little sad seeing a majestic animal like a bear being made to act so unmajestically. But the audiences love the animal acts, perhaps this is a bit of a cultural difference?

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Oct 01, 2003

The old circus

The old Moscow circus is an absolut delight. I am not to much into the animal acts myself, but that aside, the animals seemed healthy and well cared for and the acrobatics are fantastic. The costumes were wonderful and the whole show usually follows some kind of story or script. The acts change about 2 or 3 times every year. Tickets cost between 2 and 10 dollars and there is no cost difference for Russians and foreigners. The show usually lasts about 2 and ahalf hours with an intermission.

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Aug 01, 2003

Old Moscow Circus: The orginal and the best

There are two circuses in Moscow, the old circus near the river and the new circus in T'snetnoy Bul'Var.

The new circus is the better of the two. They have the most elaborate display of animal training I have ever seen: multiple dogs, seals, monkeys, bears, lions.
This is the only circus in the world where I have seen a bear honestly riding a motorbike.

It's an incredible spectacle with a great atmosphere, and outside the tent you can take pictures with some of the rarer domesticated animals such as foxes. Front row seats went for 1200 rubles - around USD$43.

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Jun 16, 2011

Great Moscow State Circus

Entertainment for the family under the big top, this time a big round metal and glass building since 1971, so it is good in winter and summer.
Currently playing "Around the World in 130 minutes on water, ice and land."
Under 6 admitted free.

Phone (095) 939-45-47, 9-300-300
Fax (095) 930-4315


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Apr 04, 2011
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Hotels Near Old Circus - Nikulin Circus

1A Bolshaya Yushunskaya, Moscow, Central Russia, 117303, Russia
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Bolshaya St., 84/3, on the territory of Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve, 115487
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Balaklavsky prospekt, 2, Moscow, Central Russia, 113639, Russia
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33, Balaklavsky prospect, Moscow, 117303, Russia
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Building 21-1, Kirovogradskaya, Moscow, 113519, Russia
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Building 3, Office 104, Moscow, 0, Russia
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The Moscow state circus was a...

The Moscow state circus was a nice delight. During my October visit, I had the opportunity to see frist-hand the world famous circus.
The performers were all very talented at their craft and the show was continuiously entertaining even when the animals decided not to do as they were instructed.
This was good quality entertainment at the right price (that doesn't happen in Moscow often).

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Sep 12, 2002

Going to the Moscow Circus

Before the circus began, we walked around and saw all the animals posing inside for pictures-they took them on our digital for a small fee. The circus was unlike any we had ever seen-so glamorous,colorful, and unusual-with a hint of the Cirque de Soleil ,and the stories they told with each act. Russia is known for their fairy tales, and this was exciting like that to see. Of course we had the cotton candy too!

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Feb 08, 2005

Circus (Tzirk)

This is the headquarters of the world-famous Moscow circus. If you have kids, or just want to rediscover a kid in you for a night, do come. You will be amazed by the performance.

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Aug 05, 2007
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