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Private Moscow Must-See Tour
"Itinerary:Red Square and Alexander Garden Fabulous Red Square and Alexander Garden is the focal point and a traveler's fantasy stop. Definitely got to be visited during the evening when it is incredibly lit up! See Kazan Church Historical Museum burial at the Kremlin Wall Mausoleum Senate tower Senate Spasskaya Tower
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Private Moscow City Tour with Red Square and Kremlin
"The smell of history is in the air! When you think about Russia there is no way Red Square and Kremlin won't pop up. The stories about Moscow are as limitless as your desire to explore. On this tour you'll explore the heart of Moscow in depth. known for its architect Postnik Yakovlev who was blinded by Ivan the Terrible in order to prevent him to duplicate this kind of beauty Lobnoye Mesto (or ""Place of the Skulls"") where big and sometimes terrible events took place Kremlin Tour The Ivan the Great Bell To which started as a royal arsenal in 1508 and nowadays consists of 9 halls with a unique collections of the Russian European and Eastern weapons jewelry and household articles of the tsars belonging to the period from the 5th to the 20th centuries. Learn a ton of fun facts on this private tour with your friendly local guide:Red Square is a result of large fire in fiftee however it was really rare because it was considered sacred and made for royal decrees The Tsar Cannon was never actually used in any war conflicts For about 100 years the Tsar Bell was in a pit The sculptor who created the Min
From $179.00
Izmaylovo Flea Market and Kremlin in Izmaylovo
"The territory of Izmaylovo accommodates up to 5 000 people in the major holidays and festivals. Great atmosphere unique architecture Russian crafts and architecture are all waiting for you here!A visit to the Izmaylovo flea market is like visiting the historical museum: endless rows of colorful items and accessories of the past two centuries dresses kerosene lamps dishes silverware
From $65.00

Peter the Great Statue Tips (8)

Peter the Great statue

This is a very tall statue. In fact, at 96 meters it is the 8th tallest statue in the world.
Here on VT it has been voted one of the ugliest 'buidlings' in the world and VT is not the only one ot have given it such a title. Moscow actually tried to palm it off to Saint Petersburg but, Saint Petersburg told Moscow to get stuffed!!!!

I think it is quite awesome in its existence... but perhaps it needs more boats?!?!?!

Best seen from the Statue Park (near Kultury metro) and from a river trip.

smirnofforiginal's Profile Photo
Sep 14, 2012

Pedro el Grande / Peter the Great

No destaca por su belleza , pero si por las discusiones y controversias que ha creado
Representa a Pedro El Grande al timón de una carabela , que está sobre tres naves, que pueden representar a los enemigos derrotados por la Armada Rusa
El diseño es de Tsereteli y hay una auténtica leyenda urbana sobre quien y donde se iba a instalar la estatua .Se dice que era una estatua de Cristóbal Colón para la Expo92 de Sevilla , aunque también se dice que Jesús Gil la iba a instalar en Marbella para celebrar los 500 años del descubrimiento de América o que iba a instalarse en alguna ciudad de Estados Unidos
Al final se instaló esta estatua de 76m de altura y 500 Tn de peso en Moscú para celebrar el 300 Aniversario de la Armada Rusa , aunque para ello hayan tenido que cambiar la cabeza de Colón por la de Pedro el Grande ( En una de las fotos se ve como en el cuello está la marca en que está pegada la cabeza )
Como contradicciones de la escultura a estos razonamientos podemos decir que el timón es posterior a la época de Colón y que las naves supuestamente derrotadas llevan la Cruz de San Andrés , que es el símbolo de la Marina Rusa

Not known for its beauty, but by the discussions and controversies created
Represent Peter the Great at the helm of a caravel, which is over three ships, which may represent the enemies defeated by the Russian Navy
Tsereteli was the designer and there is a real urban legend about who and where it was to be installed the statue. It said that was the statue of Christopher Columbus to be installed in Seville for Expo92, but also says that Jesus Gil, Marbella Mayor, was going to install it in Marbella to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America or that could be installed in a U.S. city
At the end, and thanks to the Moscow Mayor, this statue of 76m high and weighing 500 tons was installed in Moscow to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Russian Navy, although they should have had to change the head of Columbus by Peter the Great (In one of the photos, if you enlarge you may see the mark in the neck showing the head connection )
As contradictions of the sculpture to this reasoning, we can say that the rudder design is later than Columbus time and the ships that are supposedly defeated have the St. Andrew's Cross, which is the symbol of the Russian Navy

elpariente's Profile Photo
Sep 02, 2012

Monument of Peter the Great

This giant statue was designed by Zarub Tsereteli, apparently mayor Lushkov's favourite architect (he was also responsible for the Christ the Saviour Cathedral and the Okhotny Ryad shopping mall).
The statue is 94,5m high and stands on the banks of the Moskva in front of the Krasny Oktyabr chocolate factory.

bijo69's Profile Photo
Dec 08, 2005

PrintMonument to Peter the Great

Peter the Great's enthusiasm and the founder of the St. Petersburg and motivated at least in part by his hatred for Moscow.

This wonderful monument was created by artist Tsereteli The idea for this monument was envisaged by Mayor of the Moscow city The monument has courted widespread disagreement.

The monument itself is 165 feet high, attributing a clamorous Peter the Great standing atop a frigate in full sail and flaunt a golden scroll.

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Jun 20, 2005
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Peter the great Statue

On September 5th, 1997 the giant monument to Russia's first emperor was erected on the Yakimanskaya Embankment in Moscow. The monument by prominent sculptor Tsereteli was unveiled during the celebrations of Moscow's 850th anniversary and was dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the Russian navy.

The monument standing in the Moskva River stands 310 feet high. It has the form of a pillar standing on a granite basis foundation that is crowned by a bronze boat, with the figure of Peter the Great growing out of it. The tsar holds a large scroll in his hand

According to official information alone, the monument cost 4 million dollars to build, but according to a number of unofficial estimates it may have cost as much as 60 millions dollars. From the time it opened, some Muscovites hated the monument and were clamoring for its removal. In the next few years there were a number of petitions to remove it and even bomb threats.

I was curious what the state of the monument was in today and found an article from the Moscow News of 3/23/05:

…..” city authorities have erected Zurab Tsereteli's monstrosities to rub salt into the wound….This is the nightmare of global Tseretelianism, which leaves art lovers everywhere in a cold sweat…. Stroll through Moscow and you cannot help but be struck by Tsereteli's inimitable "genius." His bronze blots on the capital's landscape, Peter the Great, the Manege Square fountains, the facades on Christ the Savior Cathedral and something indiscernible outside Moscow Zoo, tower as monuments to the manic gaudiness of Mayor Luzhkov. …The infamous history behind Tsereteli's "masterpiece," the universally abhorred Peter the Great statue by Park Kultury, would be funny if it were not so tragic. “

For myself I thought it was an outstanding looking monument to arguably the greatest of the Russian Czars. The monument is a massive structure replacing artistic graceful lines with form emanating a sense of power and purpose. It may not suit everyone’s sense of art but then what art does.

smschley's Profile Photo
Mar 22, 2005

Monument to Peter the Great

From the Church of the Savoiur look in the direction of the river. You'll se the huge monument to Peter the Great. It's something you cannot miss, since you won't see something like that in any other place....not because it's's just......weird!!

Gillianina's Profile Photo
Oct 31, 2004

Peter the great statue

Again, this is another 'you can't miss it' landmark. It is a new monument commisioned by the mayor of Moscow. After it was first built some people tried to blow it up. I am not sure exactly why, it is not a crown glory of artistic beauty, but it isn't THAT bad! You can see it from just about anywhere along the Moscow river. For a close up look go to Sculpture park.

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Aug 26, 2002


by famous russian architect Zurab Tsereteli

Photo by Andrei Sebrant

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Aug 25, 2002
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