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Private Moscow Must-See Tour
"Itinerary:Red Square and Alexander Garden Fabulous Red Square and Alexander Garden is the focal point and a traveler's fantasy stop. Definitely got to be visited during the evening when it is incredibly lit up! See Kazan Church Historical Museum burial at the Kremlin Wall Mausoleum Senate tower Senate Spasskaya Tower
From $220.00
Private Moscow City Tour with Red Square and Kremlin
"The smell of history is in the air! When you think about Russia there is no way Red Square and Kremlin won't pop up. The stories about Moscow are as limitless as your desire to explore. On this tour you'll explore the heart of Moscow in depth. known for its architect Postnik Yakovlev who was blinded by Ivan the Terrible in order to prevent him to duplicate this kind of beauty Lobnoye Mesto (or ""Place of the Skulls"") where big and sometimes terrible events took place Kremlin Tour The Ivan the Great Bell To which started as a royal arsenal in 1508 and nowadays consists of 9 halls with a unique collections of the Russian European and Eastern weapons jewelry and household articles of the tsars belonging to the period from the 5th to the 20th centuries. Learn a ton of fun facts on this private tour with your friendly local guide:Red Square is a result of large fire in fiftee however it was really rare because it was considered sacred and made for royal decrees The Tsar Cannon was never actually used in any war conflicts For about 100 years the Tsar Bell was in a pit The sculptor who created the Min
From $179.00
Izmaylovo Flea Market and Kremlin in Izmaylovo
"The territory of Izmaylovo accommodates up to 5 000 people in the major holidays and festivals. Great atmosphere unique architecture Russian crafts and architecture are all waiting for you here!A visit to the Izmaylovo flea market is like visiting the historical museum: endless rows of colorful items and accessories of the past two centuries dresses kerosene lamps dishes silverware
From $65.00

By Tram, Bus, etc. Tips (16)

Airport Vnukovo - Moscow: minibus

I was quite relieved to find minibus # 45 that had brought me from Vnukovo airport to Yugo-Zapadnaya metro station in just 20 minutes! The fare is 100 roubles. Minibus stop - opposite domestic lines exit.

Same minibus # 45 from Yugo-Zapadnaya to Vnukovo:
take first metro car, right exit, the stop is right there - may be a long queue

The company looks like more or less legal – you never know what is completely legal here and what is not; they are called ‘Transagentstvo (transport agency) Vnukovo’, and they give you a cash receipt for your 100 roubles.

Compare with bus # 611:
50 roubles and over 1 hour's trip!

Airport Vnukovo has got an English-language site now!

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May 16, 2016

Hop-on hop-off double bus

it functions like an easy sightseeing. Just go to the Red Square and drop on . Actually , there are two lines : Red and Green. Red line is the first one , shorter , basic , and you can pick up at the square.
Further you must move to Balchug island - that strip located south of Kremlin - where exists a big square from where the Green line departures. This is the most interesting line because goes further ahead. You will cross lots of bridges and can drop off in Arbat , for example.
The total price is 1300 rubros incluiding the both lines and you can drop on drop off during 24 hours.

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May 09, 2016

Tranway 39

Tramway 39 added a touch of fun ,old-fashioned experience and adventure to my trip.
These line is absolutely touristy : connects Chistoprudnyy - an interesting boulevard located in Kitay Gorod eastern district- to Moscow University metro station , crossing the district where I was living - Zamoskvarechie . There , it runs along the charming Novokuznetskaya street , and passes in front of two metro stations :Novokuznetskaya and Paveletskaya.
The tramway stops are easy to find and the intervals are very short and regular. It costs the same price of a metro travel and allows you to admire confortably the city instead of just using the dark underground.
I took it three times : the first one to visit Chistoprudnyy, heading north and making excellent photos of Moscow and Yauza rivers. Secondly, I did the same route at night (round trip) just for fun and finally , to visit the University , across the unknown southern area.
You can check my itinerary tours and follow them,

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May 08, 2016

Bus from Riga to Moscow

We arrived in Moscow by bus from Riga with ecolines. They give you student discount if you have an ISIC card. The cost is 58 euro without discount. The ticket you can buy at the busstation or on the web.

You leave 16.15 in Riga and they drop you at 8 in the morning at the Rizjsjij station from there you can take a metro into the center

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Aug 05, 2013
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Hotels Near Moscow

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Yaroslavskaya St., 8/8, Metro Vdnh
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Lubyanskiy Dr., 25, 101000
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Busses from Moscow to Tallinn

I moved from Moscow to Riga and from Riga back home to Tallinn. I bought tickets on Ecolines bus company.
Bus ticket from Moscow to Riga cost 41.70 EURO (on the way about 13 hours)
Bus ticket from Riga to Tallinn cost 10.60 EURO (on the way about 4,5 hours)
Both busses were comfy. Staff (woman) was friendly and helpful. You can buy in the bus water and some food also.

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Aug 03, 2011


I was used trolleybus in Moscow only twice. To/from Mosfilm museum. I bought 2 tickets for 50 RUB (1 ticket - 25 RUB).
Trolleybusses were comfy. Great view from this type of transportation !
Youc can buy tickets to bus/trolleybus near bus station.
Pros using metro - fast. Pros using bus/trolleybus - view from.

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Aug 03, 2011

Hop On Hop Off Moscow

There is a sightseeing bus in Moscow. Routes, fares and other information could be find at
From my point of view it's not very comfortable because of traffic jams. The price is too high (20 euros for 1 day). The good thing is that tour has English commentary.

Apr 04, 2011

Leaving from the airport

When getting off the airplane, keep walking and avoid the guys asking if you want a taxi. You will come to the end where you can either make a right and go outside or head to the area marked trains. By the right, there is a cell phone shop. Buy a cheap cell phone with a sim card. Go outside on the right and you will see the buses. The buses are the cheapest way. Take the bus to Domodedovskaya metro. You will know you are there when you pass a church on the right and the bus stops by a shopping center. Then, take the metro and it will take you where you need to go.
When returning, go to Domodedovskaya metro and cross the street to where there are several buses. You will experience a confusing number of buses and drivers standing around. Ask for the airport and someone will eventually tell you which bus or van will take you.

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Jan 17, 2011
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"My Moscow..."
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"Memories of Moscow"
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"Moscow is my Universe"
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"Mother Russia"
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"Marvellous Moscow"
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Explore Moscow by bus, trolleybus or tram

Moscow's overground public transport network consists of buses, trolleybuses and trams, which are all operated vy the state-owned company Mosgortrans.

All vehicles can be used with the same kinds of tickets. These can be bought from small kiosks at the main stops or near Metro stations. In 2009 a single ticket cost 20 Rubles. Tickets can even be bought from the driver, but for a slightly higher price (25 Rubles, 2009).

Nowadays most buses are equipped with a turnstile, where you have to put your ticket into a machine to pass through.

An interesting trolleybus route for tourists is bus #7, which sereves a route from Park Pobedy to Kamenny Most near the Kremlin. It goes along the river bank and up to the Sparrow Hills (Vorobyovy Gory) and passes many other sights.


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Mar 21, 2010

Overland transportation from a local

Please install Russian language pack into your OS and internet browser, if you want to see Cyrillic letters in this post.

Keep in mind famous Moscow traffic jams, we call it Пробки (sounds like “prop key”, you can also translate it as “cork”, good word for this phenomena). Honestly I have never seen “Moscow probki” in London and Paris, and something alike occurs in NYC.

Tip: avoid using overland transportation on workdays and rush hours. Literally between 8.00 am and 9.00 pm in workdays. However it is better than bad:) in mid-day on some streets. Try using our glorious metro and your feet.
It's OK for weekends and public holidays.

Overland transportation
Note: if you want to feel like a local just once it would be a good idea to take a bus, tramway etc. Otherwise, if your purpose is ultimate pleasure and smooth riding to destination, using metro, taxis, gipsy taxis or hiring a personal driver would be likely solution.

Renting a car can be recommended only for long stay, at least 1 years and longer. “Why”, you may ask? Due to Probki and a “special” driving style of Muscovites. Even the locals who live in neighborhood and sometimes visit Moscow, avoid to drive themselves in our Matrix. Yes, to drive here safely and victoriously you have to be: “Bond. James Bond”, Transporter (hello, Mr. Statham!) and somewhat Neo (how do you do, Mr. Reeves). I mentioned Neo because you have to be able to slow down time...

Route planner, very useful link on Moscow transport in English

Autobus=bus=автобус (sound like aftoboos). Slow, usually crowded, bad smelled, humid and hot can in summertime.
Disadvantages: common disadvantage for every overland transportation is bad information about routes if you compare with London.

Tramway=Tram=Трамвай (sounds like trumvuy if you spell both ‘u’ like in ‘buy’).
Same pleasure as autobus:)
Advantages: some people may find tramway trip romantic or exotic. As for me I love tramway, because it gives us a kind of “old-fashioned” experience.
Disadvantages: tramway routes are rare. However there are some routes in tourist centre, e.g. in Boulevard Ring.

Trolleybus=Троллейбус (if you spell it in English people around will understand).
Usually you will find trolleybuses on main radial streets like Prospekt Mira (Mira Ave), Leningradsky Prospekt (Ave) etc.
You feel there more comfortable than in bus or tramway because they are more spacious and silent. And someone would love them as along with tramways they are green vehicles.

Marshroutka=Маршрутка. Equal to “public light bus” or so called “shared taxi”. Capacity starts from a dozen passengers. They are usually yellow maxivans and sometimes little buses, invented for more agile passing probki, than other transports can do. It may be funny experience if you love tightness and bumpy ride.
Advantages: you always obtain a seat in there, because it is just impossible to stand full-length.
Disadvantages: please be notified that we have reports about traffic accidents with casualties where participated marshroutka’s. Obviously their drivers not as good as Transporter but drive faster than him! Where possible take bigger vehicles and avoid so called Gazelle

Overland transportation prices 2009
Bus, Trolleybus, Tramway – 25 RUR per one-trip carnet (0,8 USD)
30-days universal smartcard (except Marshroutka) – 700 RUR (appr. 23 USD)

Marshroutka. The most of marshroutkas are private owned unlike other transports, and prices differ depending on route. Common rule is a price like in buses etc, 25-30 RUR. The price always notified in large figures outside and inside vehicle, as well as the route number and destination. You can only pay by cash to a driver on entering vehicle.

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Jun 06, 2009


Public tranportation is quite well in Moscow. If you don't get to a place by metro, there are always buses, trams, trolleys or minibuses (marshrutki).
It's a cheaper to buy the tickets for buses/trams and trolleys in advance at kiosks (15 Roubles/Dec. 2007) than at the driver (25 Roubles).
If you go by marshrutka you just pay the driver. E.g. the trip from Sheremetyevo Airport to the metro station Rechnoy Voksal costs 40 Roubles (Dec.07).

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Jan 02, 2008


Moscow has extensive tram services. In the center they are a bit hard to find. This end station is near Metro Belorusskaya and one of the lines goes to Komsomolskaya where 3 major railway stations are located. Some tram lines still have conductors while on others you buy your ticket from the driver and then validate it in a small slot machine.

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Mar 22, 2006

Things to Do Near Moscow

Things to Do

Kremlin - Great Palace

The Great Kremlin Palace was formerly the tsar's Moscow residence. The palace, which has more than 700 rooms, was built for Tsar Nicholas I between 1838 and 1849 by Konstantin A.Thon and Nikolay A....
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Alexander Garden

If you got tired of the sightseengs you should go to the Alexander Gardens just close to the Kremlin Walls. It is one of the first urban public parks in Moscow and consists of three parts: Upper...
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Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (Russian: Могила Неизвестного...
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Cathedral Square

The Cathedral Square is the oldest part of the Kremlin. I visited it many-many times. Last time it happened in March of 2015. The composition of the square is unusually ceremonial and picturesque. It...
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Kremlin - Annunciation Cathedral

The Cathedral of the Annunciation (the Blagoveshchensky Cathedral) served as the house church of great Moscow princes and tsars.The Cathedral was built in 1484-89 by a team of buildersfrom Pskov as...
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Kremlin - Church of the Deposition of the Robe

Church of the Deposition of the Virgine's Robe (the Rizopolozhenija Church) served as a house temple of Russian metropolitans and patriarches. Pskov masters constructed this church in 1485 in...
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