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Private St Petersburg Jewish Cultural Tour
"Explore the Jewish heritage of St. Petersburg on a full-day tour with a private guide. After a pick-up from your city hotel or cruise ship port drive past the magnificent palaces of the Russian tzars and the romantic bridges and monuments of the city’s rivers and canals.You’ll visit Theater Square closely associated with the composer Anton Rubinstein and stop by the Academy of Fine Arts where Jewish painters such as Isaac Levitan and Marc Chagall studied.During this tour you will visit the Big Choral Synagogue which is not only a magnificent monument of architecture but has always been the center around which Jewish life in St. Petersburg takes place."
From $525.00
Jewish Saint Petersburg Tour
"Visit the Grand Choral Synagogue is an important part of the tour: Designed in Moorish style by architects Shaposhnikov and Shreter the Synagogue opened in 1893 by which time the Jewish community had reached  16500 nearly 2% of the city’s population. Accommodating over 1200 persons the Synagogue was the only Jewish place of prayer to survive the repressions of 1930s. It continued to function even during the Siege of Leningrad 1941-1944. Today the Synagogue still has an active community. St. Petersburg has a well developed Je dozens of Jewish centers and community houses welcome visitors from all over the world. You will meet locals there learn about activities and tasks of the community and see for yourself how Russian Jews live today -all this in your  visit to one of the local Jewish community centres (e.g. famous Yesod). After that lunch/snack/coffee-break in a local venue of you
From EUR110.00
Russian Ballet Evening and 3-course Traditional Russian Lunch in Saint-Petersburg
"A driver will pick you up at the hotel lobby and drive you to the centrally located Russian restaurant. Here you will taste the famous courses of Russian cuisine such as fresh cabbage salad with apple vinegret (Old-style Russian salad with cooked and pickled vegetables) Shchi (Russian cabbage soup) with sour cream chicken cutlet ""Pozharskaya"" with tomato sauce hot pancake with fruit spread chicken fricassee in mushroom sauce Kasha (buckwheat porridge with onion). And of course
From $149.00

Nevsky Avenue Tips (74)

Art Nouveau in St Petersburg

While the image of St Petersburg is one of the palaces, there is a surprising number of Art Nouvau buildings interspersed throughout the city, many of which are currently being renovated.

And while the Eliseev gastronom is being renovated, perhaps the nicest is the Dom Knigi (House of the Book) built for the Singer society in the beginning of 20th century and situated on the Nevski prospect, just in front of Kazan cathedral.

On the basement you have a souvenir shop installed, so you can admire its architecture not only from outside, but also from the inside...

filip007's Profile Photo
Nov 17, 2007

Everything is here

This is in the heart of St. Petersburg. This and the near surroundings is what most tourists get to see when they visit this city. Pretty flowers, no trash, no sign of homeless people, no street children. So they have been "cleaned away", taken someplace else. Because we know for a fact that it's one of the big problems in this city.

Zirpsis's Profile Photo
Aug 26, 2007

The most famous Russia's street

To walk along the Nevskiy avenue is something special for me. You feel, you are in the centre of the city life, you observe people, promenading here and enjoy viewing of palaces, monuments, bridges, churches ....Nevskiy Prospect was honoured in russian literature and many songs were dedicated to it.

Anjutka's Profile Photo
May 18, 2007

Art Noveau-architecture

St. Petersburg - especially the buildings along Nevsky Prospekt - are a treasure house for art-noveau-fans. Many houses are decorated in art noveau/art deco-style, some of the best examples being the Jelissejew Food Store and the Dom Knigi Book Shop (with a statue of Atlas bearing a globe - see the photo).

MichaelFalk1969's Profile Photo
May 14, 2007
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Holiday: May 27, St. Petersburg birthday

The official birthdate of St. Petersburg is May 27, 1703.

On the birthday or near day named by the city for the observance Nevsky is usually closed and there is a parade to Palace Square for festivities.
Expect a lot of people and watch out for trash or bottles on the raod as you walk.
Everyone is smiling and in a festive mood, it is fun to watch the crowd.

Founded on the swampy delta of the Neva River where it flows into the Gulf of Finland, Peter the Great willed it into existence, reclaiming the swamp to make the Admiralty and Peter and Paul Fortress and made it the new capital of Russia.
He brought the best architects and ship builders from around Europe to build his capital.

With over 40 islands and many rivere and canals, it is called the Venice of the North. :)

Just over 300 years old, it is young by Russian standards but is treasured as teh cultural hub of Russia.

sennaya's Profile Photo
May 13, 2007

Yeliseev's Deli (Yeliseyevsky)

Even if you are not planning on buying anything here, be sure to stop at Yeliseev's deli on Nevsky Prospect for a look around the beautiful art nouveau interior. During the days when there were still tsars it was one of the most prestigious stores in the city, the walls are still covered with golden leaves, crystal chandeliers and ornately painted ceilings.

Located at 56 Nevksy Prospect at Malaya Sadovaya

Dabs's Profile Photo
Feb 05, 2007

Nevski Prospekt

Maybe the most famous street in all of Russia and not without reason. It runs from the Admiralty all the way to the Alexander Nevsky Monastery, 4 km in all. The beating heart of this marvellous city, you can spend hours just strolling up and down this famous boulevard, window shopping, or enjoying the mixture of streetmusians, sellars, local jetset, noisy youngsters, girls on a shopping spree, drunken sailors, Novi Ruski showing off their brandnew Porches and Feraris and numerous monuments. It's all there to enoy.

Nega's Profile Photo
Jan 07, 2007

Nevsky Avenue

Nevsky Avenue is the russian equivalent to the Champs Elysees in Paris ... though the feel is different. This street features neo-classical houses with art noveau-decorations, former city palaces of russian nobles, gigantic billboards, malls, orthodx churches and museums and some modern architecture. It is striking that while most buildings are renovated and freshly-painted, others are in a state of romantic decay not unlike Venice. It is vibrant and loud 24hours a day ... a truly interesting place.

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Aug 04, 2006

Top 5 Saint Petersburg Writers

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"St. Petersburg - City of cathedrals and bridges"
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Nevski Prospekt

This is still the principal avenue of the city which is a pleasure to walk along and take in the city's style and ambience. It is lined with stores and restaurants, and if you are tired there is a subway line underneath that can take you back. Fontanka and Moika rivers cross it, and you can book an excursion at one of the bridges along this avenue.

Esta es todavia la avenida principal. Es un placer inmenso dar un paseo a lo largo de ella para experimentar el estilo y ambiente de la ciudad. Hay muchas tiendas y restaurantes, y se se cansa, hay una linea del metro abajo que podria llevarle para atras. Los rios Fontanka y Moika la cruzan, y se puede tomar una excursion en una lancha desde uno de los puentes de esta avenida.

el_ruso's Profile Photo
Jan 04, 2006

Dom Knigi

The building which amazed me most - apart from the museums and churches was that of Dom Knigi (House of Books). Located opposite Kazan Cathedral and next to the Griboedova Canal it is an incredibly decorated building - amazing that this is just a bookshop nowadays.

morgenhund's Profile Photo
Nov 03, 2005

Singer Building

This intriguing looking building was home to the headquarters of the Singer sewing machine company from 1904. Later it was home to the American Consulate for a few years.

In recent times it contained a large bookshop, and now a shopping arcade.

Recently restored, the Singer globe and emblem at the top of the building stand out amongst the surrounding buildings.

Well worth a photo if you are wandering by.

sue_stone's Profile Photo
Oct 12, 2005

Nevsky Prospekt

The most famous street in Russia, Nevsky Prospekt runs through the heart of St. Petersburg.

It extends for almost 3 miles, from the Admiralty to the Moscow Railway Station and then turning a corner to continue on as far as the Alexander Nevsky Monastery.

There are so many attractions located on or close to Nevsky Prospekt. You could easily spend a few days just visiting them all, never having to venture far off the main drag.

As you walk along the street you will see cathedrals/churches, pretty squares, numerous cafes & restaurants, all manner of shops, galleries, plus many carts selling cold drinks and ice creams (well, we were there in summer).

sue_stone's Profile Photo
Oct 12, 2005

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St.Isaac's Cathedral

Having a boat trip along the city canals you will see lots of magnificent edifices. his is the golden dome of St.Isaac's Cathedral built in 1818 - 1848. St.Isaac was the patron saint of Peter the...
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As any Great Museum of the World Class, the State Hermitage has collections representing human culture from pre-historic times till XX century. At the ground floor you are going to find hall #65 the...
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Grand Palace

The Palace Church was built in 1751 by architect Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli. This Church played a special role in the history of the Russian imperial court. In the summer months, when Peterhof...
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