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Jewish Saint Petersburg Tour
"Visit the Grand Choral Synagogue is an important part of the tour: Designed in Moorish style by architects Shaposhnikov and Shreter the Synagogue opened in 1893 by which time the Jewish community had reached  16500 nearly 2% of the city’s population. Accommodating over 1200 persons the Synagogue was the only Jewish place of prayer to survive the repressions of 1930s. It continued to function even during the Siege of Leningrad 1941-1944. Today the Synagogue still has an active community. St. Petersburg has a well developed Je dozens of Jewish centers and community houses welcome visitors from all over the world. You will meet locals there learn about activities and tasks of the community and see for yourself how Russian Jews live today -all this in your  visit to one of the local Jewish community centres (e.g. famous Yesod). After that lunch/snack/coffee-break in a local venue of you
From EUR110.00
Russian Ballet Evening and 3-course Traditional Russian Lunch in Saint-Petersburg
"A driver will pick you up at the hotel lobby and drive you to the centrally located Russian restaurant. Here you will taste the famous courses of Russian cuisine such as fresh cabbage salad with apple vinegret (Old-style Russian salad with cooked and pickled vegetables) Shchi (Russian cabbage soup) with sour cream chicken cutlet ""Pozharskaya"" with tomato sauce hot pancake with fruit spread chicken fricassee in mushroom sauce Kasha (buckwheat porridge with onion). And of course
From $149.00
One Day Private Tour: City Tour with Skip-the-Line Hermitage
"Itinerary:9am:  Meet your guide at the hotel9am - 12pm: City Tour (Photo stops at famous sights of the city including inside visit to Peter & Paul Fortress + St. Peter & Paul Cathedral)
12:15pm - 1:15pm:  Lu Rostral Columns Egyptian Sphinxes and the Academy of Fine Arts Saint-Petersburg State UniversityPeter & Paul’s Fortress + Cathedral - inside visit; photo stops at the Artillery museum Trinity square Cabin of Peter IPhoto stop St. Isaac’s Square: Monument to Nicholas I Mariinsky Palace
From $290.00

Museums Tips (11)

Museum tickets

I suppose this message is more for people whose mother language is Russian but they are not from Russia ( like me :-) )
I just wanted to say that you need to remember that ticket price is lower for local people ( Russian ) and for tourist it is higher. They just hear, whta is your language, if it is not a Russian, sorry, but payment is higher.
So here are my advice:
When you come to the museum, talk only in Russian language, do not talk about place where are you came from or sth like this. Also toy can get a discount if you have a student card. In this situation me and my brother were losers, because our student's tickets were not renewed and we didn't get this student's discount.
Also, as regards us, when we came to Kunstkame museum, they decided that we were local Russian people and everything was OK.

loja's Profile Photo
May 05, 2011

Chocolate Museum

While walking on Nevsky Prospekt, we came across signs indicating a "Chocolate Museum". Our curiosity was piqued by the signs (to say nothing of our sweet tooth), but it turns out Chocolate Museum is actually the name of a chain of chocolate stores. Furthermore, we saw a second Chocolate Museum further along Nevsky Prospekt!

The stores are visually attractive, with several nice chocolates on display, so it doesn't hurt to take a peak. Whether or not the prices fit your budget is for you to decide.

Unique Suggestions Those interested in seeing what the Chocolate Museum has to offer can visit the following addresses:
Nevsky Prospekt 17 (Nevsky Prospekt/Gostiny Dvor metro)
Nevsky Prospekt 35 (Nevsky Prospekt/Gostiny Dvor metro)
Ulitsa Zhukovskogo 18 (Mayakovskaya metro)

brazwhazz's Profile Photo
Jul 04, 2008

Different fares for foreigners

The Soviet mentality of tricking the foreigners has not passed away yet. You will definetely be charged more than the members of the former Soviet Union.

Fun Alternatives Try finding an English speaking Russians to buy the tickets for you.

mingul's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2008

St Issacs "Expensive" Cathedral

They charge 2 fees to get into this place. One to get into the church and the other to see the view from the top.

I believe the fees were £9 and £4 respectively. While the view from the top was good, £9 to see the inside! Absolute rip off. You won't miss anything.

BlueMenagerie's Profile Photo
Nov 05, 2007
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Hotels Near Saint Petersburg

Obvodny Kanal Emb 93a, St. Petersburg, North-West Russia, 191119, Russia
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Ulitsa Gapsalskaya, 2, St. Petersburg, North-West Russia, 198035, Russia
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Povarskaya lane 4, St. Petersburg, North-West Russia, 191025, Russia
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58 A Naberezhnaya reki Moyki, St. Petersburg, North-West Russia, 190000, Russia
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71 Naberezhnaya reki Fontanki, St. Petersburg, North-West Russia, 191023, Russia
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Yakornaya ulitsa 1, Bolsheokhtinsky prospekt 4, St. Petersburg, North-West Russia, 195027, Russia
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ticket prices

Russians pay different price than foreigners do. you will have to leave amount that is about 7 times bigger. there is no way understand russian. than you can take a russian guide and happily pretend a local guy. i was in this situation myself, it was very confusing because i understand maybe one of ten russian words but of course i saved much. one more thing:if you will be in this situation don't speak in museum, even russian!!!people working there knows about smart foreigners, so they are attentive and allways listening. if they catch you talking, you will get a nice fine and to all your group will be schown the way out. If you think that you speak russian fluently, believe me, it's not true, you still have a small accent, that will be noticed. good luck!'s Profile Photo
Apr 28, 2006

Winter Palace of Peter the Great

If you have bought a separate ticket in order to visit the Winter Palace of Peter the Great, then you might come out with an unsatisfied feeling.

As it is small, there is not so much to see.

I believe my museum round trip lasted less then 10 minutes . . .

There is the Courtyard of the Winter Palace, a throne hall with Peter the Great made of wax, and 3 small rooms, like the study, the dining room and the turnery.

Unique Suggestions As I had a combined ticket (4 museums: Hermitage, Winter Palace, General Staff building and Menshikov Palace), it did not give me a real bad feeling.

Also I had just walked a big (very big) tour in the Hermitage, so it was good that this was a very small museum.

filipdebont's Profile Photo
Jul 01, 2004

How to get to the Catherine Palace

When you go to the Tsar's Village be sure that you have a ticket to the Palace or you can get it easily. Can you see the queue behind me? It's a queue for the tickets to the Catherine Palace in Tsar's Village. When we went there we were sure that our guider had a tickets for us but it turned out that we had to stand in this queue and wait... nobody knew how long. It was few weeks after St.Petersburg celebrated its 300th anniversary and many official guests wanted to visit the palace and Amber's Room, so they closed all the palace for some time. After two hours of standing in the rain our guider decidied that she had to do something. From our group she chose an older woman and went with her to the director of the Palace. She said that this woman was the custodian of National Museum in Warsaw, a very important person, and she shouldn't wait in so long queue to get to the Palace. And this lie helped, we got the tickets! Now we only had to pass the big crowd standing in front of the gate and whispering "innostrance, innostrance" (foreigners) and we could go on.

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Jul 12, 2003

outrageously expensive fees entrance all museums

russian people pays only some roubles...
for example:
1 day in hermitage: westies 16 $;russian 0.5$...I don't know many museums in the world with 16$ fees...(from all our trips through the world,the more expensive we met!),culture would become inaccessible for a lot of families...

Unique Suggestions try to pass yourself off as a russian people,easier to do in winter than in summer,
answering only:DVA,DVA..!!!
two times,we succeeded in doing it...
it's worth trying...

Fun Alternatives the only one is to pay...
that won't be much good insisting...

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Oct 10, 2002

Top 5 Saint Petersburg Writers

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"St. Petersburg: a City for all Seasons"
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"St Petersburg : City of Peter the Great"
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"St. Petersburg in Spring"
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"St. Petersburg - City of cathedrals and bridges"
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The Peter and Paul's Fortress

Many monuments are definitely worth seeing, but shouldn't take all of your time. The St Peter and Paul's Fortress for instance, where the city started, cannot be missed, but it shouldn't take you a full day either. Walking around the old fort and visiting the church are about enough, you can easily combine it with seeing the cruiser Aurora (picture, the spire of the St Peter and Paul's Church is on the far left) and going to the zoo.

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Sep 12, 2002

the russians have a habit of...

the russians have a habit of preferring their own people in the sense that museum tickets as well as restaurant meals are often more expensive for the foreigners. but you cannot really do anything about it if you dont speak good russian. :(

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Aug 26, 2002

For all sights there, it is...

For all sights there, it is VERY useful to buy films for your cameras before you go in the museums etc. For example, at Kishi island, a normal film costs three times as much as in Ptz.

But I think, that is no news for the most here...

Jan_Heldt's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

Things to Do Near Saint Petersburg

Things to Do

St.Isaac's Cathedral

Having a boat trip along the city canals you will see lots of magnificent edifices. his is the golden dome of St.Isaac's Cathedral built in 1818 - 1848. St.Isaac was the patron saint of Peter the...
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Things to Do


This huge complex of buildings can be seen from the three main thoroughfares of the city. You can see this tower with the old spire crowned with a weather vane shaped like a caravelle. The spire...
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Things to Do


As any Great Museum of the World Class, the State Hermitage has collections representing human culture from pre-historic times till XX century. At the ground floor you are going to find hall #65 the...
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Things to Do

Grand Palace

The Palace Church was built in 1751 by architect Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli. This Church played a special role in the history of the Russian imperial court. In the summer months, when Peterhof...
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