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River Boat Trip in Saint Petersburg
"Take the cruise along the Golden Ring of the Northern Venice with the views on the St. Nicholas Cathedral Mariinsky Theatre Moika River Embankment New Holland island Stroganov and Mariinsky Palaces St. Isaac’s Cathedral General Staff Building
From $120.00
St Petersburg Private Custom Day Tour
"Your private tour guide will meet you in the lobby of your hotel holding a sign with your name on. Afterwards you will discuss what you will going to see. You can then set off for your tour and let your guide fill you in with all information possible.As much as you can decide what you want to see here are some highlights that you should not miss: Church on the Spilled Blood St Isaac's cathedral Peter and Paul Fortress Hermitage Yusupov palace
From $150.00
Yusupov Palace and St Isaac Cathedral Private Tour
"An exciting tour to one of the most interesting and nicely preserved palaces of the city – Yusupov Palace built in the 1740’s and then bought by Catherine II for one of her ladies in waiting and was eventually bought by Prince Nikolai Yusupov in 1830 for 250000 roubles!  It was here that Prince Felix Yusupov planned and carried out the murder of Rasputin who was lured to the Palace under the pretext of meeting Felix’s young and beautiful wife Irina. All the rooms are beautifully restored and full of art and the highlight must be the exquisite private theatre built for Zineida Yusupov where such renowned artists as Anna Pavlova and Shaliapin have performed. Later in the day the guide will invite you to proceed to the main church of the city - St. Isaac's Cathedral. Commissioned in 1818 by Alexander I
From EUR75.00

Street Crime Tips (18)

safe streets

Hi, last update on the city. I walked around during the day and night alone. I must say I haven't seen any crime or was a part of it. The city felt very safe. Even more than a lot of EU cities. I...
Aug 22, 2015

Outdated and just plain wrong information...

I am sure that some of the posts are well meaning but most are also based on rumors or very outdated info. If I had read only the warnings without knowing better I would never have moved to St...
Stanj's Profile Photo
Nov 29, 2011

Swarmed by gypsies

Russia is a safe place most of the time, but watch your pockets. Sometimes a group of gypsies will come to St. Petersburg tourist centers and ask for money. In more aggressive cases they will swarm a...
sennaya's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Saying "NYET" to a persistent kids

Before I went to Russia, I did read that sometimes you might encounter a kid (often referred to as a gypsy, but I think it may be any kid) who will follow you around asking for money. The advice given...
jumpingnorman's Profile Photo
Feb 08, 2009

Avoid arch lanes , inner yards

Avoid side-streets and arch paths at any time of a day, i was by myself and it was still many people around passing by one of such arches 100 meters away from Nevsky, and there were about 7-10...
Nov 28, 2007

Walk in Safety

Everyone walks and you are generally pretty safe on the public streets. But take precautions. Busy buses or metro trains are a good place to meet the pickpocket.Your back pant pockets do not belong to...
sennaya's Profile Photo
May 15, 2007

Hip-Hop Graffiti

It is disappointing to see many english words, hip-hop nicknames and negative slogans popping up in many locations in St. Petersburg. It is always disappointing to see graffiti on historical buildings...
sennaya's Profile Photo
Feb 11, 2007


With the end of the Soviet police state, crime rate has been on the rise throughout Russia, however, in relation to other major cities in the world, it is still quite safe. Take the usual precautions...
keeweechic's Profile Photo
Aug 11, 2006

Prostitutes and ice cream

There seem to be no immediate connection between the two and I wonder, is it my imagination? On Nevsky prospect I was approached by a young lady with the question: Sir, would you buy me an ice...
Assenczo's Profile Photo
May 11, 2005

Gipsy attack

First of all, I'm not a racist. I just noticed that even at the day time a group of foreigners or some lonely foreigner get surround by Gipsies and here we are going - they become owners of your...
Oidanagama's Profile Photo
Mar 02, 2004


It won't take you too long to note that drivers will cruise on the wrong side of the road, reverse down major streets, and even use the sidewalk when they have to when avoiding the countless potholes....
keeweechic's Profile Photo
Jun 20, 2003

Be careful with your values:...

Be careful with your values: Only bring some money with you when you go out and keep the rest in a safelocker at your hotel. Take evn extra care if using the metro - within ten minuttes they tried...
pinganille's Profile Photo
Sep 08, 2002
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Hotels Near Saint Petersburg

Obvodny Kanal Emb 93a, St. Petersburg, North-West Russia, 191119, Russia
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Ulitsa Gapsalskaya, 2, St. Petersburg, North-West Russia, 198035, Russia
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Povarskaya lane 4, St. Petersburg, North-West Russia, 191025, Russia
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58 A Naberezhnaya reki Moyki, St. Petersburg, North-West Russia, 190000, Russia
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Yakornaya ulitsa 1, Bolsheokhtinsky prospekt 4, St. Petersburg, North-West Russia, 195027, Russia
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71 Naberezhnaya reki Fontanki, St. Petersburg, North-West Russia, 191023, Russia
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Top 5 Saint Petersburg Writers

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"St. Petersburg: a City for all Seasons"
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"St Petersburg : City of Peter the Great"
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"St. Petersburg in Spring"
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"City of the Saint Peter"
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Things to Do Near Saint Petersburg

Things to Do

St.Isaac's Cathedral

Church of St Isaac back to the hotel for the jackets and hit refresh, then on to The Church of St. Isaac. This church was big gilded, columned and also very impressive and was known as a symbol of the...
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Things to Do


Today Admiralty building was constructed to Andreyan Zakharov between 1806 and 1823. Located at the western end of the Nevsky Prospekt, The Admiralty with its gilded spire topped by a golden...
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Things to Do


As any Great Museum of the World Class, the State Hermitage has collections representing human culture from pre-historic times till XX century. At the ground floor you are going to find hall #65 the...
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Things to Do

The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace. Work on the construction of it began in 1714. Peter the Great himself drew sketches for the building. In 1745 the architect Bartholomeo Rastrelli started work on reconstructing the...
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Things to Do

Alexander Palace

Alexander Palace is located to the north of the Catherine Palace, not far from it. Alexander Palace was built in 1796 by the architect Giacomo Quarenghi. Empress Catherine commissioned it to her...
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Things to Do

Catherine Palace

Catherine Palace is real architectural gem. The splendid palace is named after Catherine I, which was wife of Peter the Great. She continue to rule in Russia after her husband's death for two years....
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