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Full Day Tour to Velikiy Novgorod
"The guide and driver on personal car pick you up from your hotel in St Petersburg. It takes 25 hours to get to Novgorod the road is very picturesque as well as full of history the guide will start the story from the beginning. Russian landscapes and surrounding forests on the road to Novgorod are like preparing the guests to visit the spiritual center of Russian Orthodoxy. Veliky Novgorod also known as Novgorod the Great or Novgorod Veliky or just Novgorod is one of the most important historic cities in Russia
From EUR119.00
Novgorod Small-Group Tour from St Petersburg
"After pickup from your hotel in St Petersburg and transport to the bus station relax for a comfortable 3-hour ride. Pass impressive landmarks in the historical center of St Petersburg and see its suburbs and surrounding forests on the road to Novgorod once the spiritual center of Russian Orthodoxy.Situated on the Volkhov River along an old trade route between Central Asia and Northern Europe this medieval city became Russia's first capital in the 9th century. Your guide will point out the many remarkable churches monasteries and medieval monuments as you learn about their historical and cultural significance.Visit St Sophia's Cathedral one of Russia’s best-preserved churches built in the 11th century and still in use today
From EUR120.00
Tour of Pushkin (Tsarskoye Selo) and Catherine Palace
"A pleasant walk through the park will let you feel like you're an important guest in the Residence of an Empress.The town of Pushkin which was called Tsarskoye Selo until 1917 is 24 km (14.9 miles) south of St Petersburg. It was the residence of the Tsars from the beginning of 18th century onwards (from the mid-18th to the early 19th century palace and park complex were built including the Catherine and Alexander Parks). The Catherine's Palace is one of the best examples of Russian baroque. It’s also famous for housing the world famous Amber room a complete chamber decoration of amber panels backed with gold leaf and mirrors. Due to its singular beauty it was sometimes dubbed the ""Eighth Wonder of the World"". After several other 18th-century renovations it is covered with more than 55 square meters and contained over six tonnes of amber. Then stroll along the alleys of the Catherine Park
From EUR51.00

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Velikiy Novgorod

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Museum of Bells

This beautiful building houses a museum now. The building was erected as a palace church of a Stopover Palace of Catherine II in 1793 by architect Lvov. Therefore, the building is also called Lvov's...
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Things to Do

Iversky monastery

There is an island in Lake Valday close to the city of Valday, Novgorod region. Iversky Orthodox Monastery is located on the island. It was founded by Patriarch Nikon in 1653. Patriarch Nikon is...
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