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Ufa Things to Do

  • Monument to the Bashkir poet Akmulla

    In Ufa was inaugurated in the year 2008 a monument to the poet Miftahetdinu Akmulla.The monument was erected in the square named after Akmulla (on the ground in front of the university teaching outside the October Revolution).Creativity Miftahetdina, infused with humanist ideas of his time, absorbed the advanced and progressive trends of social...

  • Salavat Yulaev statue

    Salavat Yulaev is a hero/bandit.If you ask who he was to a Russian he will tell you that he was a bandit who fought against Catherine the Great supporting the rebel Pugachev.If you ask a Bashkir he wil tell you that he was a hero and a poet.

  • 11th biggest city in Russia

    Ufa is 11th biggest city in Russia, but there are not many things to do, especially in winter.Summer is the best time to visit Ufa, Russia. You can visit PARKS. ex., the park named after Yakutov (Lenina str, 65) or the park of Victory (Komarova str, 7)There are also nice NIGHT CLUBS and BARS. Ex., A-kafe (prospekt Oktyabrya, 75), Rise (Gostinnyi...

  • Everything you need to know about...

    This is an article by David CoppardThere's a form of travel planning where you consult brochures and travel agents about destinations, then pick the one that best meets your vacation requirements. This is how Thomas Cook and people who are concerned about your well-being want you to travel. There is, however, another form of travel planning in...

  • Window "Shopping"

    Ufa, like many cities and towns in Russia, has a lot of old homes with very decorative window frames. They are anywhere and everywhere, and they are worth a walk through town to appreciate!Here are just a few to entice you:

  • Mecca of Russian Muslim

    I did not know Ufa is the mecca of Russian muslim.I met several religious people and like them very much.They are very friendly and expect family values a lot like Asian people.

  • Memorial Park for Victory

    Park for WWII Victory ~~~Russia was on our side at that time.......I have just remembered........^^*

  • Monuments

    Have a look to high number of monuments.. On the picture you see the local hero Salavat. He fought for freedom of the republik Bashkortostan.As you know monuments have a long tradition in sowjet countries. It's the same in Ufa & Bashkortostan. Most of then stand for socialism, communism and the war heros of the USSR. If you see the 20th Lehnin it's...

  • Black market

    If you come to Ufa, don't miss the black market. It's a great show...But actually I don't know if it still exists.


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Ufa Transportation

  • Big Bus

    by JacobDavidson Written May 2, 2011

    It was cheap and comfortable, I traveled in the city by bus, tram and walk, and I had no problem with transport.

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Ufa Local Customs

  • icepryncyss's Profile Photo

    Bashkir Food

    by icepryncyss Written Mar 1, 2011

    Ufa is the capital of the republic of Bashkortostan, the national home of the Bashkir people. The Bashkirs are traditionally a nomadic people, of Turkic origin, and with an Islamic cultural tradition. And they have food that's as fun to say as it is delicious to eat!

    There are many opportunities in Ufa to sample traditional Bashkir food. My favorite place is "Pyshka" - a chain with many locations around the city, and affordable!

    - For starters, try "uchpachmak" (uch-PACH-mak) - a meat and potato pasty. True uchpachmak is made with mutton (sheep meat), but most often it's made with beef.

    - A tasty dessert if "chak-chak" - fried dough covered in honey. It's only mildly sweet, so it's perfect even for those who don't like sweets. Be aware, though, chak-chak is prepared a little differently in every cafe. If you venture into a supermarket, you will see a few varieties to choose from.

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Ufa Warnings and Dangers

  • communication

    Learn basic expressions is Russian:When coming to Ufa a foreigner should learn at least basic Russian unless he/she has a local friend/guide, anyone who can help you to communicate in Russian. There is a little chance that you will see any sign in English, so it is also not a bad idea to learn to read in Russian (for street names, places, bus stops...

  • It's not like our beer

    If you like to taste the beer...it's just from bags. Take a look at the picture!More than ten years later, I hope it's better now.

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Ufa Off The Beaten Path

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    View from Hotel Russia

    by snowdoggie Written Aug 31, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Theater for Drama with Lenin Status

    The first impression - Police looks unfriendly.......But I change my mind after visiting Moscow......^^*

    Ufa policemen are naive and humane in some senses, I think.

    Theater for Drama Police

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Ufa General

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  • Industrial centre in the Western Urals

    Did you know the Bashkortostan State is one of the richest Russian states?How?Yes..................Petroleum !!!The Novo-Ufa Petroleum Refinery, Inc. (NOVOIL) is one of the largest enterprises of the Russian Federation in terms of output of high-quality petroleum products. This refinery has been operating successfully for more than 50 years: the...

  • Russkaya Pravoslav-maya Tserkov

    You can feel real different Russia here.Since more muslim believers than ones of Russian Orthodox, the Russian Orthodox Church here is quite small. But the inside of the church is bearutifully decorated and quite impressive.Must SEE!!!!! Very friendly people here.They know religion and arts.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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