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Private Tour: Ulaanbaatar City Tour
"Ulaanbaatar the capital of Mongolia established 1639 is the country’s economic cultural and a political center and has a number of tourist attractions where modern life comfortably blends with Mongolian traditional lifestyle. Wide streets are flocked by modern cars while horsemen and cattle are still common scene and its population as of 2014 is over 1.3 million.It is the main hub from which foreign tourists start their adventure in this beautiful land. Ulaanbaatar has something for everyone to enjoy with a wid from the traditional throat singing and spectacular contortionist to the likes of concerts pianists ballerinas
From $145.00
Ulaanbaatar Private Day Tour
"Your private English-speaking tour guide will meet you at the location of your choice in Ulaanbaatar at 8:00am for a full day of exciting and fun yet unforgettable experiences. You could customize the itinerary based on the options provided by your tour you will not leave Ulaanbaatar without visiting iconic attractions such as National History Museum Bogd Khan Palace Museum National Art Gallery Gandantegchilen Monastery and Genghis Khan Square. In addition to showing you beautiful Ulaanbaatar your knowledgeable private guide could converse with you about anything from culture to culinary art and from politics to quantum physics. At the end of the tour
From $95.00
Full-Day Tour of Ulaanbaatar With Museum and Black-market
"This full-day tour of Ulaanbaatar showcases the best of the city known as the “Da Huree - Big Town.” You will kick off their morning with a stop at Chinggis Khaan Square where they will get an up-close look at the statue of the former leader on you will journey to Gandan Monastery which was constructed as an homage to the Buddhism in Mongolia. Travelers can wander the grounds of the Bogd Khan's summer palace which dates all the way back to 1770-1920! The historic halls are lined with decorative turtle shell inscribed with the names of the queens and his followers. Five impressive courtyards with paths once reserved for the Emperor of the palac the black-market is closed on Tuesday you will tour the Kharkhorin market instead. Enjoy a traditional Mongolia lunch
From $75.00

More Transportation in Ulan-Ude


The Russia, train number two

We traveled from St Petersburg to Ekaterinburg and from there to Ulan Ude. Can tell you it was great we traveled on the number two train,this time we went first class. In the winter that is great, in...
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To and out of Ulan-Ude

There is at least one train per day from Irkutsk (7-8 hours), one per week from Beijing via Ulan-Bataar, one per week from Beijing via Harbin, and one every other day from Moscow or Vladivostok. There...
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GETTING TO UST BARGUZIN (ZABAIKALSKY NATIONAL PARK): Go to the bus station on 'ulitsa Savietskaya' around 7:00 or 7:30 am. The bus station is less than 15 min walk from Hotel Buryatia when you know...
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You can fly to Ulan-Ude. I...

You can fly to Ulan-Ude. I took a plane from Irkutsk over Lake Baikal (spectacular scenery-especially over the eastern shore of the Lake), but the flights are rare. I took a train back over to...
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Take the train

The train is useful and convenient if you travel around Russia. But if you head to Mongolia, better take the bus, which is much cheaper and much faster.
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