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    by ealgisi
  • Things to Do
    by ealgisi
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    by ealgisi

Kondopoga Things to Do

  • Russian / Ukraine soup - Borscht

    Borscht (also Borsht or Borschch) is a traditional soup from Eastern Europe, where prominence is given to Beetroot and other vegetables and meat.2 variations of this soup are possible, hot and cold.Really tasty, with fantastic flavors. The color is deep red due to the beetroot.Even if in general you don't like soups (like me), i really suggest to...

  • Orthodox churches

    I really suggest to go and have a look at Orthodox churches, they are really a beauty.Many of them are made in wood externally and they look really unique, and inside, in wome way simple, but with many precious ornaments all around, such as precious squares, statues, etc...Always remember that inside churches specially you have to give an offer...

  • A taste of vodka

    Something else tipical from Russia, vodka.Well this is the right place where you can and have to try real vodka.I'm not a lover of high alcohol beverages, but from time to time i enjoy a glass.It consists of mostly water and ethanol purified by distillation.originally the name wasn't vodka, but bread wine was used a therm and until the middle of...

  • Matryoshka - A must when talking about...

    When talking about presents or souvenirs from Russia, this is really a must, something tipical from Russia.The Matryoshka, also known as Babushka or Russian nested doll, is made by a set of dolls which size decrease the deep you go inside the doll, in fact they are one inside eachother.The name Matryoshka is a derivative of the first Russian female...

  • Get the taste of real Russia

    While traveling to Russia, don't stop yourself in touristic cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg.Believe me, you can get the best taste of Russia, the real taste, going off the beaten path, out of touristic towns.Out on those towns, you will find people who are not used to see so much tourism, still fully immersed in their day by day genuine life,...

  • Russian pancake - Blini

    An exclusive Russian original tasty recipe.Blini is a Russian traditional dish. The making was a real sacred mystery and people told fortunes on the dough and kept their recipes secret. The first Blinis were put on the window-sills for poor people and pilgrims. They are baked in a great quantity for holidays and foreigners are often surprised at...


Kondopoga Transportation

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    Russian railway

    by ealgisi Written Mar 17, 2009

    Russian people are mostly used to travel by train, and it doesn't surprise me since the train system in Russia is well developed, comfortable and for sure less expensive than taking an airplane.

    For people who are interested in experiencing Russian culture, a trip using the train is a must !

    This website (http://www.poezda.net/en/index) offers an English version of timetables, this will tell you where you can purchase the ticket (departure station), but the online purchase is only in Russian.

    Here's another site for timetables: http://www.waytorussia.net/Services/TrainTickets.html

    Here are some different prices compared with airlines: http://www.sras.org/guides_russian_travel_budget

    Diufferent kind of tickets:

    Kupe tickets: (compartment) will allow you to have a bed in a closed compartment, compartment to be shared with other 3 people.

    Platzkart: (economy class) will allow you a bed in an open carriage with about 25 other people.

    In both cases (Kupe or Platzkart), you will find fresh bed linen, the only difference it's that in the Kupe your bed will be ready by the time you arrive, and in Platzkart you have to make your own bed.

    Honestly, having used both, i suggest Platzkart, "private compartments" (kupe) are sooo hot in winter that you will really swet and probably have difficulties sleeping because of excessive hot.

    Here's a brief description of what you will find written on your ticket:

    1 - Train Number
    2 - Date of Departure
    3 - Time of Departure (MOSCOW TIME)
    4 - Wagon Number
    5 - Class
    6 - Departure City 7 - Destination City
    8 - Seat Number
    9 - Passenger Name
    10 - Date of Arrival
    11 - Time of Arrival (MOSCOW TIME)

    Important: When you get the ticket, make sure you check all your personal information on it (miswriting) !

    Before entering the train the ticket lady will check your ticket and passport, and before the train leaves, the lady will again come and collect a copy of your ticket.
    Don't worry if you have friends coming on the train to say bye to you, before the train leaves, the lady will make sure that all non-passengers have left the train.

    Feel free to bring food and water on the train, of course you can decide to eat at the train restaurant, but maybe expect it to be expensive.

    Something else i found really nice, is that it doesn't matter which ticket you choose, you always have the possibility to take hot water from a kind of samovar to make your own tea.

    To end, it's a great experience, Russian trains are clean and well organized, no worries at all.

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Kondopoga Local Customs

  • Russian hospitality

    Hospitality for Russian people is really part of their culture.When Russian people invite you to their home, for them it's always a special event, a guest coming for a drink, a visit or simply to say hi it's a special occasion, and believe me, they will do everything to make you feel like at home.When you are guest at a Russian family home, they...

  • Tea and Samovar - Russian culture

    Coming from the Western Europe, we are more used to drink coffee, for us coffee is like a cult, part of our culture.Arriving in Russia, i was really impressed, people don't drink coffee so much, sometimes at all, but they consume liters of tea, and believe me, thea is really a cult, every occasion is good to have a thea, specially for breakfast,...

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Kondopoga Warnings and Dangers

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    Ice from the roofs

    by ealgisi Written Mar 11, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Russian winter can be really cold, but at the same time temperature and weather can change from a day to the other.

    So when it's really cold, you will see ice hanging from the houses roofs, pieces of ice that are like swords, but be careful when you walk, don't stay right below them, because you really never know, are they gonna fall or not ? well sometimes when the temperature raises, they are.

    Be careful where you walk.

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Kondopoga What to Pack

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    January / February

    by ealgisi Updated Mar 17, 2009

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Winter can be really cold, i've experienced temperatures about -20 °C and sometimes even more.
    Weather can be different from one day to the other, for example one day you can have -18 °C and the day after -1 °C, and specially when the wind blows the temperature you feel can be really way more cold that what it is in reality.

    To walk i suggest warm shoes, water resistant, in case it snows a lot or it rains (maybe both at once)

    I really suggest a big winter coat with a hoodie, gloves, scarf and something warm to put as layer under your pants

    Photo Equipment: Make sure your camera can resist on really cold temperatures, sometimes below -20 °C and keep the batteries always in your pocket, you will save them from a quick discharge due to cold.

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Kondopoga General

  • Useful phone numbers

    The most common European emergency number 112 (following Directive 2002/22/EC: Universal Service Directive) and also standard on GSM mobile phones. 112 is used in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania,...

  • Few words in Russian

    Below few words in Russian that you can use while visiting Russia.Good morning: Dobraye UtraGood day: DObryi den' Zdravstvuyte: Dobriy vechir (it's a kind of universal greeting, you can use it 24 hours a day, though only once per day to the same person. formal.)Good night: Spakoynay nochiHi: PrivyEt (informal) Good bye: Da svidanya Bye: Pakka...

  • Pictures not allowed / Pay to take...

    While traveling in Russia, please note:In some places, shopping centers, souvenir places etc... pictutes are absolutely not allowed at all and you will find some advertising at the entrance of the place too.It can also happen, for example in churches or little museums, that you will be asked for additional money to take pictures.What happened to me...


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