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  • Things to Do
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  • Central Kazan : Bauman  street and Kremlin
    Central Kazan : Bauman street and...
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  • Sunset at Kul Shariff
    Sunset at Kul Shariff
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Kazan' Things to Do

  • Men club Barsuk: strip bar

    Great club if you are on a business trip in Kazan alone or in company. When I saw there was about 10 beautiful dancers. The bar is a good choice. Dancing like me). I had a nice time surrounded by charming predstavitelnets women.

  • Best Kazan Bar

    Great club if you are on a business trip in Kazan alone or in company. When I saw there was about 10 beautiful dancers. The bar is a good choice. Dancing like me). I had a nice time surrounded by charming predstavitelnets women.

  • Go to the downtown

    Apart from the beautiful Kremlin, there are other nice places to visit in downtown, such as churches and mosques.

  • Zakobannaya Mosque

    Walking along the eastern shore of Kaban lake , is easy to see this beautiful mosque shimmering ,with its red -brick minaret with a green tulip dome. It was built in 1926 , during soviet times.I took a walk around the building and entered , obviously taking off my shoes.Inside , I met a very kind sir , that signed me the room of prayers , not so...

  • Baqi Urmanche Museum

    Baqi Urmanche was a famous tatar artist , sculptor , and one of the founder of tatar fine arts. The museum occupies an elegant house and has 2 floors. I could see Urmanches´s personal belongings , sculptures and some outstanding paintings, some of them representing the neighboring country , Kazakhstan , where he also lived . The most impressive...

  • Central Market

    Despite the fact not being exactly a touristic atraction , the visit of Central Market added a very eastern touch to my travel.The must was indeed the dried fruits , exposed as multicoloured carpets.The sellers were all from Central Asia and greeted us at a very happy way , that reminded me the way turks used to greet me in Istanbul. One of them ,...


Kazan' Hotels

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  • Hotel Mirage

    I have no idea about this hotel before I check in, neither about its location, nor its rating. I...

  • Grand Hotel Kazan

    This is a new and modern hotel , with less of ten years of existence. After checking on line lots of...

  • Volga Hotel

    It was a pleasent stay. Rooms are big and clean. Price is considerably low compared to the hotel...


Kazan' Restaurants

  • Tatar food

    Don Chaya was on my mind even before the travel.My tatar friend took me there and it was really an overall experience : tasting the tatar food , recommended by a native.It is a typical , popular restaurant with excellent food , and I felt at ease there. The ladies that work there did their best to offer us the best treatment. You can see and choose...

  • Sushi: unpretentious and sophisticated.

    The Oriental cuisine has a jolly sybaritic insularity, like some fantasy island where existence revolves around meals. It goes without saying that sushi bars in Kazan look almost the same way with identical menus, similar oriental interiors and even with equal prices. But unquestionably, the quality of food here is not depended on prices and a bar...

  • The pub, the sport-bar and the beer...

    It is almost impossible to write about beer restaurants in Kazan without mentioning the one with the own brewery on board, the Tinkoff, which can be considered also as a sport bar and pub. You could also take a free tour to the Tinkoff brewery and get familiar with its secrets.With a location in historical part of the city, Tinkoff is an...

  • From Bavaria with love.

    Whether you’re considering beer and classic Bavarian cuisine or indulge yourself sushi and rolls, a wider range of courses of Japanese and Bavarian cuisines is presented in a restaurant right in the center of Kazan.Maximilian’s restaurant is provided services for about 1500 persons in the same time so it is very overcrowded and noisy on weekends....

  • The Thousand and One Nights.

    In my opinion it is a waste of time for Western tourists here in Kazan visiting local European cuisine restaurants instead of trying something unusual and special. It is pleasure to me to introduce to you Uzbek cuisine, I am really passionate it and it is something that provides to you exotic and unforgettable sensations.Uzbek cuisine is presented...

  • A local obstacle to eating right.

    Obviously, nowadays with all these strict sophisticated diets, getting in shape and trying to live as long as it possible avoiding saturated fat, salt and all unhealthy food at all, many people intend to keep their healthy eating habits even on their vacations. But it goes without saying, a local Tatar cuisine here in Kazan is deserved one day of...


Kazan' Nightlife

  • Live music with good beer

    I’ve been told that if I want to have a drink and listen to the rock music, this is where I have to go. It has live music for Fridays and Saturdays.It is the bar of Mirage Hotel. It is under the entrance floor of the hotel. I’ve never thought to go there since I was extremely tired for the nights, but on my last evening, I’ve dined there. They had...

  • Internet Cafe and Great Coffee

    Set in the style of Bolshevik typography and graphic elements, Kapital is a cozy and hip place to get your caffeine and dessert, as well as enjoy some cool music while browsing the Internet. The staff is polite and outfitted in very smart smock style uniforms adding to the worker's revolution flavour of the place. You can linger for hours, staring...

  • Discotheque

    Night-life comlex building infront of the Kremlin is called "Pyramid". Night bars, restaurants, discotheque etc. all you like with great view on the mosque of Kul Sharif.


Kazan' Transportation

  • Take the Metro

    The metro system in Kazan was the seventh opened in Russia, and the fifteenth in the former Soviet Union region. it is the newest system in Russia.

  • Kazan taxi: affordable and safe (in...

    In Kazan you are allowed to call a taxi to come pick you up, as well as you can to stand out there on the street and hail one like everybody else. But I have to warn you, that taxi drivers and telephone operators here usually don’t speak English that it’s almost impossible to get through to them on foreign language.There is an authorized taxi...

  • The Transsibirean railway

    Kazan / Kasan is one of the main stations of the Transsibirian Railway, in a distance of 793 Km east of Moscow. Take a look at my link, I found it in a german brochure of a travelagency, so these prices are just in order to give you an idea, how much it would be. With these trains it is also mostly not possible to easily book them after your...


Kazan' Shopping

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  • The Biggest, The Best

    The inevitable has occurred! Mega Mall opened on the 18th of November 2005. The new family mall has a total are of 115 000 sq.m. There are about 137 stores. A wide range of goods turns people's heads. Dozens of cafee and restaurants help you have a rest during shopping. Undoubtedly, an object of note of this mall is skating rink (it works year...

  • Traditional Tatar Souvenirs

    There are cute shops in Kazan Kremlin where you can bu very authentic local gifts. Scarfs, beads, magnets, keyholders, snowballs, porcelain, glass tableware, many many others. The prices are not different than the ones you will find on Bauman street. Scarf of Rubin Kazan Football team or Kazan Ak Bars Ice Hockey Team. max 100 rubles

  • Main Street of Kazan

    Bauman is the main street of Kazan and closed to the traffic (pedesterian street). You can enjoy walking and shopping. There are many restaurants, local, fast food, Italian, Turkish, etc.Famous Epiphany Church is also on Bauman. Beer. There are many different beer brands available at the cafes on Bauman. 50-60 rubles


Kazan' Local Customs

  • Learn at least the cyrillic alphabeth !

    Without beeing able to read at least the russian alphabet you will hardly be able to get along in places like Kazan / Kasan.A few young people might speak english or even some german, BUT 99,9% of the people in supermarkets, shops, post-offices, train-counters, police etc. will not understand a single english word.On the other hand plenty of...

  • Ladies & Gents - dont confuse them

    M does not stand for Men , (but muscheni), but at least it is a way to remember, where to enter for gents, the ladies enter on the right, maybe you better remember that cyrillic letter, because you will not always find the doors so close to each other.In most cases you will have to pay between 5 and 15 rubles to powder your nose in Russia

  • The old Lenin has survived in Kazan as...

    In many other cities Lenin-monuments were removed after the last revolution of 1989 , but here in Kazan the monument of old Papa Lenin as well as for the one of the young student Lenin has also survived and you will find it in the middle of the giant sqaure opposite of the famous Kazan - Opera. Unfortunately we had just a short stop here to take a...


Kazan' Warnings and Dangers

  • Migration card

    As described before in other warning review , pay attention to this small paper of migration card. But the fact I experienced worths to be shared. At my departure when I get passport control , something strange happened. The officer started to ask me several times where my migration card was... I couldnt understand what was wrong and answered it...

  • strange ways of running a business...

    This shop in the cruise-port of Kazan is a good example for the way that many shop-owners are still running their business : In the morning we arrived very early and the shop was still closed !OK, I could see it will be open, when we come back from the tour. I had a look into their window and was surprised by the variety of drinks including Beers,...

  • Migration Card and Passport Registration

    The stewardess gave to all foreigners this small paper in the plane just before landing. It is a small piece of paper consists of two parts. One is for arrival, the other is for departure. You have to fill this form with your personal information like name, date of birth, passport number, visa number, duration of stay, location of stay, etc. These...


Kazan' Tourist Traps

  • Mondays

    This is a day -off for touristic attractions , and in Kazan it is not different.I tried to avoid the monday but my program suffered some modifications and I decided to check some museums , supposing that could be opened , but I was wrong. I imagined that the museums at Kazan university could be opened , because universities functions on mondays,...

  • be aware, going to Kazan witout a...

    If you go to Kazan, make sure you have a hotel reservation. I went for the second time, this time with my husband, and agian without a reservation. i thought this time it would be okay, but no way. We went to all the hotels, and no one wanted to take us. later we found out if you want to stay longer then three nights, they want a document, from a...

  • Kazan' Hotels

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Kazan' Off The Beaten Path

  • Interact

    If you intend to find any "off the beaten path" , try to make Tatar friends in advance. This is the best way to capture the atmosphere of Kazan. Lots of places I visited were advised by them , and I could pay attention in so many details , learning very much. Thank you , my friends!

  • Central Stadium

    This is the home for Rubin Kazan football team. Dependent on the growth and wealth in Tatarstan, the victories in sporting events also started to increase. Rubin Kazan won the championship in Russia in 2008 and 2009. They have also beaten Barcelona last year at Nou Camp in Champions League. However, even there is a big success in football, ice...

  • The Kremlin is a UNESCO-World-heritage

    The Kremlin of Kazan / Kasan was granted the title UNESCO-World-heritage some years ago and so they proudly have the UNESCO-emblem on top of many of their towers there. The tower that you see in these photographs is the one, where most tours are leaving the Kremlin-area and go on with the bustours.


Kazan' General

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  • The Sunset from Kazan Kremlin

    I went to Kremlin for three times: firstly, for visiting all the attractions inside , secondly , at night walking around the walls and finally to watch the sunset. I chose the area of Kul Sharif and found myself there completely alone. Normally , in my city , good places like that are normally very crowded at the sunset...I did dazzling photos and...

  • The Volga river summer beach trip

    I would definately take one around town as there is much to see in Kazan ! But my most favorite thing is to drive outside the city,, to the beach on Volga river it is peaceful, beautiful and as close to nature is u can get.. My fondest memory is my high school! it was just a block away from the famous Baumana street. My school Litsei #11.. was a...

  • Kazan railway station

    You can come to Kazan by air or by train. If you come by train, so the 1st place you see in Kazan is the railway station. It was updated recently. Now it is very convenient and definitely looks great.


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