Russia Tourist Traps

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    Currency exchange
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Russia Tourist Traps

  • Taxis/Transportation

    Moscow Tourist Traps

    I don't care how experienced you are as an international traveller, the taxis is Moscow and St. Petersburg WILL cheat you. Big time. Even the guidebooks direct you to the "taxi desk" at Sheremetyevo Airport. This desk will cheat you MORE than any other taxi source in either city. MUCH better to have your hotel order a taxi to meet you. Sounds...

  • Taxis

    Saint Petersburg Tourist Traps

    I had read that taxis will try to rip you off - I was ready for it and it still happened!! We had caught the free shuttle from the ferry to St Isaac's and found a taxi immediately. I had a map showing our hotel and the address in Russian. The driver spoke a little English and I asked the cost, he said no problem, meter. Once we got into the taxi he...

  • Tourist prices

    Moscow Tourist Traps

    Russia still has a sort of dual-pricing system, according to which foreigners are charged often 3 to 10 times more at theatres, museums or sights than Russian citizens. This price system is a relic from Soviet times when tickets for Russians were said to be subsidised. The photo shows the entrance fees at the Kremlin, where foreigners are charged...

  • Museums

    Saint Petersburg Tourist Traps

    I suppose this message is more for people whose mother language is Russian but they are not from Russia ( like me :-) ) I just wanted to say that you need to remember that ticket price is lower for local people ( Russian ) and for tourist it is higher. They just hear, whta is your language, if it is not a Russian, sorry, but payment is higher. So...

  • Old Arbat Street

    Moscow Tourist Traps

    I personnaly would avoid shopping here, Its a haven for Pickpockets and I dont think there are any bargains to be had Keep your valubles well hidden and just join in the fun, Dont barter for something you dont want I think the shops in most of the Major hotels ,whilst a lot more expensive, offer far better quality of souviners.

  • Personal Observations

    Saint Petersburg Tourist Traps

    When your guide stop you from buying in a museum souvenir shop it means that she will bring you to another place where she is paid her 10-20% interest on your account. Just compare prices. Moderate prices for souvenirs are at the airport on departure

  • Shopping/Souvenirs

    Moscow Tourist Traps

    Prices of everything are quite high, don't expect a real bargain, but the market could be called cheap if we compare it to Duty Free at Moscow airports. Take a lot of money with you, but put it safely out of reach of street theifs. (My wallets were stolen from my pockets and bags in Moscow many times.) It is the best to buy everything (Russian...

  • Eating Out

    Saint Petersburg Tourist Traps

    It will be a high tickets price for the opening date but sure depend on you. Do you like to be in a crowd and see nothing but people? We like to enjoy the nature, sit down on the banch by every fountain and just look at the water, at each other and listen the birds! You can also get some picnic food and just go, any day! You are welcome! Go to...

  • Downtown Sites

    Saint Petersburg Tourist Traps

    Along the Canal Griboedova behind the Church on the Spilled Blood is the main outdoor souvenir market in St. Petersburg. All the tour buses dump out scores of tourists every hour. You have a better bargaining posiiton early or in the off-season when there are not so many tourists and many vendors. You can find a smaller outdoor souvenir market by...

  • Tickets

    Saint Petersburg Tourist Traps

    Russia still has a sort of dual-pricing system, according to which foreigners are charged often 3 to 10 times more at theatres, museums or sights than Russian citizens. This price system is a relic from Soviet times when tickets for Russians were said to be subsidised. The photo shows the entrance fees at the Church of the Saviour on the...

  • Dating scams from Russia

    I'll answer you in a few words.ALL DATING COMING FROM RUSSIA "SPONTANEUSLY", is JUST SCAM.I'm telling you this from my own experience.You may check it with google.It doesn't worth bothing, not even a phone calling with someone telling you that she is the one you wrote to.

  • Photo fees for the permanently hopeful

    Just because they are willing to charge you a 'photo fee' for a Russian palace, monument, attraction or museum does not mean that you will find anything that you should photo. Especially for small little churches with these fees you should probably hold off on buying that overpriced photo ticket until you have seen if there is anything you might...

  • The "seventh rouble"

    Due to the redenomination of the rouble on January 1, 1998 -- with one new rouble equalling 1000 old roubles -- only bills and coins from 1997 and later are accepted in Russia. Always make sure your money is dated 1998 or later, since older coins and bills are worthless.


    This is something that annoyed me greatly.The foreigner price is a hangover from the good old days of INTOURIST-organised Soviet travel. At some venues, foreigners are required to pay 6 to 20 times more than the Russians pay. These institutions insist the the Russian tickets are subsidised and that foreigners pay the "real" price. Most visitors to...

  • Taxi mafia

    In many countries the taxi mafia is active,If they see a tourist they see the dollars and try to cheat you.So don't be naiv, Get a feeling for the right price by asking other people.Always ask for the price before you get off.Always look what the driver does if he uses the taxameter.In Hungary they have sometimes a manipulated taxameter.If you...

  • Nevsky Prospekt: look, but don't buy

    Yeah, I admit it, I fell for a tourist trap in St. Petersburg, in the popular street of Nevsky Prospekt. The street is practically tailor-made for tourists, so stroll down this lovely street, but when it comes to buying souvenirs and eating, try something away from the center, you'll be amazed on how low the prices go.

  • L'ambassade de France

    Ambassade de France en RussieBolchaia Iakimanka 45 - 117049 MoscouTél. 236.00.03 - Fax 237.19.56. Consulat de France (ouvert au public t.l.j. de 9h. à 12h. sauf les mer. Les après-midi sur rendez-vous uniquement)Kazanski pereoulok 10 - 117049 MoscouTél. 236.00.03 - Fax 230.21.69.Service de Coopération et d'Action culturellemême adresse que le...

  • OVIR

    No doubt, it has become much easier to get to Russia. However,all foreign guests, when visiting Russia, should be granted an entry visa. At present, there are three basic categories of entry visas : Tourist visa valid up to thirty days. One may get it in the Russian Embassy through a travel agency. BUSINESSvisa valid up to sixty days. One may get...

  • Monkey

    Earlier it was possible to look monkeys of different breeds in Abkhazia in Sukhumi, during war the this zoo was destroyed. Small zoo of monkeys is in Sochi now.

  • Inflated Tourist Prices

    Be prepared before you visit. Most of the tourist attraction charges you up to 10 times more then a local (sometimes more)! I have encounter this before in my travels, but never have I seen such a discrepancy publicly advertised. Russians like to be straight and to the point so they don?t ran around this issue. They will put both prices...

  • PETERHOF, Palaces, Gardens, Fountains,...

    The Gardens, covering about 15 hectares were designed as a kind of formal approach to the Great Palace.

  • Peterhof

    The Easter or Monplaisir AreaThe eastern section on the park, the most extensive of all, is the Monplasir area. All the garden and fountain enclosures are compositionally linked with the Monplaisír Avenue which forms the main axis of the section park.

  • Nevsky-painters

    make sure bargain if u consider to purchase one of the hand-paintings.When you hear about the Russian price ,you might feel up-side down like I id;)

  • Beware of the bills

    Always check your bills in bars, clubs or restaurant as people will certainly try to hike it up. It happened to me a couple of times. I would have a beer or two, and on the bill there would be 4 imported beers. Just check the prices before you buy and check the bill once you get it. It may not be much money for you byt don't support the habbit.

  • The Financial Trap

    The Financial Trap:Never save your money in privet Russian Bank...As the 1999 Crises strike all the country and many foreigners and even Russians lost their money.As 90% of privet Banks had bankrupted.Thank you my lord… in this period I had no money saved in any Bank. After this crises people learned good lesson: is to save their money only in a...

  • Police ever stops us!

    All my pics at original size: are like children: very curious... and so they stop every foreign car they see. Everytime they try to give us a speed fine, sometimes without reason sometimes with. But in the majority of cases our Belorussian guide, Alosha, went over the impediment with friendly witty remarks. The...

  • Borders and corruption

    We had the luck of finding a travelagent taking care of the long wait at the border of Poland and Belarus. In short that meant that we paid extra to get us in front of the line. Nice. Unfortunately nothing had been arranged so that we could get out again too. I kid you not; when we were driving back from Moscow towards the Polish border we saw a...

  • About visa:we got a tourist...

    About visa:we got a tourist visa being invited by some travel-agency in moscow (which we never saw); it cost us DM 150 (US$ 65) including the invitation. When you get to Russia, you have to register yourself at least once during your trip (you can do that in hotels and travel agencies). Whenever you stay in one area more then 72 houres you have to...

  • There is a market in St....

    There is a market in St. Petersberg near one of the summer palaces. The prices are ridiculous and the quality is awful. I suggest going by the shops near the church on spilled blood, you can barder and get the best deal (especially if you know spanish or another language--don't act american.'

  • Here you will see the largest...

    Here you will see the largest trout farm in Russia, featuring various varieties of rainbow and brown trout. From this hatchery trout and caviar are sent all over Russia. You can buy live trout directly from the pools or even fish for your own, with guaranteed success. A popular Greek restaurant'Taverna Canion', which lies just next to the farm,...

  • wow, crap-crap-crap! all those...

    wow, crap-crap-crap! all those who praise this city are deeply mistaken. i arrived there with my mom and we were taken aback by the price for a taxi to get us from Sheremetevo-2 downtown. the guy with a old 4-wheeled russian wreck asked usd 150!!!!!!!! mom was tired and didn't want to bargan so we just took it. well, s&&& happens! the average price...

  • Russian field. If not the...

    Russian field. If not the numerous memorable marks worth today on all to his(its) foreseeable space, this place - at all appeal russian of a landscape with winding among green îáðûâèñòûõ of coast ðå÷êîé, with white chuches and rural houses - would not seem to more remarkable, than thousand same in Russia. But it is necessary to make the name of one...

  • If you are planning to visit...

    If you are planning to visit Russia, you will need a valid passport and visa, which is required for citizens of almost all countries.There are different types of visas, depending on the purpose of your visit (tourist visa, business visa, and private visa) and depending on the required number of entries (single-, double-, triple-, and multiple-entry...

  • This isn't a tourist trap but...

    This isn't a tourist trap but a war memorial to those that fought and died in WWII or what the Russian's call the Great Patriotic War.

  • Prices in Moscow!Prices in...

    Prices in Moscow!Prices in Moscow are high, but there are places where you can enjoy nice food and good clothing for moderate prices. Just search for such places on pages of our Moscow-Guide. However, you may get accustomed to Moscow’s prices, some of them are displayed in a special table designed by our experienced specialists for our foreign...

  • Taxis at the airport. They...

    Taxis at the airport. They want to charge you $50.00 - $75.00 to get into town. This is at most a $20.00 fare. Haggle. Refuse to use them. There are plenty of busses and trains into town whether you are in St. Petersburg or Moscow. Call your hotel and have them set up transportation.

  • of course, you will see some...

    of course, you will see some nice gifts in the musees but wait a little and go outside in little streets , you will find some shops, evne ask to people who life here, they have may be somethings for you ;-)

  • Taxi between Moscow's airports...

    Taxi between Moscow's airports - don't do it! I paid 200 dollars the first time I was there for Vnukovo to Domodedovo.Take the buses between the airports, they are cheaper, take an hour, but much cheaper! Something like 25 roubles per person and suitcase (which is like about 50 cents).

  • Arbot street, at this time was...

    Arbot street, at this time was home to thousand of black maketers. Each trying to convince you to trade your Levis for their Gorbechev Matryoska dolls. Just being there identifies you as a tourist, however, the experience was so unique that I would recommend going!

  • Here you'll can read the...

    Here you'll can read the weather condition in the city I visited. In the table you'll find this info:DAYNIGHTSUNRAINSEAavarage °C during the daily hoursavarage °C during the nightly hourssunny hoursrainy daysavarage °C of the...

  • Do NOT buy any cameras from...

    Do NOT buy any cameras from street vendors which say 'Leica'. These cameras are most likely counterfeit. However, if you'd like to purchase such a forgery... make sure the vendors knows that you can differentiate between an original Leica, and those made in St. Petersburg (Leningrad). They look EXACTLY the same with ALL the markings, but they are...

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Russia Tourist Traps

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