Yaroslavl' Travel Guide

  • Things to Do
    by jorgejuansanchez
  • Things to Do
    by jorgejuansanchez
  • Things to Do
    by jorgejuansanchez

Yaroslavl' Things to Do

  • Yaroslavl State Historical Architectural...

    The complete name is: Jaroslavskij Istoriko-architekturnyj i Chudozestvennyj Muzej-; zapovednik, or Yaroslavl State Historical and Architectural Museum-preserve.It is in downtown and veru didactic to visit.

  • Viking River Cruise stop Yaroslavl/...

    This stop was one of the more crowded stops on our cruise. The Church of Prophet Elias's frescoes are incredibly beautiful, and the insides of the Church are festooned with many other artworks and statues. We were very crowded in---the whole sanctuary was full of people jostling for a close-up view, but still this was worth the effort!

  • the frescos of the winter-church

    Dont miss to take a closer look at the great frescos of the winter-church of the Church of Iliya Prorok / Prophet Elias Kirche. The winterchurch is ment for the cold winters, so it is more easy to heat up the room with just a very low ceiling. All of these great frescos and paintings in russian-orthodox churches were ment in order to show the...

  • The iconostasis of Prophet Elias church

    In russian orthodox churches the iconostasis is always deviding the altar , (that is a part of the church that only the priest is allowed to enter, and tourists will never be able to see) and the part of the church that is ment for the believers, and where the service will be held. The iconostasis of Prophet Elias church in Yaroslavl was made of...

  • the frescos in the main church of...

    These are the wonderful frescos of the main church of Prophet Elias in Yaroslavl. All of the columns, the ceiling and the walls are paited in the most unique way and you wont find any empty spot, not telling stories of the holy bible to the audience of believers, who are standing there during the russian-orthodox church-service, and while in...

  • the entrance-hall of the Prophet Elias...

    The entrance-hall of the Prophet Elias Church is the first sight of this great church that you will see as a tourist : Wide arcades decorated all over by excellent and colorful frescos by the russian painters Sila Savin and Gury Nikitin in the beginnings of the 18th century. This entrancehall is behind the cashier-box, so you cannot see its...

  • Church of Iliya Prorok / Prophet Elias...

    The Church of Iliya Prorok / Prophet Elias Kirche is in my opinion the most important sight for all tourists coming to Yaroslavl. You will find it in the city-centre, on the large Sovietskaja-square. The church dates back to the year 1647, it was built by a rich merchant and it is a museum nowadays.So you have to pay an entrance-fee of 30,- Rubles...

  • Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery

    This old church is part of the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery inside of the Kremlin-walls and the tower next to it is the belfry,that was unfortunately under reconstruction while I had been there in May 2008.Here on VT you will read that the view from the tower is spectacular, but unfortunately it was closed while I had been there. Also the church...

  • The Feodor Volkov Drama Theatre

    The Feodor Volkov Regional Drama Theatre is the pride of Yaroslavl, because it was there, where for the first in Russia a theatre-performance was done in the russian language and that was back in the year 1750. The theatre building of that time does not exist anymore and the one that you see today dates back to the early days of the 20th century.My...

  • The Kremlin of Yaroslavl

    The Kremlin of Yaroslavl is really very impressive with all of its strong walls and various towers still standing there like in ancient times. You will be able to enter the Kremlin against a fee and you will find some museums there inside of the Kremlin-walls, the cathedral and the belfry with the chimes, that are both under restoration at the...

  • Sovietskaya Ploshchad

    Sovietskaya Ploshchad is Soviet square - Yaroslavl's main square, right outside the Church of the Prophet Elijah . It's also the home of a truly spectacular soviet-style building, complete with hammer and sickle!The building, I believe, is the local government and party headquarters. before the Communist regime the square was called after its...

  • The Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery

    The Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery (in short Spassky Monastery) is better known as the Monastery of the Transfiguration. It's one of Russia's richest and best fortified monasteries: its foundation dates back to the 12th century.Of the orginal building nothning is left: the oldest surviving buildings are the white Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral and...

  • Belfry tower at Spassky monastery

    When visiting the Spassky monastery, one thing you should do is to climb up the Belfry tower. Views all over the city and the river Volga are breathtaking. You need to buy a ticket to enter the belfry (40 rubles, if i'm not mistaken) and the stair is at times a bit narrow - especially near the top - but the climb is very short and rewarding.

  • The Church of the Epiphany

    The Church of the Epiphany in Russian Tserkov Bogoyavleniya, is possibly the most eye-catching sacred building in Yaroslavl. it was built at the end of the 17th century (1684-1693) in red bricks and it's brightly decorated with colour tiles. When the sun shines on them they glittler, and it looks as if the Church is covered in jewels and...

  • The Church of the Prophet Eliya

    The Church of the Prophet Eliya, in Russian Tserkov Ilii Proroka, is a white building topped with five green domes. It was built in the 17th century, between 1647and 1650 and it's regarded as one of the city's main sights.What you should look out for are the frescoes made by Gury Nikitin and Sila Slavin – two famous masters from the city of...

  • Alexander Nevskiy's Chapel

    Alexander Nevskiy's Chapel is not an old monument, but it's a very enjoyable one. The chapel was built in 1892, according to the design of the architect N.Pozdeev, and placed near Mytny market. What makes this chapel remarkable is the rich brickwork decoration, typical for the Russian architecture of the late XVII century. There's also a bizarre...

  • The Znamenskaya Tower

    The Znamenskaya Tower is also called St Blase Tower, and it's one of two stone towers of town fortifications of the XVII century, built on the site where there were wooden towers which burnt down in 1658. Today there's jusr the tower... no walls, no buildings! However the tower itself looks (and possibly acted) as a fortress: the structure is...

  • Memorial to the Militia of Minin and...

    Just opposite the entrance to the Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery, outside of its walls there is monument placed in the memory of people leading by Minin and Pozharsky left Yaroslavl in their way to liberate Moscow in 1612.The militia started their way from that place.


Yaroslavl' Hotels

  • Ring Premier Hotel

    55 Svoboda street, Yaroslavl, 150000, Russia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Yubileynaya Hotel

    *** hotel with a view to Yaroslavl landscape and kremlin. Rooms with WC, shower, TV, phone. Local...

  • Sport Hotel

    ul. Mayorov, 8, Yaroslavl, 150000, Russia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

Yaroslavl' Restaurants

  • call_me_rhia's Profile Photo

    restaurant poplavok: traditional russian cuisine

    by call_me_rhia Written Aug 28, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The restaurant is onboard a boat located along the river Kotorosl, just a few hundred metres from where its waters meet with the Volga waters.

    Favorite Dish: The restaurant serves traditoinal russian food.

    the restaurant
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Yaroslavl' Transportation

  • Moscow - Yaroslavl' Express

    The Moscow-Yaroslavl express is the convinient way to get to Yaroslavl from Moscow and back. It goes 2 times every day. And reach Yaroslavl in 4 hours with two intermediate stops - in Sergiev Posad (Zagorsk) and Rostov.I'd recommend to buy the 2nd class tickets, as, IMHO, the 1st class is waisting of money (the only thing the arm-chairs are wider...

  • by cruiseship to Yaroslavl

    I came by cruiseship to Yaroslavl, it is in a distance of more or less 2 days from Moscow, and it will be a stop in any cruise between St. Petersburg and Moscow, just as well as in cruises from Perm to Moscow, like I have done it in May 2008.Retschnoy Vauxhall is the name of the ship-station and it is within walking-distance of just about 5 minutes...

  • From Yaroslavsky Vauxhall in Moscow to...

    Yaroslavl has a direct railway from Moscow and in Moscow you are leaving from Yaroslavsky station / Yaroslavsky Vauxhall, so that is really easy to remember. (b.t.w. Vauxhall is pronouced exactely like the british car-manufactory, even though the russian spelling is a bit different)The train-fare from Moscow will be around 450 rubles,that is...


Yaroslavl' Shopping

  • great singers with lousy CDs

    Inside of the winterchurch of the Church of Iliya Prorok / Prophet Elias you will be able to listen to a great a-capella-chorus and at the end of the prerformance they are selling some CDs, that are obviously not made by themselves, but with other singers !And while their performance in the church is really great, maybe also because of the special...

  • food tales

    A visit to the Mytny market is a visit to food-lovers heaven. The market is large - and the most interesting part is the indoor section of the market. All sorts of fruits - especially dried fruits (so yummy). Cheese is another must-buy product: there are different types of it on sale, and you can taste it before buying it. Get some crackers to go...

  • Yaroslavl' Hotels

    4 Hotels in Yaroslavl'

    1 Reviews

Yaroslavl' Local Customs

  • playing the chimes in Yaroslavl

    This was one of the highlights of our guided tour through Yaroslavl: These bells are placed in front of the belfry of Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery inside of the Kremlin-walls and there is a small box for donations and when-ever a tour-group is willing to throw in some money, someone will come there and make a great performance of the chimes and...

  • the bear on the coat of arms

    The city of Yaroslavl, one of the cities of the Golden Ring, was founded in 1010 by Yaroslav the Wise, the son of the Kievan Prince Vladimir; before then pagan tribes used to inhabit the area. When Yaroslavl arrived and met with the tribes, a female bear tried to attack him, but he managed to kill the bear. The tribes, after their sacred animal's...

  • Visiting Christian Churches

    Christian churches - be they Protestant, Orthodox, or Catholic - are a vital part of Europe’s cultural, artistic, architectural, and religious heritage, and as such you are likely (and I really recommend doing this:)) ) to visit many of them. However, most of them are even today not only major tourist attractions, but also religious sites where...


Yaroslavl' Off The Beaten Path

  • Il'insko-Tikhonovskaya Church

    Il'insko-Tikhonovskaya Church looks more like a greek temple than like a russian orthodox church, but it was built in the beginning of the 19th century at exactely the same place, as the oldest church of Yaroslavl was built back in the 11th century. Il'insko-Tikhonovskaya Church will still need a lot of restauration, but when you have enough time...

  • lots of great churches

    There are lots of great churches in Yaroslavl and besides of the ornate Church of the Prophet Elias, the Church of Nikola Nadein might be interesting for you as well, I saw a photo of its great interior in the page of Andrej (VT-member bugulma) and have no idea, why this great church was not on our itinerary in the guided city-tour. Maybe it is...

  • The river Wolga and some great pavillons

    For many centuries the river Wolga was very important for the city of Yaroslavl, that had been one of the most important ports in Russia, before the one in St. Petersburg was built. You will find great boulevards along the river and at some places you will also see such pavillons, built at the end of the 19th century. The one in my main photograph...


Yaroslavl' General

  • Yaroslavl

    Yaroslavl is a beautiful city i`ve been there 3 times and stayed there for quiet some time there .... well from were do i start .....well shopping u can get very good prices eating out&bars are not expensive either:) then u can go round there are beautiful churches and a museum u can see entrance to churches except the one in the centre is free of...

  • Yaroslavl - the jewel of the Golden Ring

    Yaroslavl is the jewel of the Golden Ring - it's about located on the river Volga and it's 260 kilometres away from Moscow. it's quite a large city, with a population of over 600'000.What makes Yaroslavl such a wonderful place to visit is its architecture: there are plenty of churches and monasteries, all of striking beauty. The people - the...

  • Receiving Mail

    Everybody (well, almost!) likes receiving letters - I certainly do, though there are other, more modern and efficient means of communication - e-mail, phone, and such like. However, if you simply like getting letters or if you need, say, the originals or paper copies of some documents sent to you while you are on the move, you can use the poste...


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