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Bardejov Things to Do

  • Church of St Egidius

    The most important building on the main square is the church of St. Egidius (Bazilika sv. Egídia), finished around 1515. It's a huge Gothic church, testimony of the wealth the town had accumulated in the late Middle Ages. The interior is a true treasure trove of 15th century religious art. No less than 11 Gothic altars are on show. It's well worth...

  • Main Square (Radničné námestie)

    Highlight of any visit to Bardejov, the huge central square covers almost half of the historic old town. It's still surrounded by Gothic and Renaissance houses, some even with wooden gables. The former town hall, a beautiful building from 1505, is in the centre of it all. It's really worthwhile to make a stroll around the square and admire all the...

  • Fortifications

    In Bardejov there is the best preserved town fortification system in Slovakia. It contains of a part of little barbican, fragments of city walls, a few towers and two big gates. The walls and other fortifications were built in 14th-16th centuries.

  • Evangelical church

    The church of lutheran (augsburg-evangelical) confession built in the classical style in 1798-1808. It was the era of tolerance (suitable documents were issued that time) and the followers were able to set up such kind of temple. The building has an elongated ground-plan with a semicircular apse, the nave features flat vaulted ceiling. The interior...

  • Towers

    The town fortification system was strengthened by a few towers. There are School (Shkolska), Water (Vodna), Big (Velka) and Thick (Hruba) bastions. All of them are from 15th and 16th centuries.In the past the total number of all the bastions and towers could reach 23, or even 30.

  • Town Hall

    The almost untouched town hall dates back to 1505 (the building was completed in 1511) and is the oldest renaissance relic in Slovakia. The building connects the early renaissance with elements of gothic architecture and graphics. Because it stands in the middle of the main square it could avoid fires that a few times destroyed the houses in the...

  • Greek-catholic church

    Slovakia is generally the roman catholic country. But there are (or were) also followers of other denominations and religions. One of them is the greek catholicism, quite popular in eastern part of the country. The orthodox church was built in the very beginning of 20th century in the place of former moat. It is in eclectic style with...

  • Square

    It is worth of special attention. Its shape is rectangular, with three sides made of picturesque burgher houses in gothic and rennaissance style. The St. Egidius's church stands on the forth side of square and in the middle of that is the town hall, now museum.Modern Slovakian name for the square is Radnicne Namestie.The photo was captured from the...

  • Small Jewish district

    There is a Jewish complex outside the city walls - former baths, synagogue, livable buildings, cemetery... This old-time suburb dates back from the end of 18th centrury (a synagogue is a bit older). It is one of the most intersting part of Jewish heritage in Slovakia. In the center of the town the is another synagogue, which you can see on the...

  • Basilica

    The three nave Basilica Minor of St. Egidius in Bardejov stands in the main square of the town. The first written mention of if was made in 1427. After completion, the church became one of the finest examples of Late-Gothic architecture in Eastern Slovakia. Inside generous decor and the main historical relic: 11 gothic flank altairs. The great view...

  • The whole old part of Bardejov

    Bardejov is quite small town (population about 30 thousand people), with very valuable historical part in the center. It is probably the best preserved example of medieval fortified town in all of Slovakia. In 2000 the town was enlisted into UNESCO World Heritage List.I like very much that kind of places. It might be enough for me just walking...

  • Saris Ikon Museum

    The Saris Ikon Museum is right next to this building and sounds like it could be the most interesting museum in the town. It was closed while we were there. We were told by the helpful lady in the Tourist Information Office that if we asked in the other museum they might open it up for us, but by the time we'd eaten, that museum had also...

  • Basilica of St Egidius

    According to guide books, this has one of Central Europe's most splendid Gothic interiors. A look inside is well worthwhile, and a wander down the aisles taking in the 11 different alters, each of which has an explanation of the panel details in English and German.Entry is payable at the door and costs around 20SK. Student concessions available.The...

  • main square (Radnicne nam.)

    the main square is really one of the coziest I've ever seen. All the houses are painted in bright shiny colors which gives the place a very peacefull atmosphere.

  • church of St. Egidius

    The church of St. Egidius is next to the main square. It's a very beatifull building and the enterior is supposed to be even nicer, but just when I wanted to enter a service started.


Bardejov Restaurants

  • Nice to hang out in.

    This seemed like a fairly popular young hangout for lunch, down in a cellar. We just had a coffee here. Decent enough place, one of the few coffee shops in central Bardejov.For some reason the (incredibly young - am I just getting old?) waiter insisted on speaking to me in German even though I kept on speaking back in English. But anyway...A decent...

  • Cheap PIzza

    Is 'La Fiesta' Italian as well as Spanish?Anyway, this is a fairly cheap Pizzeria, menus all in Slovak but you should still be able to work it out by the Italian names. The pizzas were actually of fairly decent quality.

  • Bardejov Hotels

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Bardejov Transportation

  • Know where your bus departs from

    Like many towns which I visited in Slovakia, I guess with Bratislava being the exception, the train and bus stations are co-located. However, that doesn't mean that all buses everywhere leave from the same location. As I found in Bardejov, there are bus stops in front and to the side of the train station. I almost missed my connection to Kosice...

  • Either by bus or by train, it's up to...

    When visiting Bardejov from Kosice, you have will probably have to change in Presov, halfway between the 2. There are both frequent trains and buses between Kosice and Presov, but between Presov and Bardejov buses are more frequent. However, the train between Presov and Bardejov is an old diesel train which is really a nice experience. Each part,...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Bardejov Local Customs

  • Skeptic-jr's Profile Photo

    Small street of J. Lennon

    by Skeptic-jr Updated Aug 29, 2006

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    I was very surprised, when I saw in Bardejov... John Lennon Street. For many people, especially from the US and maybe some Western European countries it probably doesn't sound so strange, but for me it was something definitely unexpected. In Poland and as far as I know in Slovakia too streets usually take their names from something "serious" - national heroes or facts important for the countries, famous writers or historical sciencists... But such "a popular singer"? It is not standard. Of course, personally I have nothing against it. Moreover, it is very funny...

    Although it make me interested if it was anything special that connected Lennon with Bardejov. Unfortunately I still do not know anything about it.

    This street is located near the city walls on the northern site of the town.

    A house at the Lennon Street
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Bardejov Off The Beaten Path

  • Collection of historical buildings & Spa

    Just a few KMs out of town is the Bardejov Spa and outdoor museum. I came with my guide, however, you might want to check with the very helpful tourist office, on the square, about taking local transport or driving there. I got my first taste of "true" mineral water and viewed several old wooden churches and houses in the outdoor museum.

  • "All you need is love"

    Within the World Heritage City of Bardejov, Slovakia is a tribute to the Beatles, complete with a street named for John Lennon; pictures of Yoko and John and other things

  • Bardejovske Kupele

    The spa town of Bardejovske Kupele, with an interesting open air museum, is not far away. Please see my page about it.


Bardejov General

  • Push the button, hear the bells ring...

    Just wandering around this place is enough. In the winter snow the main square was really picture-book cute. The town authorities must have a sense of humour too. This gizmo in the middle of the square played various Christmas tunes with bells. The locals would walk across, sheepishly press a button and then dash away giggling. You could here the...

  • Old town walls

    Bardejov is a carefully preserved medieval town, and the old town walls have nearly remained intact! Everything you want to see can be found inside these walls. On the outside there's the usual bunch of concrete apartment buildings, but just ignore those

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