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Ljubljana Private walking tour
"On our private custome made tour we are going to reveal our city its vibrant life in a very personal way.  We are going to reveal our local history discover why was here found the oldest wooden wheel how come the oldest music instrument does not get its recognition why Romans have built such an interesting city why Habsburgs like the area so much and how come Napoleon has got a monument here. We shall walk along our pleasant Ljubljanica river
From EUR100.00
City Tour of Ljubljana
"Ljubljana is often called an European jewel or a small blend of Prague and Amsterdam. . . It's a 'town with a soul' as visitors often comment.The vibrant old town is concentrated along the Ljubljanica river and the Castle on a hill still looks like it's protecting the romantic city below.We are going to stroll along medieval streets admire an interesting blend of different architectural styles 'see' and 'be seen' on several famous promenades along the river discover some of its hidden monuments enjoy in the town's greenery and learn about stories and fairy tales which connect present and past.We will see all mayor Ljubljana sights - Prešeren square Three Bridges
From EUR122.00
Lake Bled and Ljubljana Tour from Koper
"Ljubljana the capital and largest city in Slovenia is the cultural educational economic political and administrative centre of the country. It is renowned for its rich history which is reflected in the unique architectural heritage. Its old town centre is embraced by Ljubljana Castle and the river Ljubljanica where the feeling of the city is the strongest. On our trip
From EUR92.00

Central market Tips (20)


I am not talking about (a) shop(s) here but about the stands at the market place.

There is a market in Ljubljana every day, we here in The Netherlands are so used to go shopping for quite some days in one time and then fill our freezers..

But I always love seeing women going to market each day, to get whatever is fresh and best that day and perhaps even cheapest!

Perhaps this really appears the right thing to do in countries where summer is summer or where temps are always thus that lots of things can take place in the open air!

Look how very colourful ......

What to buy whatever you need....

What to pay pay for what you buy!

eden_teuling's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Central market: The covered Market

This seems to be the place where people buy their fresh product, it offer cheese, meet, fish, bread, bakery stuff, flour, all kind of nuts. I even saw phillo paste in there on sale, I wish I can find it in Padova! It was really intersting to walk around and do some shopping

oriettaIT's Profile Photo
Apr 07, 2011

Central Market: Produce, flowers, baskets...

An interesting and colourful outdoor market in the old town. There is also a covered section nearby in the Plecnik Colonnade.

This is not a handicraft market but rather a local market that sells produce, flowers, candles, baskets, etc.

Marie-France's Profile Photo
Sep 01, 2003

Central market: 'Plecnik's Covered Market part of Central Market

the 'Plecnik's Covered Market part of Central Market is located along the concrete rectangular buildings lying parallel to the Ljubljanica River and is located along the Adamiè-Lundrovo nabrežje (embankment) and is where the small food shops are located which sells budget friendly food items such as fresh meats, assorted dry-cured meat products (both Slovenian and a sprinkling of Austrian and Italian delis as well as Slovenia was part of the Austrian empire and venetian republic at times), fresh fish, bread and bakery products, dairy products such as cheese and cottage cheese, dried fruits and nuts, and herb and local street food and sandwiches as well. you can but cheap local eats at the stalls here and eat them al dente or along the different public benches and chairs around the area.

opens: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm everyday

What to buy all kinds of local meat and seafood produce and even local street food and sandwiches and local eats at budget friendly prices.

What to pay not a dent on your wallet

machomikemd's Profile Photo
Mar 01, 2016
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Central market: Clean and Wide Market

this will be my shopping tips for the Magnificent Central market, I will have a separate things to to tip here.

The Central market of Ljubljana is a well thought and well designed market and does not feell congested at all, the market was constructed in 1939 and stretches from between the Triple Bridge and the Dragon Bridge and was designed by famous Slovene architect named Jože Plecnik in an art noveau design. The market consists of several structures such as an open-air market, located in the Vodnikov trg and Pogacarnev trg squares, a covered market situated in between the two squares, and a series of small food shops along the river Ljubljanica, which are referred to as 'Plecnik's Covered Market' (I have a separate tip for it) and the sections are composed of a flower market at the junction of Pogaèar Square and Vodnik Square, a fish market and dried fruit on the lower level of the market hall and bakery, dairy and meat stalls on both levels and along the triple bridge is where the stalls selling herbs, spices, and arts and crafts are located.

the market is also connected to the other side of the Ljublanica River by a new third bridge in the middle, called butcher's bridge, made in 2010.

the market is open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm everyday except on sundays

What to buy all the typical items you can find on markets in any city like local fruits, local foods, local street foods, souvenir items, local arts and crafts, open air restaurants and a lot more.

What to pay prices are mostly fixed for the meats and local cuisines but you can haggle for the fresh fruits and for buying souvenir items as well.

machomikemd's Profile Photo
Mar 07, 2016

Market place: Ljubljana - Market place

Plants of various sort of vegetable, are on display to the potential buyers.

What to buy Those, who enjoy gardering, and they aren't rare at all, can buy plants of vegetable and also flowers here.

olja1234's Profile Photo
Jan 22, 2006

Central market: check out the market

In the city center you will find an array of things a food market, local crafts, numerous shops but a must is the food market just look at the pics.

VolsUT's Profile Photo
Jun 08, 2007

Central Market: Food, honey, flowers, bee-hive panels

Great market place on the old town side of the Triple Bridge. You can find a lot of treasures here. I usually grab a beehive art panel or two here and some fruits for breakfast.

travelbug102's Profile Photo
Sep 29, 2004

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Things to Do Near Ljubljana

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Gornji Trg

Gornji trg (Upper Square) extended all the way to the town gate in the vicinity of the present castle hill tunnel, from where the road continued towards the Dolenjska region. Along this road lie a few...
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Stari Trg - Stari Square

Stari Trg (old square) is Ljubljana's oldest medieval square, actually more of a street than a square. On the section of Stari Trg between the Cobbler's Bridge and Levistikov Square are some...
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Prešeren Square - Preseren Trg

No one visits Ljubljana without seeing this square - the real centre of tourism in the city. So important that, instead of maps, they put in the square a miniature of the historic area. It's always...
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Old Town - Stari Grad

Linked to Kongressini Trg by a wooden footbridge plenty of flowers, the fish square has the oldest house in Ljubljana. A small but nice fountain with statue was hidden by the esplanades of two...
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Vodnik Square - Vodnikov Trg

Vodnik Square was built after the diocesan college and library situated in an old monastery were pulled down following the devastating earthquake of 1895. The space gained was used for the purposes of...
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The Church on Pungert

This church on Pungert was built in1470. At the time of the church's construction, the town was in the grips of a terrible plague. The church is sacred to St.Fabijan, St.Sebastijan and St.Rok. These...
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