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Ljubljana Private Sightseeing Walking Tour
"Explore medieval Ljubljana discover its baroque and Secession architecture and the works of the architect Joze Plecnik who had a major impact on the modern identity of the city of Ljubljana walk across the Ljubljana's most notable bridges and picturesque old city centre embankments through the open market with local fresh fruit and vegetable offer and enter the city’s cathedral with Ljubljana’s insider local tourist guide. You will v take a walk along the river Ljubljanica learn about the legend of the city’s origin and about the 2000 years old Roman remains. You will find out why Ljubljana has been named European Green Capital 2016 and why this area has been interesting to inhabit already 6000 years ago! Its geographical cultural and historical crossroad connecting Mediterranean and transalpine regions of Europe. With the start in the heart of the city from the Triple Bridge you will stroll past the Dragon Bridge and the lively Plečnik’s open market to come upon the Cathedral of St. Nicholas and to visit the Town Hall. After enjoying the interior of the Town Hall you will taste a traditional dark choco
From EUR120.00
Lake Bled and Ljubljana Tour from Koper
"Ljubljana the capital and largest city in Slovenia is the cultural educational economic political and administrative centre of the country. It is renowned for its rich history which is reflected in the unique architectural heritage. Its old town centre is embraced by Ljubljana Castle and the river Ljubljanica where the feeling of the city is the strongest. On our trip
From EUR92.00
Ljubljana Walking Tour with Ljubljana Castle Funicular Ride
"In the morning meet your guide in front of the Baroque-era Town Hall building in central Ljubljana and embark on your walking tour of Slovenia’s capital. Throughout your tour your guide will provide interesting and informative commentary on the sites you see. Stroll through a lively fruit vegetable and flower market and pass the Cathedral of St Nicholas and the Slovenian Tourist Information Centre. Cross Dragon Bridge an Art Nouveau masterpiece adorned with dragons; your guide will explain why this animal is the symbol of Ljubljana. Saunter along the Ljubljanica River to the centrally located Prešernov trg Square where you’ll then cross the Triple Bridge one of the most recognizable creations by architect Jože Plečnik.Continue to Ribji trg Square
From EUR14.00

Triple Bridge - Plecnik Tips (36)

Most Famous of Ljubljana Bridges

of the 17 bridges along the Ljubljanica River in Ljubjlana, the most famous Bridge is the Triple Bridge (Tromostovje), which connects the Preseren Square to the Town Square and the Adamiè-Lundrovo nabrežje embankment from the Petkovškovo nabrežje embankment on the other side (basically the old town form the new town areas of Ljubljana). The famous triple bridge was made initially in wood and only the central bridge in the 1280 during the medieval times and was replaced in 1842. the side bridges on either side were built Between 1929 and 1932 by Slovenia's famous architect Jože Pleènik. The central bridge is partly built from limestone and concrete and all the three bridges have 642 balusters made with concrete and platforms with granite blocks. the bridge a pedestrian only bridge filled with tourists who shoot photos, videos, selfies and instagram.

machomikemd's Profile Photo
Mar 15, 2016

Odd bridge

The central element in touristy Ljubljana is this triple bridge. The central part is the original bridge, built in 1842 and designed by an Italian architect. In 1929, Joze Plecnik, trying to eliminate congestion in traffic, planned, and built, ending in 1932, two side narrow bridges for pedestrians.

Nowadays all the area is closed to traffic almost all day, and the two extra bridges seem... unjustified, but no one goes to the city without a picture of or on the bridge.

solopes's Profile Photo
Jul 04, 2014

Triple Bridge

Three Bridges are probably the most beautiful and well known of all bridges in the city, they connect the main Preseren Square with the Old Town and represent a popular meeting point and place for street musicians and artists. The Marketplace is on the left, the Old Town is on the right, the main square is behind

shavy's Profile Photo
Sep 07, 2013

Tromostovje and Ljubljanica.

No one can write or talk about Ljubljana without mentioning the Triple Bridge, Tromostovje in Slovene. It was extended in 1931 by the architect Joze Plecnik when he added the two sides to the already existing bridge. It is now a pedestrians bridge only.

The other pictures just shows the surroundings of river Ljubljanica.

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Dec 05, 2012
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Triple Bridges

I'm sure everyone who visits here writes about these famous bridges but anyway here's my two cents worth . They really are unique . I don't know if the intention of the arcitect was to create such a unique structure or if it was out of a more practical nature. The two side bridges were actually add ons in 1931. Its a very pretty pictureesque city!!

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Aug 23, 2008

Triple Bridge

Originally there existed just one central bridge (1842) crossing the river at this point but it was decided that the single bridge could not handle all the traffic so knocking the bridge was considered in order to build a bigger one. However, Plecnik, Ljubljana's favourite architect came up with a unique idea and suggested to just add two more pedestrian bridges on either side of the original bridge. Of course, all three bridges are now pedestrain bridges but the side bridges are referred to as the pedestrian bridges and both have stone stairways which lead to waterside terraces. The Triple Bridge is one of Ljubljana's most famous and unique architectural treasures.

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Apr 01, 2008

the most famous bridge

At first there was only one bridge (1842) but later the famous Slovene architect Joze Plecnik added the other two (1932) and now has the name Triple.The bridge is situated to the most famous sqare of the old center where you can see from short distance the pink building of the Franciscan Church of the Annunciation.

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Feb 18, 2008

The landmark of Ljubljana

The oldest of the three, the central bridge was built in 1842 as a replacment of an old wooden bridge. Almost the century later others were added to form todays arhitectualy well known bridge. The famous architect Joze Plecnik is "responsible" for today's appearance of the bridge.

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Aug 28, 2007

Top 5 Ljubljana Writers

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"Ljubljana and its surroundings"
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Triple Bridge

This attractive and famous bridge gets its name because of the three seperate pathways (2 pedestrian, 1 transport) that make up the bridge. Originally it was a double bridge but another was added in 1931 by Joze Plecnik

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Aug 02, 2007

Double, er, Triple your pleasure....

The Triple Bridges are a very memorable part of Old Ljubljana, precisely because it seems so redundant to have three separate bridges connecting the same places. Why not just one massive one? Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything on the history of these bridges or the explanation for why there are three of them, so I was simply content with taking a few perspective shots of them on a beautiful June morning.

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Jul 09, 2007

Triple bridge

It's not even possible to visit the capital city and not traverse the triple bridge at some point, it's smack dab in the heart of the city, near Preseren Square.

The first part of the bridge dates to 1842, the two pedestrian walkways were added in 1929 by Ljubljana architect Joze Plecnik to make it safer for pedestrians to walk through old town. The biggest threat these days seems to be from bicycle traffic as there aren't a lot of cars passing through this section of town.

I've seen some really cool photographs of it that look like they are taken from above, maybe if you are staying at the Grand Union you'd have a nice shot or maybe they have access to buildings around the square.

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Jun 24, 2007

The Triple Bridge

The Triple Bridge crosses the Ljubjanica River at Preseren Square. It consists of a central vehicular bridge flanked by two pedestrian bridges that were designed by Plecnik, the architect who design much of central Ljubljana.

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Sep 04, 2006

Things to Do Near Ljubljana

Things to Do

Gornji Trg

Gornji trg (Upper Square) extended all the way to the town gate in the vicinity of the present castle hill tunnel, from where the road continued towards the Dolenjska region. Along this road lie a few...
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Stari Trg - Stari Square

Stari Trg (old square) is Ljubljana's oldest medieval square, actually more of a street than a square. On the section of Stari Trg between the Cobbler's Bridge and Levistikov Square are some...
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Things to Do

Prešeren Square - Preseren Trg

No one visits Ljubljana without seeing this square - the real centre of tourism in the city. So important that, instead of maps, they put in the square a miniature of the historic area. It's always...
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Things to Do

Old Town - Stari Grad

Linked to Kongressini Trg by a wooden footbridge plenty of flowers, the fish square has the oldest house in Ljubljana. A small but nice fountain with statue was hidden by the esplanades of two...
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Vodnik Square - Vodnikov Trg

Vodnik Square was built after the diocesan college and library situated in an old monastery were pulled down following the devastating earthquake of 1895. The space gained was used for the purposes of...
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The Church on Pungert

This church on Pungert was built in1470. At the time of the church's construction, the town was in the grips of a terrible plague. The church is sacred to St.Fabijan, St.Sebastijan and St.Rok. These...
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Prešeren Trg


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