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Ljubljana Private walking tour
"On our private custome made tour we are going to reveal our city its vibrant life in a very personal way.  We are going to reveal our local history discover why was here found the oldest wooden wheel how come the oldest music instrument does not get its recognition why Romans have built such an interesting city why Habsburgs like the area so much and how come Napoleon has got a monument here. We shall walk along our pleasant Ljubljanica river
From EUR100.00
City Tour of Ljubljana
"Ljubljana is often called an European jewel or a small blend of Prague and Amsterdam. . . It's a 'town with a soul' as visitors often comment.The vibrant old town is concentrated along the Ljubljanica river and the Castle on a hill still looks like it's protecting the romantic city below.We are going to stroll along medieval streets admire an interesting blend of different architectural styles 'see' and 'be seen' on several famous promenades along the river discover some of its hidden monuments enjoy in the town's greenery and learn about stories and fairy tales which connect present and past.We will see all mayor Ljubljana sights - Prešeren square Three Bridges
From EUR122.00
Lake Bled and Ljubljana Tour from Koper
"Ljubljana the capital and largest city in Slovenia is the cultural educational economic political and administrative centre of the country. It is renowned for its rich history which is reflected in the unique architectural heritage. Its old town centre is embraced by Ljubljana Castle and the river Ljubljanica where the feeling of the city is the strongest. On our trip
From EUR92.00

by BUS Tips (30)

By bus.

I didn' t travelled much by bus in Ljubljana. The main sights there are not far from the old core. I think Ljubljana is well served by buses.

Once you enter the bus you have to put the exact fare into a box in front of the driver. You are not given any ticket. You can also pay with the so called "zetoni". These are small coins sold at most newspapers kiosks or at the post offices. If you pay your fare with zetoni. you can save quite a lot of money.

Maurizioago's Profile Photo
Mar 20, 2016

From Munich to Ljubljana

On our third visit to Ljubljana we travelled by bus from Munich. This was good value and it was comfortable and fairly enjoyable. The route obviously went through Austria. The scenery was lovely. The bus had a toilet. We had one rest stop on route. The free wifi on the bus did not work. The journey took about five hours. We got off in Ljubljana but our bus continued on to Zagreb.

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Sep 05, 2015

Bus to and from Ljubljana Airport

This summer 2015 we took a bus from Munich to Ljubljana then flew from Ljubljana to Podgorica on Serbian Air. The airport site is very vague about public transport to the airport, so we queued up at Ljubljana Bus Station and inquired if there was a bus to the airport. There was. We bought our tickets one day in advance. This was not actually necessary. The bus departed from stance 28 at Ljubljana Bus Station.

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Sep 04, 2015

Bus from Ljubljana to Polhov Gradec

Há vários autocarros diários que ligam a capital a Polhov Gradec.
A viagem dura 35 minutos e o bilhete custa 3.10 euros.

There are many buses a day linking the capital to Polhov Gradec.
The trip takes 35 minutes and the ticket costs 3.10 euros.

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Jun 27, 2015
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ljubljana public bus

Hi. If you will be using Ljubljana's public transport than make sure to buy urbana card. It is a magnetic card which you can refill on the automats that are near every important station in the city. This machines will accept coins, notes and even credit cards. You can buy the card in the main bus station on Slovenska cesta in Ljubljana.

Important: There has been an update of the price list. One trip now costs you 1.2 eur and yiu can traven for 90 minutes in one direction (you can switch buses within fhat timeframe too). Fine for not paying for a trip is 40eur. More info here: Ljubljana bus map
Hope this helps.
Regards, Tej

Mar 03, 2012

Bus from Trieste is faster than train

Much to my surprise I learned that there are no fast or direct trains from Trieste to Ljubljana. The ones that do run take about 5 hours. However, the bus station in Trieste is right next to the train station and there are buses (infrequent) that make the trip in about 2.5 hours. Fare is about 12 EUR. We found the bus to be very comfortable and clean. I guess most people traveling between these cities do so by car, but the bus is a nice alternative. I think the reason it takes so long is that there are frequent stops and we even stopped once for the driver to have a quick lunch. Nice time to stretch your legs, get a coffee, etc.

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Apr 04, 2011

Local bus

Local buses in Ljubljana are relatively efficient, but in order to use them you have to know some facts. It is much cheaper to buy tokens for bus (sold at newspaper shops, about 0.8 EUR, 190 SIT) than to pay at bus (1.2 EUR, 300 SIT - you have to have EXACT SUM - 300 SIT!!!). You always have to enter the bus at the front door and insert token (or exact sum of money) into the box near the driver (or you can show daily/weekly/monthly ticket to the driver). The driver is the one that lets you enter the bus!

Price for the bus is actually very high because everytime you enter the bus, you have to pay. Therefore if you use bus frequently, then you should consider buying daily/weekly/monthly ticket.

Where to buy daily (weekly/monthly) ticket? Here:
Celovska 160
Trdinova 3 (near Slovenska ulica, in vicinity of railway/bus stations).
You have to tell exact date for daily ticket!

Here is plan of Ljubljana bus lines:

Caution: while buses are frequent during the day (until 10 or 11 pm), there are only few night lines!

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Apr 04, 2011

Getting around Ljubljana

Ljubljana had a tram until the early 60's, when the almighty socialistic powers decided it was time for something more modern, and introduced trolleybuses. The trolleybuses are long gone now, but the name is still in use for the buses that operate the LPP, Ljubljana's urban transport system. There are 21 lines, numbered 1-22, with the 4 not running, who knows why. You can get a map of the network at their website but I doubt that you will have to use the bus a lot, because the centre is a short walk down Miklosiceva ulica from the bus/train stations, and the centre really isn't that big...
A token costs 170SIT and you can buy it at most kiosks around the city. If you don't have one, when you enter a bus, you have to have exactly 230SIT prepared and stuff it into the box, where the tokens are put. Daily and weekly passes are an option as well, I guess.

Apr 04, 2011

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Ljubljana Bus Station

While international connections are relatively cheap and easy by train, many destinations within Slovenia (including the Airport and Lake Bled) are only reachable by bus. Ljubljana's bus station is located only about 100 meters from the train station, making connections between the two quite easy. Inside the bus station, there are ticket counters where you can buy your bus tickets quickly and easily. While it's also possible to buy tickets from the driver, it's probably a good idea just to go to the ticket window. The person at the window can also tell you which lane your bus will depart from.

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Jun 21, 2009

Bus transportation WITHIN the city

AROUND Ljubljana

For a ride on the public transport buses within the city you will need either a token or coins.

Tokens - a single token is called a "žeton" (it's pronounced almost exactly as the French word "jeton", where the term originated) - are approximately 20 (euro)cents cheaper than the fare in cash (which is 1 euro, at the time of this writing).

You can buy a token at most newspaper stands and newspaper/tobacco counters in department stores (such as NA-MA, in the centre of the town). The problem, of course, is that you cannot buy them outside the working hours of those selling points.

You can only enter the bus through the front door, where it says VSTOP (= entrance), where you'll find the collecting box for the fare.
And conversely, you may NOT step out through that front door, but through any of the (usually two) back doors (where it says IZSTOP, i.e. exit), although handicapped people - or anyone in an emergency, obviously - may be let out through the same door where they came in.

(Buses are USUALLY clean enough "to eat off the floor", as my grandmother - and many other people's grandmothers, I am sure - would say. ;))

IMPORTANT: If your lodging is not within walking distance from the city centre, for example, be aware that public buses practically stop running before midnight - and certain lines much sooner than that. Yes: even - or especially! - during weekends.

So, if you find yourself stranded in the town centre after midnight, and all the buses have reverted to their pumpkin selves, the best thing to do would be to take a taxi - especially considering the fact that it should be a relatively short ride, regardless of where (within the city) you are staying.

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Oct 29, 2008

Getting around by bus

Bus drivers in Ljubljana usually do want to help when they see a lost tourist. Altough their English is rarly good enough they will try their best.

It will cost you 1 euro if you pay on a bus for one ride, no matter how far you are going. You have to have an exact fare and they will not give you your change back if you don't. You can also get a token for 0,80 at news stands.
Do your math and decide if it's better for you to buy a daily pass for 4 euro, or a weekly pass for 15 euro.

Too see the time table please check

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Aug 21, 2007

Airport bus......

The Ljubljana airport website suggested an hourly local bus service to the city centre, or a 'private bus' service. I was too late to book the Easyjet transfer (a minibus?) so expected to have to wait for the local bus. But lo! On exiting the airport there was a coach, with Easyjet and Whizzair logos, and a nice man who took us to Ljubljana for 5 euros each. Which I thought was very reasonable (and a lot cheaper than a taxi, which can cost 30 or so, depending). The coach stopped outside the railway station, and there is a timetable posted on the bus shelter; seems it's an Adria Airways/Easyjet service.

On my second visit the big coach which took me into the city turned into a rather smart minibus for my return (on a Sunday), so presumably they vary what transport they provide according to how many people they think will want it (no booking seems to be required).

Anyway, it's a pleasant and convenient way to get to/from the airport for a reasonable price. Worth using.

leics's Profile Photo
Aug 20, 2007

Things to Do Near Ljubljana

Things to Do

Gornji Trg

Gornji trg (Upper Square) extended all the way to the town gate in the vicinity of the present castle hill tunnel, from where the road continued towards the Dolenjska region. Along this road lie a few...
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Things to Do

Stari Trg - Stari Square

Stari Trg (old square) is Ljubljana's oldest medieval square, actually more of a street than a square. On the section of Stari Trg between the Cobbler's Bridge and Levistikov Square are some...
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Things to Do

Prešeren Square - Preseren Trg

No one visits Ljubljana without seeing this square - the real centre of tourism in the city. So important that, instead of maps, they put in the square a miniature of the historic area. It's always...
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Things to Do

Old Town - Stari Grad

Linked to Kongressini Trg by a wooden footbridge plenty of flowers, the fish square has the oldest house in Ljubljana. A small but nice fountain with statue was hidden by the esplanades of two...
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Things to Do

Vodnik Square - Vodnikov Trg

Vodnik Square was built after the diocesan college and library situated in an old monastery were pulled down following the devastating earthquake of 1895. The space gained was used for the purposes of...
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Things to Do

The Church on Pungert

This church on Pungert was built in1470. At the time of the church's construction, the town was in the grips of a terrible plague. The church is sacred to St.Fabijan, St.Sebastijan and St.Rok. These...
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