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  • Things to Do
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Trenta Things to Do

  • Waterfall Virje

    Waterfall Virje height is 15 - 16 meters and it runs in two divided streams. Water falls into a big pool. Spring of Glijun stream is a carst springIn the center of Bovec turn to Kaninska vas and further to hamlet Plužna. In Plužna there is a sign board which directs you to the waterfall (Slap). After few minutes there is a fence with gate. Pass the...

  • Trenta military cemetery

    Russan war prisoners, who died building a road across Vršiè, were buried on Trenta military cemetery alongside fallen Austrian soldiers

  • Water hurst of Sunik

    At the Lepena valley in the middle of intact nature, by the water stream is the hidden "Hurst of Sunik"

  • Soca Trail

    The Soca Trail is a nature trail taking visitors to the Triglav National Park along the Soèa river from its source to Bovec.

  • Small troughs of Soca

    A bit before Big troughs, at the branch towards Vrsnik and Vas na skali, Soèa formed 100 meters long and 6 meters deep Small troughs.

  • Big Soca trough

    The most beautiful gorge is carved by Soèa river near the Soèa village, big trough is 750 meters long, 15 meters deep and in sometimes with river banks only 2 meters apart. Gorge ends at the beginning of Lepena valley. Big trough could be seen from a footbridge.

  • Mlinarica Gorge

    The Mlinarica, a torrential stream, carved a one-kilometer long and 100 metre deep gorge, which narrows down into breathtaking troughs just before its confluence with the Soèa. One of the most amazing parts of the gorge is the 8 metre high fall to the mouth of the troughs.

  • Juliana Alpine Botanical Garden

    This botanical garden hosts almost all existing Alpine botanical species, including Scabiosa Trenta, the flower to which famous mountaineer from Trieste, Mr. Julius Kugy, dedicated great part of his life. This monument located under magnificent Jalovec cliffs is dedicated to this admirer and great explorer of Julian Alps.

  • Picnic Table Closeup

    Make sure you wipe off all breadcrumbs, so birds don't soil this lovely table which shows directions and distances towards surrounding landmarks.

  • A Perfect Picnic Spot

    On our way from Kranjska Gora, just below Vrsic pass, we stopped at one small parking near natural terrace with wonderful view over the valley. These two guys were having a break, using a round plate that shows directions to surrounding landmarks as a table. Great location for a short break, bring some snacks and drinks, but make sure you take...

  • Hang On!

    Hiking is the best way to explore the area, but if you don't have much time, drive along and choose lovely spots to stop and do some short hiking expeditions.This one was not really my kind of thing, walking acros the ice covered suspended bridge that swings and shakes under every step.There are quite a few such bridges across Soca, this one seemed...

  • The Russian Chapel - A Silent Reminder

    This beautiful wooden chapel with two typical Russian bell towers is Ruska Kapelica - The Russian Chapel, is located by the Vrsic mountain pass road, and surrounded by graves of Russian soldiersIt was built by Russians during 1916 and 1917 to honor the memory of more than 300 Russian prisoners of war who were killed by an avalanche while clearing...

  • Sparkling & Green

    On my way up to Soca spring, I ventured closer to the stream, away from the trail, and found some lovely waterfalls and small lakes. The water was low during my visit in early winter, so the flow was gentle and almost silent.If you decide to do the same, be careful while hopping from one rock to another, it can be slippery and dangerous! But still...

  • Getting to Soca spring

    From Vrsic mountain pass road turn to "Koca na izviru Soce", after about 1 km you will reach Koca and parking area.From there, it takes about 10 - 15 minutes hike to reach the spring. The trail is marked and in some steeper areas there are wooden steps and steel ropes. On my way up I was thinking how those ropes aren’t really necessary, but I sure...

  • Birthplace Of Emerald Beauty

    River Soca emerges here, high in the mountain, and descends through lovely rapids and canyons on her 136 km long journey towards Adriatic sea, 96 km through Slovenia, and the rest through Italy. This river is famous for it's emerald color, which doesn't fade even on a cloudy rainy day. It's spring is embedded inside this crevasse, which is usually...


Trenta Restaurants

  • Trust A Good Fairy

    Later that evening, we had a lovely snack at Dobra Vila hotel and restaurant near Bovec.The name has two meanings - in Slovenian Vila means villa, but also a fairy. Dobra means good. :o)What a surprise, to find such an elegant and luxurious villa in such a remote place. But it is well known among those who enjoy both active holidays and high...

  • Local Bovec specialities

    This is a family-run pension. The food was ok, a bit overpriced though. Try local specialities, such as sheep cheese, air-dried ham (prosciutto), red wine (teran), Bovec plate and "Bovška frika".They also offer rooms: from €58 per double room per night (2 people, B & B) Tomato salad with Bovec sheep cheese.Freshly baked bread with "zaseka"

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Trenta Sports & Outdoors

  • KristaB's Profile Photo

    Adventures In The Gorgeous Gorge

    by KristaB Updated Dec 24, 2004

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    Fishing, rafting, canoeing and other sports activities are allowed only from Soca village down the stream - the area from the spring to the village Soca is protected.

    Rafting, canyoning etc

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Trenta General

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    Life in Trenta Valley

    by KristaB Updated Jun 2, 2005

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    Favorite thing: This area was very isolated for centuries, the road across Vrsic mountain pass which was built in 1916 enabled locals to reach other parts of Slovenia more easily, but still this road stays closed during winter - it is impossible to clear the show and ice on such a steep curvy road.

    So locals, "Trentarji", always had to rely on themselves to survive in this harsh environment.

    Their main source of income was production and sales of goat and sheep cheese, wool, lumbering and wildlife hunting. On their very limited fields they grew just enough potatoes and cabbage to survive through the winter.

    In 19th century, funny dressed people started emerging on their doorsteps asking for directions and offering money for lodging, food and guided tours.
    This was the beginning of tourism here.
    Some of those early guides are still remembered, like Anton Tozbar - Spik Medved (the Bear) who's lower jaw got ripped away by the bear but he survived and kept on guiding tourists.

    The number of inhabitants is still decreasing, but hopefully the tourism will enable more people to make a decent living and stay here.

    Trentarji preparing wood for winter
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