Slovenia Warnings and Dangers

  • Warnings and Dangers
    by jorgejuansanchez
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by croisbeauty
  • Slovenia Check point
    Slovenia Check point
    by balhannah

Slovenia Warnings and Dangers

  • Safe town

    Ljubljana Warnings and Dangers

    snap taken from the castle over the city ....looks nice and larger than i guess at first sight.. by the way the castle....mmm i didnt like so much ..its not like spanish or french castles looks like a village with houses inside it-.. its just 10-15 min walking up or a touristic railway that goes up in 5 min ....and i dont know how much it cost


    Slovenia is in the Schengen area so you usually can drive straight through, I say usually as we were stopped and had our passport checked and stamped.I have no idea why this happened, we just thought it was the normal, but it wasn't.I would say just to drive slowly through, then if you need to stop you can.On leaving Slovenia, we went through the...

  • Slovenian drivers have very...

    Slovenian drivers have very high opinion of their own driving skills, but that is not the truth. Some of them cannot see other drivers if driving faster than they do it, and some are not willing to let you surpassing slow cars before they have done it. But, on the other hand, aren't we all like that in our own country?


    Travelling along Mountain roads, we came across many Motorbikes. A lot were in groups, some were on their own. They were going quite fast most of the time, we hardly met any slower, and what I call, more sensible ones. The roads are windy, and I guess this is what they like, but they do cut corners, and by the signage, it looks like there might be...

  • Avoid the indignity of being towed by a...

    Advising that you fill up your rental vehicle with the correct sort of fuel sounds so obvious that you must wonder why I have to mention this, but for fear of making us sound like complete numbskulls, let me share this cautionary - and ultimately inspiring - tale from the Soca Valley in Slovenia!It turned out that the people carrier that we rented...

  • Canadian ATM Cards

    Warning to all Canadians Their is a very good chance your Canadian ATM Card will not work in Slovenia! bring euros in from other countries. I had to go to the main branch of the bank Of Slovenia and take a cash advance on a credit card so i would have some spending money! even the atm's that should work did not! this was the only place I had...

  • Crime and driving

    You may well feel, as I do, that Slovenia is the safest country you have visited. Yes, there may be the odd opportunistic pickpocket around (there always is) but, in general, I felt entirely comfortable alone wherever I was, whatever time of day. Take the usual common-sense precautions, and see how many bored police-people you can spot as you...

  • Food and drink.

    Be warned: Slovenian food is exceptionally good, and Slovenians really care about the quality (they aren't into the fast-food convenience rubbish at all). It's influenced by Slovenia's neighbours: Italian pizza, pasta, ice-cream......Austrian schnitzel, meat, cakes........Slavic meat, stews, veggies, sausage........all very more-ish. And portions...

  • Dont worry; the EURO is now the...

    This is not a warning!!! is just to say dont worry about the money in this country, as now you dont need to exchange money, cause the slovenian money is now just the EURO, since jan-2007The old money of Slovenia (tolar) is now only a "souvenir"

  • On hiking

    More a reminder than a danger, but do not underestimate the hiking tracks in Slovenia. Stout hiking boots and a good map are a must-have. Some hiking tracks are only for people with good physical fitness - inform yourself with a guide book or the local tourist information before you start on how demanding the hike will be. Other routes are totally...

  • Dirty laundry

    Laundromats are almost nonexistent in Slovenia, and public laundries are few and far between (and expensive). I finally had my clothes washed at a hotel, and it cost me $20 for two pairs of pants, two tops, three pairs of socks, and a nightshirt!I'd advise you to bring (1) garments (especially underwear and socks) that you can wash in the sink and...

  • Cyclists: Pay attention to 'No Cycling'...

    On my way from Ljubljana to Bled along a busy but not overly-busy road I was pulled over by the local highway police for riding where it was 'forbidden'. Though the only other choice was a mucky goat path beside the highway which dwindled into a field somewhere, that was too bad. If I went back onto the road they would fine me. As it turns out the...

  • Man Eating Frogs

    Be carfeful of large man eating frogs that protect the castle!!!!!!!!!!!!They're hungry! They love tourists heads as you can see from the photo!This is the most dangerous thing you'll find in Slovenia!

  • Driving!

    You would have thought having just driven through Italy (especially Naples & Rome!!) we would be used to crazy driving. Apparantly not................ Keep your sense's with you whilst driving around Slovinia. In 1 day we saw the result of 3 seperate road crashes, which had obviously not long occured!!

  • The water

    We were told by loads of people that it would be safe to drink the water whilst we were here. Whilst I drank the tap water without a problem, my travelling companiion ended up with (how shall I put it delicately?) a 'loose' bottom. When we went to the chemist ('Lakarna' - of which there are several in the town btw), the lady (who thankfully spoke...

  • Emergency

    The phone number for emergencies in Slovenija is 112 and everyone has the right for the medical treatment, wheather it is free or not. Well, it`s not actually a warning, but before you come over, check at your health ministry how the medical case payment is arranged.

  • Money matters

    Make sure we accept your currency The official payment currency here is Slovene Tolar, but one can pay with some foreign currency (Euro, American Dollars,ý) in most of the restaurants, hotels and agencies. In shops and restaurants credit cads (Visa, American Express, Diners, Master Card, Maestro) are also acceptable. Besides, at the Banks (which...

  • On the road to Italy

    In Slovenia, as we got closer to the Italian border, people were driving more and more like Italians. Or maybe they were Italians.My husband's favorite lane to drive in is the far left lane. Do not ask me why. This was not a smart thing to do in our Zastava as it was puttering down the Autostrada. Other cars are flying along at 200 km/hr. All of a...

  • Hikers, Be Alert !...

    For hikers who would be on some serious mountain climbing excursions around Slovenia, be alert !Bring the usual stuffs that you know how to get you out of troubles !For some not so serious hikers, like me for example...bring a good map & a good compass,...some mineral waters...Just in case you are stucked somewhere in the middle of the woods,...

  • Blacks & Asians..

    Right ! For black people & Asians, be ready to be stared at by the Slovenian kids !No, of course no danger whatsoever...Just a reminder that people are always curious about our skin colours anyway...especially if we are coming from a far place !...Just be jovial & smile back...although some kids might make 'eyes' at you !...

  • Scarce Transportations...

    Travelling in Slovenia is fun because of the ruralness that you can see all over this beautiful country !If you have your own tranports it would be much excellent to explore Sovenia...If not then like me, you have to rely on public transports from one place to another...Most of the times, especially in the rural towns in Slovenia, the buses are...

  • Animals

    Tourists entering the Republic of Slovenia for vacations or visits bringing house pets not intended for sale must present:Dogs and cats:a certified international health booklet for dogs and cats with a date entered of a rabies vaccination if the animal is more than four months old. The vaccination must have been received less than twelve months and...


    Slovenia has some 2,000,000 inhabitants and no more than a 1000 are imprisoned!Crime rates are so low......During your holidays you can relaxe without having to keep an eye on your car, bag, rucksack constantly!I felt so safe there.....everyone was quiet and friendly, bubbling with life and enjoying life.... no time for crime! Even whenever you...

  • Look out for Carla and Ronald...

    Look out for Carla and Ronald in Slovenia!!!We are coming back!!!! 18th july untill 9th of august 2003!!!!!!

  • mineral water Donat Mg

    See this label? If you suffer from constipation (and while travelling this can easily happen, too), this might be the answer to your problem. Works fast, sometimes in minutes so stay close to the facilities you might need after it happens. If you are just fine, try not to drink too much of this mineral water. There were a lot of foreigners...

  • Closure of the Ljubelj pass for repairs.

    I was recently told that the Ljublelj (Loibl) pass between Austria and Slovenia will be closed for a couple of months over the winter of 2002/3 for repairs. Maybe it is wise to check before travelling through this route. The alternative would seem to be the Karawanke tunnel.

  • Wow! What A Beautiful...

    Please, keep the nature intact. Do not pick up flowers. Do not destroy mushrooms, even if you know they are poisonous! They are important part of nature balance. Do not yell in forrests, pick up your trash. Leave the place the same as it was before you stopped there. Do not follow the temptation to leave everything what you have used and brought...

  • Carefully With Those Cows!

    Look at those cows approaching, they are all headed in my direction (and I am not happy about it, see?). They started to be more courrageous lately. So beware. Also do not touch the wire that surrounds them - if you don't want to receive a small electric shock. Sometimes meeting cows can be a problem for hikers and bykers. Do not run, just walk a...

  • The 'Hot Horse' in...

    The 'Hot Horse' in Ljubljana.The food here is good.No problem there, but 'Hot Horse' is not a joke type name, you really will be eating 'Horse burger'. Also don't walk to N.K Olimpija Ljubljana's football ground expecting to find a souvenir shop.There is'nt one.

  • Watching the Alps carries a...

    Watching the Alps carries a potential risk. You could wish you would live here, under them. But its not that simple. To be initiated in our culture, you also have to climb on top of them. Otherwise, you are not accepted. If you havent been on Triglav at least, you are not one of us.

  • Pack enough water with you....

    Pack enough water with you. The only place you can find drinking water is cottage. There are suppose to be prameny but you would hardly see dripping the water there during summer. Do not forget that you are in the mountains. It could cost you your live! There are many gravestones to remind you of. The weather is very, changeable and from the...

  • OK, I guess I have to be fair...

    OK, I guess I have to be fair and warn the fellow travellers of ugly things happening on Slovenian borders. I witnessed this shame when I went to meet up with a Belgian friend in Venice to take him to Ljubljana on the train. When we reached the border, the policeman asked him how much money he had on him. My friend told him he didn't have much cash...

  • Slovenian drivers are not what...

    Slovenian drivers are not what they should be! A recent research has shown that they had a very high opinion of their own driving skills, and a very low opinion of driving skills of others! Quite the opposite to e.g. Scandinavians. Judging by how difficult it is to pass a driving test around here (especially in Ljubljana - ask yours truly how much...

  • Mountains are dangerous...

    Mountains are dangerous places, especially in the winter. Take a torch, whistle and compass with you just in case! If you are doing serious hiking or climbing, use a guide. There are cliffs, caves and other pitfalls.

  • Crime - Despite many people's...

    Crime - Despite many people's belief that Slovenia, like all ex-communist countries, is over run my organised crime etc., it is not true. I feel safer walking around Ljubljana than I do London. OK, it is not crime free and you need to be careful flashing around cameras and cash, but that is just common sense.

  • When the Slovenians say that a...

    When the Slovenians say that a portion of the hike is challenging, they are not kidding. It was like mountain climbing to this city boy! lol Here's Tanja demonstrating the proper footing. Kindly, no pictures are available of my delicate dance maneuvers.

  • Well, this is not a danger,...

    Well, this is not a danger, but just a little warning. Be careful not to keep your slovenian money when you go away from Slovenia. Actually, (I don't really undesrtand why..), I still have about 60 USD in slovenian money, and it is impossible to change it in french banks because it is not accepted. So, for example, if you take the plane, don't...

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Slovenia Warnings and Dangers

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