Antequera Things to Do

  • Franciscan Convent and Mozarab Chapel site
    Franciscan Convent and Mozarab Chapel...
    by theo1006
  • Puente Viejo from below
    Puente Viejo from below
    by theo1006
  • Puente Viejo from above
    Puente Viejo from above
    by theo1006

Most Viewed Things to Do in Antequera

  • 1. Downtown

    Apart from the dolmens, the reason of my visit to Antequera, I found out that the town itself is a real wonder, and there is a richness in monuments, history, old churches, roman ruins, arabic...

  • 2. Trinidad Convent

    I think that I never made such a rushy visit anywhere, as this in Antequera. I've been there in 1963 (wow! 52 years ago), and it didn't mean much to my young...

  • 3. El Torcal National Park

    Although this is not actually in Antequera it is the most wonderful place to visit, so it deserves a tip to itself.The park and nature reserve covers an area of...

  • 4. A little bit of Roman...

    The upper part of Antequera is built on the original Roman fortress and settlement. Occasionaly, bits and pieces come to light when ground becomes available for...

  • 5. Real Colegiata de Santa María La Mayor

    This large church...the Royal Collegiate Church of St Mary Major..stands in the older, upper part of Antequera. It dates from the early 1500s and is the first...

  • 6. Alcazaba

    I didn't manage to visit Antequera's Alcazaba. It was closed. But if you get chance this ancient fortification, like all similar in Spain, is well worth...

  • 7. Capilla Tribuna Virgen Socorro

    Also called the Portichuelo Chapel, this attractive building stands on the small, attractive Plaza Portichuelo in the upper part of Antequera.It is not as old...

  • 8. Iglesia San Sebastian

    ....or, to give the church its full name, Iglesia Colegial y Mayor Parroquial de San Sebastián.The church stands on Plaza San Sebasian (not surprisingly) and...

  • 9. Those small architectural pleasures.....

    Even in the lower part of Antequera, nowhere near as ancient as the upper town, you'll still find some lovely historical architecture and, most especially, some...

  • 10. Plaza Coso Viejo

    This smallish square, now pedestrianised, lies just off Calle Encarnacion in the historical centre of the lower town.Plaza Coso Viejo was once called 'Plaza de...

  • 11. Plaza San Sebastian

    This little square dates from 1508 and really is very pleasant indeed. It would be even more pleasant if there were no traffic running through it, but one...

  • 12. Penon de Los Enamorados - Lovers' Rock

    If you go up to the higher part of Antequera you can't miss seeing this huge lump of rock sticking up out of the plains below. in fact you can't miss it as you...

  • 13. Teatro-Cine Torqual: lovely Art Deco

    I certainly didn't expect to find such a super example of Art Deco in Antequera, let alone on which is so well-preserved and still in use.The cinema was built...

  • 14. Puerta de Estepa and bullring.

    The Puerta de Estepa stands in Plaza de la Constitucion directly opposite Antequera's bullring.This brick and limestone arch is new, a re-creation of the...

  • 15. Franciscan Convent and Mozarab Chapel ruins

    We like to take the byroads when driving from one town to another. That is how we found these two-historic-sites-in-one on the side of road 7201, on our way...

  • 16. A medieval bridge

    Next to the ruins of the Franciscan Convent we walked the European long distance trail GR-7 E-4 for a short distance to see the medieval bridge Puente Viejo or...


    Built by the Moors, the ALCAZABA is a castle - CASTILLO - situated on a hill overlooking Antequera. From up here, there are fabulous panoramic views of the...


    An Electric mini CITY SIGHTSEEING BUS - "Bus Turistico", navigates the narrow cobblestone streets of Antequera, to take in some of the monuments, churches and...


    The MUNICIPAL MUSEUM OF ANTEQUERA is located in the Palacio de Najera in the Plaza Coso Viejo. Also in the Plaza Coso Viejo, is the equestrian statue of the...

  • 20. The Dolmens: Monumental and impressive

    The megalithic complex of Antequera, which has 3 impressive and monumental tombs which are very well preserved, is one of the most important prehistoric sites...

  • 21. The Municipal Museum in the Palacio de Najera

    The municipal Museum, which is situated in an attractive former palace, is well worth a visit. Its most treasured possession is an Efebo, which is a bronze...

  • 22. The Castle

    The Alcazaba de Antequera is a fine castle built by the Moors, but subsequently altered by the Christians. situated on a hill overlooking the town, and...

  • 23. The Dolmens

    The Dolmens are very ancient burial mounds situated on the outskirts of Antequera, which visitors can walk into. Two of them, Dólmen de Menga and Dólmen de...

  • 24. El Torcal Park Nature Reserve

    El Torcal Nature Reserve is situated in mountains to the south of Antequera and is famous for its fascinating rock formations. There are also excellent views...

  • 25. Antequera is worth a stop

    One of our guidebooks on Spain mentioned that the impressive El Torcal Nature Park was located not far from Antequera so, on our drive from Granada to Sevilla,...

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