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Cadiz Bike Tour
"Join a fun and efficient way to discover the eldest city in Europe on this bike tour sightseeing the Old quarter and the Historical centre of Cadiz. Meet your guide for a 4 hours thrilling journey inside the 3000 years old city. You will start your guide one of the most beautiful beach in town. Head toward Campo Sur also called ""little Havana"" where colourful houses create a rather surprising scenary. On the way visit the Royal Prison as well as the 2000 years old Roman Theatre. As you reach the Cathedral you will admire the surprising mix of architectures styles that characterizes the 13th century building and its wonderful lightful square. Navigating through the narrow streets you will pass by the Flower sellers market and stop at the Market of Cadiz where you will learn about the seafood based local gastromy. That will be your opportunity to taste some of the local delicatessen!La Viña district awaits you and you will you will stop by the charming Caleta Bay
From EUR30.00
Private Walking Tour of Cadiz Including Tavira Tower
"You will meet your guide at a centrally located point before visiting: The neighbourhood of El Populo Old Cathedral Roman Theatre The Admiral House New Cathedral Fish Market Green Cross Square
From EUR248.00
Bike Tour in Cadiz
"Enjoy this city with a relaxing and beautiful sightseeing guided trip on wheels. You will see all the major and most beautiful sights of the town of Cadiz including three main beaches in town and all main monuments such as; Plaza de España Falla Theatre Genoves Park Caleta Beach S.Catalina Castle S.Sebastian Castle
From EUR28.00

Day trips to Gibraltar Tips (2)


English?British? Spanish? Spanglish? This controversial colony is situated on the South West coast that joins the Atlantic to the pacific. For this reason it is notorious for its British weather! It is only 5km long and 1.6m high. You enter through the Spanish town of La Linea, there is a border control; Europe of not. Therefore you must make sure you carry your passport. Spanish and European ID cards are not accepted.

The population of Gibraltar speak Spanish and English or a mixture of both! Gibraltar has also got a high Jewish population, unlike the rest of Spain!!

Remember that Gibraltar is a British Colony so they don’t use the Euro, so instead you’ll have to change your money for the Gibraltar pound! Well actually in most places the Euro is accepted and you can choose which currency to take out the bank.

You’ll find all the usual British shops in Gibraltar including Mothercare and Marks and Spencer. You can also eat all the English food you want and enjoy a nice pint (for example John Smith’s).

An important thing to remember is that they use the British style three pin plugs with 240v.

Things to do and see.

Europa Point. This is where Europe ends. You can look across to the mountains of Morocco. Also located there is an interesting looking Mosque which is supposed to be the largest in a non Islamic country.

Gibraltar Monkeys. For more info on the Gibraltar monkeys that live wild up the Rock at Apes Den, check out my Gibraltar monkey tip.

St Michael’s Cave This is a magnificent natural cave that Neolithic men once lived in. Now a day it is used for concerts and plays, though it is also wonderful just to take a look around. There are stalagmites and stalactites that hang from the ceiling and protrude from the ground. It’s very large so even if you are a little claustrophobic you should be Ok.

Did you know that they close of Gibraltar high Street and use it as a run way for planes!!! Isn’t that incredible!

Dec 02, 2004

Gibralter Monkeys

The Gibralter monkeys are almost human!!!

The Barbary Macaques monkeys are the only wild primates in Europe (apart from us humans of course!). They were probably introduced in the 18th century from North Africa. These days they live of donations from the tourists of junk food. For this reason, they have become fat and greedy. Be careful they WILL steal food from you.

If you would like to pay them a visit you can find them at Apes Den which is halfway up the rock. You can get there by cable car, car or bus. They are very near St. Michael’s Cave on Queen’s Road.

Dec 02, 2004
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calle Argantonio 3, Cadiz, 11004, Spain
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Calle Cobos, 11, Cadiz, 11005, Spain
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Things to Do Near Cadiz

Things to Do

Torre Tavira

Torre Tavira is the biggest watchtower in the city. It is also home to the Cámera Oscura; a 'camera' which projects a moving picture of the whole of Cádiz into a large dish shaped screen. It is really...
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Things to Do

The Alcazar of Jerez

The castle, generally called Alcazar in spanish, was built in the 12th century and it seems to be one of the few examples of Almohad architecture on the Peninsula. Jerez was, at the time of its...
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Things to Do

Real Escuela Andaluza de Arte Ecuestre

Arriving at the magnificent palace and gardens is, in itself, a superb experience, but viewing the outside training areas is even better. Here you get a chance to take photos of the magnificent...
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