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Cordoba Tour During Patios Festival
"After the Courtyards Festival of Cordoba declaration as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO the interest for this breathtaking tradition has hugely increased. In Cordoba a Pie we are aware of the fact that the splendor of the typical cordovan courtyard does not only reach its maximum in May (the date of the Courtyards Festival) so we organize tours to the patios also the rest of the year. The Patios that are visited on this tour are the ones in the San Basilio neighborhood. There are 7 houses of different ages to be seen on this tour (from 14-21 century). Courtyards ful odors colors and breathtaking views.""""A guided tour through the Patios of Cordoba. Visit with 7 courtyard of 7 families. See patios full of flowers
From EUR15.00
Cordoba Segway 2 hours Sightseeing Tour
"Start with a brief safety orientation. Follow your guide through Cordoba on this 2-hour tour. Visit Tendillas Square Capuchinos Street Colon Square and Corredera Square. See the ruins of the Roman Temple. Ride along the riverside to Old Town. Learn about the mosques and cathedrals along the way. Cruise along the Roman Wall on this 5-mile (8km) Segway tour. Finish your tour close to worl a Moorish castle built between the 8th and 15th century.""""Take a 2-hour guided tour around Cordoba by Segway. See Cordoba's landmarks and highlights in the most convenient way. Visit Tendillas Square Capuchinos Street
From EUR40.00
Bike Tour Around Cordoba
"Meet your guide in central Cordoba for this 2 hour bike tour. Enjoy the easiest and the most comfortable way to get around the city by bike. You will be able to see the historical places such as the surroundings of the Mosque-Cathedral the riverside the Roman Bridge the Jewish Quarter Tendillas Square and Corredera Square. This is a 5-mile (8-km) guided tour that will save time and prevent foot pain while you discover all the secrets of the city!"""
From EUR25.00

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Historic Duquesa

El Castillo de Duquesa is just immediately west of the port next to the little village which is called after it. It comes as a total surprise when you stumble upon its massive grey bulk, surounded as...
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The sea and the beach

You will have gathered by now that Duquesa is the kind of place where everything revolves around the sea and indeed there is not a whole lot to do here that is unconnected with it. From my sister's...
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Check out the Fishing Boats

Duquesa has always had a harbour and obviously long before the yacht marina had even been dreamt of, it was a fishing port. The fishing boats are still there moored right under the sea wall in their...
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Walking on the sea wall

You have a great variety of nice places to walk in Duquesa but for me the favourite would have to be the sea wall. At the outer end of the harbour the sea wall splits, one side in the direction of...
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The Town

The buildings facing the northern end of the marina, enclose a perfectly planned little miniature town. There are steps up and down to several levels, plazas and streets, shops, pubs, offices and even...
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The Marina

The heart of Duquesa is the marina. It's the place to come to have a meal or drink or to simply sit and watch the world go by. The yachts berthed here are simply to-die-for and who knows maybe one day...
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"Sabinillas and Duquesa - two sides of the coin"
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