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  • Columbus boats, La Rabida, Huelva, ES
    Columbus boats, La Rabida, Huelva, ES
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  • Monastery, La Rabida, Huelva, ES
    Monastery, La Rabida, Huelva, ES
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  • Statue, Huelva, ES
    Statue, Huelva, ES
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Huelva Things to Do

  • El Rocio, "The Dew" ...a pilgrims' town

    A legend says that during the second half of the 13th century, somewhere in the middle of nowhere a statue of El Rocio's Virgen was found in the salt marshes. Commanded by madness, the construction of a small chapel in those the salt marshes, began in honor of this vision. It was a far and difficult place to errect a chapel, but the Almontenos knew...

  • Monument to the first Spain-America...

    Next to the Queen's pier in Palos de la Frontera, close to La Rabida, is a monument to the PLus Ultra, name of the hydroplane that made for the first time in history the trip between Europe and America. It left the Calzadilla pier, on the edge of Palos de la Frontera, January 22th 1926. Given by the Argentina's government, the monument represents...

  • Hommage to Colombus at Muelle de las...

    The Muelle de las Carabelas, "The Caravels pier" invites you to a stroll through Colombus' history. Located a few kilometers from Huelva, the place that served as departure point to the intrepid navigator Christopher Colombus. Colombus' ships were reproduced for the 500th anniversary of America's discovery. The Caravels pier consists in a lobby...

  • Visinting small towns... Ayamonte

    This area has been populated since the Bronze Age. Of the Roman times, only the ruins of a forteress are left. During the 13th century, Sancho II of Portugal conquered it from the Arabs but ended up yielding it to the Order of Santiago. Later, through the treaty of Badajoz, when Alfonso XI accessed to the crown of Castilla, it was again given to...

  • Touring the Mines of Rio Tinto

    The major attraction of the Mines is touring them abord an old 20th century restaured mining train, a spectacular adventure that allows contemplation of unusual landscapes, while riding a distance of 11 km until "the Friars" station. The restaured train, runs parallel to the Tinto river a world unique ecosystem along the railway line, constructed...

  • The fabled King Solomon's mines

    Visiting the Rio Tinto mines is an unforgettable experience, and is an excellent way to spend a day when touring the countryside around Sevilla or Huelva. Accessed through the Minas de Rio Tinto town, about an hour's drive away from the abovementioned cities, here, we can see what 150 years of intensive extraction of mineral wealth has done to...

  • Muelle de las Carabelas (Harbour of the...

    Close to La Rábida monastery, on the Río Tinto estuary, is the the Muelle de las Carabelas. This is a museum and exhibition dedicated to Columbus's voyage to the New World, complete with life-size replicas of Columbus's three ships, The Niña, The Pinta and The Santa María. The three reproduction of the ships were built in 1992 especially for the...

  • Columbus Monument

    Huelva's main claim to fame centres around Christopher Columbus who sailed from just outside Huleva on his voyage of dicovery. So it is not surprising to find a huge stone monument of Christopher Columbus (Monumento a Colón) situated at the Punta de Sebo, near to the confluence of the Odiel and Tinto rivers. The monument symbolically faces west...

  • La Rábida Gardens

    The La Rábida Monastery also boasts beautiful botanical gardens leading from the carpark up to the main monastery building. The gardens contain some beautiful and unusual species of plants and shrubs. There is also a monument dedicated to Columbus in the garden. The monument is a statue of Columbus.

  • La Rábida Monastery

    La Rábida Franciscan Monastery, or to give it it's full title, 'Monasterio de Santa María de la Rábida', lies approx. 10 km outside Huelva.Columbus spent time at the monsatery between the years 1491 and 1492 while waiting waiting for financial backing from King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, for his voyage of exploration to the New World. The...

  • Visiting small towns... Jabugo

    The oldest data of the first human groups noted in Jabugo are possibly the Neolitic ones seen in the Moorish cave, found on the dirt road between Jabugo and Galaroza. The history of Jabugo was united to Almonaster's until the 12th century, when Don Luis Marquez de Avellaneda granted Jabugo its consent for independence. In 1691, Carlos II granted it...

  • Grutas de las Maravillias

    The city of Aracena has been formed as a tourist enclave within the mountain set, thanks to the formation, most of the times by local initiatives. A complex introduced by the Museum of Contemporary Art; the Church of the Castle declared joint historical-artistic monument in 1931, the instalations of a geologic-mining museum in the reception...

  • Horseback riding in Galaroza

    Of course andalucia being the land of horses, it is possible to ride horses just about anywhere. But those beautiful horses also being some of the most prestigious in the world, riding them often doesn't come cheap. The least expensive ranches are often found in the country and one of the best one happens to be in Galaroza, near Aracena. Julio...

  • Visiting small towns... Minas del Rio...

    The first establishments that gave birth to this population is explaned by advantaging reserves of the mineral, because of which from the oldest times the town has been one of miners. Its tartesic period benefitted to Phoenician retailers while during the Roman era, wide operations took place on its territory so that the mineral ressourcere was...

  • Colombus' departure point in 1492, La...

    La Rabida is an established Franciscain monastery right over the Odiel river, in an old Muslim industrial construction. Arabic, "Rabida" means "watchtower"; originaly, this place was a Muslim fortress, but in 1412, Pope Benoît XIII allowed the Franciscans to occupy the building thus, founding a monastery in its place. It is in this monastery that...


Huelva Hotels

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  • Barcelo Isla Canela

    never eat so good anywhere in Huelva. calm, pittoresque location rooms quite small

  • Barcelo Punta Umbria

    Avda. del Oceano s/n, Huelva, 21100, Spain

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Parador Cristobal Colon

    Playa de Mazagon, Mazagon, Costa de la Luz, 21130, Spain

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

Huelva Restaurants

  • Jamon Serrano is NOT Pata Negra

    Cured ham is called jamón serrano, or mountain-cured ham. It can be very good. But, Huelva has some special pigs. These are a native breed called iberico, a small brown pig which thrives on the acorns from scrub oaks and cork trees. From the iberico comes the most superb cured ham.

  • the good spanish cook

    this is the best restaurant i tried in the whole area. it s better that you booked in summer months, coz u can have problems to find a table here to have dinner. i think the key point is the superb quality of the raw materials. the "iberic" pork, olive oil, fresh fish, teh vegetables ... join this to some local wines and breads and a good cook, and...

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Huelva Nightlife

  • Huelva Nightlife

    Huelva Nightlife is increasingly Internationally known for its brilliant entertainment.Its youthful mystique adds to a friendly atmosphere,creating a high positive energy level to enjoy the best parties ever.Thus becoming the Spanish capital of fun.Follow that Blog or Twitter:...

  • "PUNTA UMBRIA" night life

    this is the main night life spot in summer. the pedestrian street that crosses cthe city is full with bars that open till 4am aprox. from 4am on there are a couple of discos that remain open till 8 a.m. in the outskirts. one of them is "cachao" in front of the beach, so u can go there after (or in the midle of) the night

  • 30 night bars in les than 200 meters

    A lot of bars vl12,docklands, lone star, saxo, box, santuario, anubis, el templo, el ocho and much more in less than 200 meters. the street is called Gines Martín and La merced Square There's no problem with your clothes


Huelva Local Customs

  • nulain's Profile Photo

    Andalucia is famous for its...

    by nulain Written Sep 8, 2002

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    Andalucia is famous for its pilgrimages or 'romerías' - so called because pilgrims traditionally walked to Rome, and therefore became known as 'romeros' - to popular shrines, around which fiestas are held.

    Perhaps the most spectacular is the one devoted to the Virgen del Rocío, popularly called 'El Rocio' for short. Nearly a million people from all over Spain and Andalucia make long journey to gather in a small hamlet of El Rocio in the marshlands of the Guadalquivir River delta (south of Almonte), where the statue of the 'Madonna of the Dew' has been worshipped since 1280. The pilgrims come on horseback and in gaily decorated covered wagons from all over the region, transforming the area into a colourful and noisy party. The climax of the festival is the weekend before Pentercost Monday (9th June 2003, 31 May 2004, 16 May 2005, 5 June 2006). In the early hours of the Monday the Virgin is brought out of the chrurch. This remarkable event is always televised.

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Huelva Off The Beaten Path

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    Make sure you go down the pier...

    by anilesy Written Aug 26, 2002

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    Make sure you go down the pier like thing which leads you to lagoons, sand and loads of shells which are in almost perfect condition... There are loads of birds and the flamingos are especially fun to watch...

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Huelva General

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  • A little comfort

    When you get to hot and you are tired you can go to the mission that is just down the road and take a look around.The courtyard here was so cool and refreshing.Respect the monks as this is a monk school. A sit in the shade is all that was needed to regain the strength.

  • Parque de Doñana

    The Region of Doñana is a wide territory of almost 300.000 hectares. There can be found open spaces of great ecological value. El Parque Nacional y Natural de Doñana , the Reservas Concertadas de la Dehesa de Abajo and La Cañada de los Pájaros... form an unit of protected areas that make Doñana one of the most emblematic natural enclave in...

  • We were in a tapas bar next to...

    We were in a tapas bar next to a bullring and several of her friends were there. We had the tapas but as I do not eat seafood and the town is famous for its fishing I was not popular and my friends were astonished that I did not eat seafood. After lots of misunderstandings we eventually went to a bar on the main street and tried to communicate. I...


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