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  • Jaén
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    Jaén Cathedral
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Jaén Things to Do

  • Iglesia Santa María Magdalena

    The construction of this late gothic (isabelline) building initiated at the begining of the 16th century. The church has a square floor plan, with four naves beneath a cross baulted ceiling. The mid-16th century tower, with its octogonal top, was originally a Arab minaret. The temple contains many items of artistic interest, including a calvary...

  • Castillo de Santa Catalina

    Santa Catalina castle stands on a high cliff 820 meters high overlooking, and which follows, the city of Jaén. This fortress was originally an Arab fortress built during the reign of King Alhamar. After the final conquest of San Fernando, in 1246, the citadel was built on a Moorish fortress with a Christian church dedicated to Santa Catalina, from...

  • Villardompardo Palace

    Villardompardo Palace was built in the sixteenth century by Fernando Torres y Portugal, first count of Villardompardo and Viceroy of Peru, has a Renaissance style. In the late eighteenth century, the building was acquired by the Board of the Royal Orphanage, installed in the same Women's Hospice. Hospice is expanded in the years 1901 and 1903,...

  • Arab Baths

    They are located in the basement of the Palacio de Villardompardo. They have an area of 450 square meters, making them probably the largest in Spain. They were built in the eleventh century, in 1002, building on the remains of a Roman bath house or porch. Possible reforms in the twelfth century, owing to the presence of traces of decoration Almohad...

  • Lagarto de Jaen

    The Magena lizard legend (or Lagarto de la Magdalena o lagarto de Jaen) is the most famous of Jaén capital. The influence of this legend is such that the lizard has grown into one of the symbols of the city, being present in the architecture (in the neighborhood of the Madeleine is a statue of the alligator in the fountain next to the supposed who...

  • The Cathedral

    The Cathedral is located in Santa María Square, opposite the Town Hall and the Episcopal Palace. The construction of the cathedral began in 1249 on the ruins of an ancient mosque. It was damaged and rebuilt on numerous occasions during the following two centuries until the sixteenth century, when several architects, Andrés de Vandelvira being the...

  • Palacio de Villardompardo

    This palace was built at the end of the 16th century by the viceroy of Peru, don Fernando de Torres. In 1931 it was declared historical-artistic monument.Today it houses two museums: Popular Arts and Customs and Naïf Art.The Arab Baths of Jaen are under the basement of the palace and can also be visited. These baths, built under the rule of...

  • Catedral de la Asunción

    The Cathedral was built in the 16th century in Renaissance style.The main façade dates back to the 17th century. There are statues of saints: Fathers of the Church, Saints Peter and Paul, the Evangelists… From the balconies the Holy Face is annually exhibited. The façade is framed by two towers that were finished in the 18th century.Inside, several...

  • museo provincial

    If you have visited the Museo Arqueológico in Madrid , you perhaps remember the two "Dama de Elche" and "Dama de Baza". Two Iberian sculptures of a remarkably high standard. Here in this museum you can find soldiers, hunters and beasts made by that misterious culture.

  • Cathedral at Jaen

    As you can see the Cathedral on Plaza Santa Maria totally dominates the old part of the city. The cathedral was begun in 1548 by the famous architect Andres de Vandelvira, whose work can be seen in Ubeda and Baeza. The baroque facade is from a later date, it was begun in 1667 and is the work of Eufrasio Lopez de Rojas and the statuary is by Pedro...

  • Symbol of Christianity

    This monumental cross towers over the city of Jaen, which lies beneath you in the valley.The legend is that King Ferdinand of Castille himself drove this cross into the ground on this spot to symbolize the Christian conquest of Jaen in 1246.It may well have been several of his minions that actually did the work, but it is still a dramatic gesture....

  • Views over Jaen from the castle

    The whole city of Jaen is "spread beneath your feet" - or so it seems. If you look closely at these pictures you can see more detail. The great cathedral towers above the rooftops, in the foreground lies the old Moorish city, while running into the distance are the ever expanding streets leading out to modern developments on the fringes.Andrew and...

  • Castle of Santa Catalina

    Turbulent times bring prosperity . . . . .There was a settlement here during the Roman occupation of Spain, but it was much later, during the rule of the Caliphate of Cordoba that a fortress was built on this site. This Moorish stronghold was finally conquered by the Christian King Ferdinand III of Castille in 1246.Jaen became an important border...

  • The Castle of Catalina today

    A lot of care has been taken to make the Castle of Santa Catalina attractive to modern visitors.An entertaining 3D audio visual presentation with all round sound has been organised in the Tower of Homage. The story of Jaen is told from the legend of a terrifying monster lizard which terrorized the population, through Roman settlements, the building...

  • The Castle of Catalina now

    The Watchtower or Torre de la Vela houses a screen which gives a virtual study of the layout of the castle during the time of the French occupation. In the Albarrana Tower there were several interactive displays where you could select information about local legends, festivals, restaurants etc.So, lots of IT in a very ancient site, but it was well...

  • Castillo de Santa Catalina

    "The Santa Catalina Castle crowns the town and represents the best exampel of the different cultures that have settled within it. Declared a Historic Monument in 1931 due to the primitive Muslim citadel, where there is currently a Parador Nacional de Turismo, it includes the towers joined to the former city wall that all remain in a good state of...

  • See the view !

    There are views from the castle on both sides, but the best view is not from the castle. After you have visited the castle, walk on along the ridge right to the end where the white cross stands tall. From there you can look down on the old part of the city of Jaen, and see the Cathedral standing proud amongst the white houses, dominating the...

  • Visit the castle on the hill

    High above Jaen on a ridge stands the Castillo de Santa Catalina. Its towers look down over the city, and command spectacular views over the countryside. The site has been occupied for many centuries, and the curtain wall dates from the 13th century, although most of the towers are slightly later. The castle was used by the Napoleonic troops, and...


Jaén Hotels

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  • Parador

    Arrived in Jaen & got a little lost in the round-a-bouts, but after finding the Parador signs, we...

  • Parador De Cazorla Hotel

    Sierra de Cazorla s/n, Cazorla , Jaen, 23470, Spain

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Parador De Ubeda Hotel

    Plaza De Vazquez Molina 1, Jaen, 23400, ES

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

Jaén Restaurants

  • Lush lunch

    A great place to have a beer, tapas, and good food. The dinning room in the basement, is like a cave, decorated in Andalusian style. The dining room is passed through the cross bar and down some stairs. The food is very rich and it's cheap.Un excelente lugar para picar algo, con un comedor en un sótano de lo más particular, como una cueva, muy...

  • Cafetería Colón

    A large cafeteria for so many years in this city. Known worldwide for being the first cafeteria to serve churros in Jaén. Prices are a bit high but it worth it, is a good place to have a good breakfast, lunch and chocolates con churros.Una gran cafeteria que lleva muchos años en esta ciudad. Conocida por todo el mundo por ser la primera cafeteria...

  • Snacks - Tapas

    It's very typical to serve a snack for free with your drink in the city of Jaen, and almost in every city in the Province of Jaen. It's a nice tradition due to let you drink as many beers as you want and don't become drunk! Es muy t?pico en la ciudad de Ja?n, e incluso en todos los pueblos de la provincia, servir una tapa gratuita con tu bebida. Es...

  • Typical Andalusian cuisine -Cocina...

    Actually restaurants in hotels are not the best, but Paradores have very good restaurants and they are places where you can taste the local food in its higher standards. I really recomend you to eat in the Jaén's National Hotel or everywhere you can find a Parador. Realmente los restaurantes de los hoteles no son los mejores, pero los Paradores...

  • Incredibly good delicious food

    The "solomillo a la uva" (graped sirloin)!!!!!!!! oh boy, was that good!!!!!!!! sirloin with mushrooms and topped with a wine sauce and raisins.Their croquetas were the best I've had in Spain!

  • Olive oil is a religion here

    I suggest the restaurant Valdenvira in Baeza. It is named after the famous architect from the Renaissance times that designed many of the monuments in the twin cities of Úbeda and Baeza.The restaurant itself is located in a renovated Renaissance palace. I am not sure whether the building was designed by Valdenvira himself.The food is local but with...


Jaén Transportation

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    Go by train - Ir en tren

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    There are trains arriving from Barcelona, Madrid, Córdoba and Sevilla, among other Spanish cities. Check the Renfe website for schedules.

    Hay trenes desde Barcelona, Madrid, Córdoba y Sevilla, entre otras ciudades españolas. Consulta el horario en la web de Renfe.

    Jaen railway station - Estaci��n de trenes

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Jaén Warnings and Dangers

  • Avoid the rush-hour !

    We were a little late in arriving in Jaen - it was almost noon when we drove into the city. The traffic was very heavy and there were road-works holding up the traffic. We didn't have a map of the city (MOST unusual for me) and so headed towards the centre, hoping to spot a sign for a car-park, or if we were really lucky, find a space on the...

  • Olive pollen

    If you want to visit this area of Andalusia during the Spring, make sure that you do not suffer from allergy to the olive pollen.You will be surrounded by olive trees and their pollen is quite aggressive for allergic people.

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Jaén Off The Beaten Path

  • Banos de la Encina

    If you would like to see a towering Moorish fortress - then look no further. The town of Banos lies about 28 miles north of Jaen and is dominated by the castle. It was constructed in 967/8 on the orders of the Caliph of Cordoba to protect his kingdom from Christian invaders from the north. The castle and town changed hands six times over the...

  • Monument of the Battles - Las Batallas

    This sculpture recalls the battles of Navas de Tolosa (1212: begginig of the Reconquest in Andalusia) and Bail?n (1808: independence war against the French occupation). Both events were crucial for the Spanish history. It's placed in the modern area. Esta escultura rememora las batallas de las Navas de Tolosa (1212: comienzo de la Reconquista en...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Jaén General

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  • Be prepared for some steep slopes

    Jaen is located in the skirts of a mountain, so you need to walk up and down hill frecuently. My piece of advice: wear comfortable shoes! Jaén se encuentra en la falda de una montaña, por lo que es preciso ir cuesta arriba y cuesta abajo frecuentemente. Mi consejo: ¡usad zapatos cómodos!

  • Jaen is all a beautiful olive field

    The red land of Jaen, origin of the finest olives, offers a beautiful lanscape at sunset. My dumb camera could not record the marvelous colours that Jaen gave me as present when I drive south from Madrid in my quest for "La Alhambra". Some day I will be back and perhaps the skies of Andalucia will be leninent and would give me a second chance to...

  • "Olivos" town

    In Jaén, olive oil might as well be liquid gold that's pressed out of the black crude during each year's olive harvest. Jaén Province is Spain's olive oil capital and the biggest olive oil producing region in the world.


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