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Historical Malaga Segway-Ninebot Tour
"Meet-up with an expert guide who will personally teach how to ride and enjoy the Ninebot before starting a magnificent ride through the historic center of Malaga. Glide up through the magical forest to Mount Gibralfaro where you can enjoy the incredib continue down the walls of the Alcazaba to the promenade along the best beaches in Malaga until the Mítico Balneario where you'll stop to enjoy the sea as well as have the chance to grab something to eat and drink. Then make your way back to the port’s lighthouse and the shopping district of Muelle Uno and Palmeral de las Sorpresas. Then head back to the starting point. Throughout the tour you will stop to take pictures in order to take your best memories of your ride through Malaga with you.""""This 1-hour tour is ideal for families and visitors who want to discover the tucked away places and monuments of Malaga in an easy and fun way
From EUR25.00
Malaga Electric Bike City Tour
"Ideal for visitors who want to discover the tucked away nooks and monuments of Málaga accompanied by a local guide who will make you feel more like a Malagueño enjoying a pleasant ride effortlessly on our Ebikes. Magnificent ride through the historic center of Málaga including up through the magical forest (effortlessly with our Ebikes) to Mount Gibralfaro where you can enjoy the incredible views of the """On this tour you will discover the most important monuments of the historic center and the joy of the city while accompanied by our friendly guides. Also the tour includes the effortless ride (in Ebike) up Mount Gibralfaro to enjoy the stunning views of the bay along with a tour of the beaches and the city port."title=Highlights&1=2-hour+M%A1laga+city+tour+by+electric+bike&2=See+top+M%A1laga+attractions+with+ease%2C+on+a+fun+electric+bike&3=Explore+M%A1laga%E2%80%99s+historical+heart%2C+seeing+the+Cathedral%2C+Roman+Theatre+and+more&4=Climb+wooded+Mount+
From EUR20.00
Private Full-Day Málaga City Tour from Marbella
"Starting with a hotel pick up in the morning you may choose to be picked up from nearby cities such as Marbella. Then you will visit the Roman theater and enjoy a detailed explanation of its history. Entrance fee included.Later continue with a visit the Alcazaba with detailed explanation of the citadel. Learn how they lived in the middle ages. Moving on to El Pimpi La Merced Square Picasso’s house. There we will snack with views to the Alcazaba & theater. -Visiting Picasso's birthplace house: Discover where Picasso was born. Head over to the Malaga Cathedral: Get to know the story of the cathedral its most famous sculptures and architecture. Then a stop for lunch time (own expense) & Gibralfaro or Bullring. We head back to Marbella or hotel location."""
From EUR79.00

Bullring Tips (16)

The bullring of Malaga.

There is a bullring in Malaga, Plaza de Toros, like in most cities and towns in Spain, at least those I have visited. I am against bullfighting, so I never visit the bullrings, but seeing that it is such a big part of Spanish tradition, I add the photos here, as these structures are beautiful.

Bullfighting is popular here in Malaga and there were always some posters up advertising the next bullfights and which Matadors would be coming to town and performing. Matardors are almost like gods here, at least great heroes.

The bullring in Malaga is called La Malagueta and was built in 1874 with the first fight in 1876. On it´s 100th anniversary it was declared a Historic Artistic Monument. 14.000 people can be seated here.

The season for bullfighting is from April-September and it is particularly popular during La Fiesta (see my tip) when the inhabitants go wild for a week - they sure know how to party.

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Dec 28, 2012

Plaza de Toros - Bullring

the Malagueta bullring lies at the end of Paseo del Parque, below the Alcazaba and Gibralfaro castle and not far from the Malagueta beach. The best view was on the walk down from the Gibralfaro. Whatever your opinions on this slice of Spanish culture (doesn't appeal to me personally) its interesting to see the building itself which has been around since 1874

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Nov 11, 2012

Bulls Now Live Free for Another DAy

This bull ring no longer has those events, after the criticisms of animal activists forced the tradition to cease. After over 1,000 years, Spain has caved in to the complaints of animal cruelty. This 14,000 seat bull ring was built in 1874, and has seen a lot of blood since. I was here one evening back in 1973 for my first bull ring event. It was a great adventure. There is till a museum that you can go into for 1,80 Euro featuring the history of some of the matadors and bullfighting. It is open 10-1PM and again 5-8Pm Monday-Friday.

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Nov 30, 2011

Plaza de Toros

The Plaza de Toros has a capacity of 14000 people. It was built in 1874 by Joaqu?n Rucoba. It was officially opened the eleventh of June 1876. Madonna has also been filming here for one of her music videos.

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Apr 04, 2011
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Bull Fight

This an amazing spectical to see if you are in Spain. I have been to a few bull fights and I have to admit they are great. I used to think that the bull fights were cruel but my view of them has changed alot, however i can understand why alot of people disagree with them. In the bull fight there is much blood, much bravery and always death. The atmosphere in the bullring is electric with all the people and the music, itll will send goosepimples all over you. If you you do not wish to see a bullfight or are unlucky and miss them you can always go and visit the bullring for a look around.

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Jan 03, 2007

La Malagueta

La Malagueta, this is the name of Málaga most famous bull square. Here celebrate most of bullfight every year in August.

Es el nombre que recibe la plaza de toros de Málaga. Muy conocida sobre todo en el mes de agosto cuando se celebran las corridas de la feria de agosto.

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Nov 01, 2006

Tauromachy - A Symbol of Spain

During the 8 centuries of the Reconquest, Spanish Christian warriors competed in hunting wildlife when not hunting Moors. The fierce Iberian bull represented the greatest challenge to these fighters and bullfighting evolved into a spectacle and show which has become a national symbol. Historically, the first organised bullfight was in 1133 in honor of the coronation of King Alfonso VIII. The practice was banned by Pope Pius V, a decree uniformly disregarded in Spain. One writer opined that "bullfights are in the blood of the Spanish people". Gradually bullfighting became less a royal pastime than a path to riches and fame for the common man. Proponents claim that what was once a primitive sport is now an art form with tribute based on form, grace, and manner. A ballet with death in the final scene. Here, images of the Malagueta bullring built between 1874 and 1876, housing a museum detailing the most revered bullfighter to have appeared. Included are images of a practising matador.

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Jul 16, 2006


The Bullring or PLAZA DE TOROS was built between 1874 - 1876. It is in classic style and houses a museum dedicated to Antonio Ordonez, a legend in the world of bullfighting. It can be found in the Paseo de Reding.
"Museo Taurino" , the Bullfighting Museum is open Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Entry is 1,80 Euro
The awesome pictures of the Bullring are taken from the "Parador de Gibralfaro"

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Feb 20, 2006
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"There's more to Malaga than the airport"
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"Malaga & Costa del Sol UNDER RECONSTRUCTION....."
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Great view from the Castillo de Gibralfaro

I wasn't able to attend a bullfight, though I was able to get a great view of the structure from atop the Castillo de Gibralfaro. To get there, take a 10-15 minute hike up the hill, or hop on the public bus.

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Feb 15, 2006

Plaza del Torros

The Ronda bullring is the oldest and most monumental in Spain. Ronda is the cradle of modern bullfighting that emerged in the 18th century from a chivalric tradition of equestrian arts. It has spawned a dynasty of famous bull fighters and horsemen.

Conceived as a monument in sandstone, the grandeur of the design with its double gallery of arcades lends the bullring the spirit of cloisters. The arena has a diameter of 66 metres, surrounded by a passage formed by two rings of stone. There are two stories of seating, each with five raised rows, and 136 pillars that form 68 Tuscan arches. The royal box has a sloping roof made from Arabic tiles and a spectacular interior.

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Feb 13, 2005

Plaza de toros

Not everyone has to like bullfights or the bull culture, but I ask respect for people that like it.

We are free to decide if we wnat to go and see it or not. I made my choice a long time ago. I do not go. But I do not like seeing people of other ccountries and cultures attaquing it, as all cultures are not perfect, so who are we to critisise?

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Sep 02, 2004

Plaza de Toros (Bullring)

Ok, you don't like Bullfight??, well no problem, Bullrings are part of Spain cultur. They use to be in a historical part of the city, so it is always interesting to visit it and its environs.
I do love Bullfight ... the colours, the movements, red, sand, blue, gold, art ... horses, black strong bull... its a picture...
You will find many good bars near the Bullring.
If you want to see a nice page of the suits of the Torero

Next to the Bullring you can have wonderful tapas at Refectorium and at Mensula. Very good places also to eat.

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Mar 24, 2004

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In my first visit I went to the Alcazaba, almost forty years ago, and was not impressed; This time I decided to appreciate it from below, and found the image much more impressive. trying to read...
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Plaza de la Merced

For those of you which wee unaware, Pablo Picasso the famous artist was born right here in Malaga. Therefore all around the the town there are sights related to Picasso such as the house he was born...
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Cathedral - La Manquita

Construction of the massive Cathedral of Málaga was begun in 1528 on the site of the Grand Mosque of Málaga. Unfortunately, the mosque was completely destroyed to make way for the cathedral, and no...
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Gibralfaro - Castillo de Gibalfaro

The name has a meaning of "rock of light" that signified a previous lighthouse built by Phoenicians of this spot. The fortress that was built in 1300's to further protect the gentry of the Granada...
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Calle San Miguel

This year, I visited torremolinos again. I have gone from many years to torremolinos cause it´s got a lovely weather and it´s a small town so you can walk and see everything. In San miguel street,the...
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Sohail Castle

The castle El Castillo Sohail has got an interesting story. It is located on a hill at the outskirt of Fuengirola and is 38 meters above sea level. The Carthaginians and Romans occupied it...
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Paseo de Reding, 16


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