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  • Things to Do
    by GibJoe

Medina Sidonia Things to Do

  • Arch of Belen

    This arch dates back to the 16th century and is also known as Puerta de los Gitanos (the Gypsies gate).

  • Market

    Built in 1871, as you can see from my photos at the time of my visit there was no activity at all, probably it only opens in the mornings.

  • The City Hall

    The original building was constructed in 1673 but was had to be rebuilt in 1729. The top floor was built in the 19th century.

  • Calle La Loba

    I took a few of pictures of this street and to be honest I didn’t think it was of that importance. I just found the white houses with the black gates interesting. When I did a bit of research I found that this street dates back to 1747, but in 1880 the name of the street was changed to Padre Felix. Padre Felix was the Bishop of Cadiz who used to...

  • Arco de la Pastora

    Looking at the photo you would imagine to be in nearby morocco, this Arch was built in the 10th Century.

  • Convent of Jesus, Maria y Jose

    This convent was founded in 1867 from what was 12 houses. I found out a little history which relates to my hometown Gibraltar. There was a nun who was originally from Gibraltar who converted from Jewism to Christianity and lived in this convent. She was buried in the convent.

  • Castle and Alcazar Ruins

    These ruins are just passed the Church of Santa Maria La Coronada. There is a bit of a steep hill climb to get to the ruins, but you have very good views of the town and of the Church. The ruins where also fenced off as there were some restoration works being carried out.

  • Church of Santa Maria La Coronada

    This church was built in the 16th century on the site of an old mosque. It is situated in the higher part of Medina Sidonia. When I visited there where some repair works to the exterior but unfortunately I did not have enough time to visit, and all the doors seemed to be closed. This church was named as a Historical Building in 1931

  • The Main Square

    Known as La Alameda and Plaza de España, it has a few cafes, restaurants and seems to be the meeting place for locals. At the end of the main square you can find the City Hall.

  • Mysterious castle at Medina Sidonia

    On the horizon as one approaches Medina Sidonia from the coast, is a huge castle. It is NOT the castle in Medina Sidonia. Does anyone know anything about it? Is it on private land? We want to walk up to it, as we are ruined-castle aficionados.

  • Caballerizas del Rey

    The Stables of the King, once used to house horses, but today used for exhibitions and displays. At the time of our visit there was nothing to be seen and it was not open.

  • A Convent

    Not a great deal to see at this convent, the high walls and barred windows make it look a little like a prison. I came to a doorway at one end marked visitors entrance, I was about to take a peek inside when Carmen told me it was for visitors to the nuns and not for tourists. Not wanting to cause a scandal, I stepped back outside.

  • Town gates - Pastora or Salada Gate

    The oldest and most beautiful of the towns three gates, this Arab gateway in typical Arab style was built in the 10th century. Near it are some of the original walls to the Muslim city. Pastora translates as the Shepherds gate.

  • tourist office

    The tourist office is at the top of the city, in the Square of La iglesia mayor s/n.Las oficinas de turismo estaba en la plaza de la Iglesia la mayor en lo alto de la ciudad.

  • Alcazar

    Behind the church and in direction to the castle you can see the old rests of the Alcazar. They are working right now on the restoration of the area. Hope it will be done soon, as Medina Sidonia is a lovely spot and deserves the visit

  • Iglesia Santa Maria Mayor la Coronada

    This large gothic and rennaissance church sits in the heart of the Moorish part of the town. I liked the tower and the front facade, the tower being very typical in its style of Andalucia. At the rear of the church are some excavations of grain silos from the time of the Moors.

  • Views from the castle.

    From the vantage point of the Castle, you can get good views over the town and the surrounding countryside. Well worth the short hike to the hilltop.

  • Roman paviment

    This are the very well conserved rest of one of the Romans main streets.It was called Cardo Masimux and it is from the I centuryTo enter go to the archaeological museum


Medina Sidonia Restaurants

  • Carmela71's Profile Photo

    Alfajores from Medina Sidonia

    by Carmela71 Updated Jan 13, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Another typical Christmas sweet. Here they do it natural, is made by almonds, honey and nuts, plus lots of spices as cinnamon, cloves, etc

    All this typical sweets bring us the muslin influences.

    This is at shop we made our stop lol

    Otro tipico dulce navideño. Aqui lo hacen completamente natural, sin conservantes ni nada de nada, solo almendras, avellanas, miel y algunas especias como canela, clavo, etc... De muerte

    Como vereis todos los ingredientes nos recuerdan las influencias Arabes que tiene hoy en dia Andalucia.

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Medina Sidonia Transportation

  • Parking

    I would suggest that you park your car and walk, the streets are quite narrow and Medina Sidonia is a small village. I must also add that there are a bit steep hills at times, but you also have many bars and restaurants to have a refreshment. Most of all the attractions are in the old part of the town. I didn’t find much problem in parking my car,...


    OK so this is a good opportunity to show off Stace and Carmen's awesome vehicle, the KIA which is a sports utility vehicle. It was a great and very comfortable car to EXPLORE ANDALUCIA. It was incredible, the way it had no problem going up steep hills and it had a feature which we sure could use - a back-up beeper which gets louder as you get...

  • Medina Sidonia Hotels

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Medina Sidonia Shopping

  • Local candies and pastries.

    We found this small local shop selling candy, and pastries typical of this region. We spent quite some time in here trying to decide what to take with us. If I recall, I chose some of the local chocolates and Carmen bought some Turron for her mother ( made from Almonds ). In addition to this we both had some cakes (Chocolate Palmyras) to eat...

  • The town market.

    The town market looks as if it had seen better days, but was very quiet. It had a variety of shops selling everything from fruit and vegetables to gifts.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Medina Sidonia Local Customs

  • Architectural details (Tiles)

    Tiles in Andalucia are used profusely. Exterior walls are often covered to a height of a meter or so, patios and terraces are often covered, shop signs, street names, and images of virgins on churches.They are frequently highly decorative, using bright colours and design, many designs dating back many centuries to the time of the moors. Keep a look...

  • Architectural details (Ventanillas)

    Another feature I noticed many of in Medina, small openings on front doors with ornate metal grills over them. I guess they have two uses, they can be opened to see who is knocking at the front door, much like the modern spyglass, they could also be opened for ventilation during the summer heat.

  • Architectural details (Rejas)

    Walking through any Andalucian village you notice the wealth of Architectural details in the buildings, from the towns church, palaces, right down to the humble houses. Grills, balconies, ancient wooden doors with heavy iron studs and large corroded locks. Try to watch out for the small details, Medina has a wealth of them.Here is an example of...


Medina Sidonia Warnings and Dangers

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    Try to visit during good weather.

    by Beach_dog Updated Jan 26, 2004

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    The day we visited Medina Sidonia was shrouded in mist, a helpful attendant in the local gas station assured us it was in for the day. Fortunately for us within an hour it had cleared, but just be warned, due to the towns elevated position in a broad river valley it can be very suseptible to fog during the winter months.

    Visibility less than 15 meters.

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Medina Sidonia General


    Located in the heart of the province of Cadiz - in the Bull Route - between the mountain and the sea, Medina Sidonia has a privileged view of country-side and the Bay of Cadiz.A visit to this town entails travelling through history. Within its streets you can discover past civilizations. The Roman colony of Asido Caesarina was constructed over...


    From its hilltop location, Medina Sidonia has INCREDIBLE VIEWS to both the Atlantic and the Sierra de Cadiz. Often you can see as far as Morocco.I love this picture of Stace looking over the village of Medina Sidonia and the Sierras.


    The Arch of Bethlehem or ARCO DE BELEN is from the 15th century. Through this arch you will see the Santa Maria La Mayor La Coronada Church. Once inside the Arch, look up and see a little cove in the wall, honoring the Virgin Mary.


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