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Flamenco Tips (5)

Tablao Arenal: excellent show but bad experience

Even though the flamenco show is meant for tourists, it features excellent bailaores, guitarists, and cantaores. The food is acceptable.
What is not acceptable is that our camera with more than 300 photos from Cordoba disappeared. My wife forgot it on the way out. Just as we arrived at the hotel, she realized she'd left it there and started to call them to no avail. The next morning, she called several times and spoke to them, but we decided to pay them a visit. The camera was gone! In one of the call they admitted to have seen it, but then they changed their version. There are other tablaos in the city, so please, try others.

Mar 21, 2011

Pure flamenco?

Pretty much every tablao claims to have the "purest" flamenco in Seville. But many of these shows are targetted towards tourists who often don't know any better. They usually charge a high admission price and though the music and dancing can be average to good, it's not what you would call "pure flamenco".

Fun Alternatives If you want to see pure flamenco, the best thing to do is go to a bar like La Carboneria late at night and watch the locals jam. Pure flamenco doesn't require a guitar, you'll often see the gypsies knocking out a beat on the table and singing along to it.

As for actual shows/tablaos that have good flamenco, Casa de la Memoria was my favorite place to see them. There are different artists every night, and all the shows I saw were quite impressive. My flamenco teacher (Felipe Mato) performs there often and he is one of the most amazing dancers I've ever seen.

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Jul 07, 2007

El Patio Sevillano

A guitar sounds near the Guadalquivir, a few meters away from Triana, next to the Maestranza Bullring, and in front of the Golden Tower. Patio Sevillano opens it doors. Tourists want to know about everything that surrounds this art, that's why they come here, to make the hairs of their bodies stand on end in the vicinity of the Sevillian river.
This flamenco stage also stands out for having a significant presence in the Andalusian city. It started out being called Cortijo “El Guajiro”, after that it was known as El Patio Andaluz, when it was located in Duque Square, right in the historic distict of the city. Now, after a history of almost fifty years, the stage presents flamenco by the river banks of the Guadalquivir.
Every afternoon, when the sun says goodbye and leaves way to the evening, El Patio Sevillano begins its day. One showing at 7pm and another at 10pm. The show hall is almost always packed, which already says alot for the performance. There’s barely enough time for the show to begin. The stage lights dim. And the silence begins the show…
Ruth Majó, together with the Patio Sevillano management, emphasizes that the performances that the hall offers isn’t just “flamenco” but other original Andalusian styles like “classical, regional, and Spanish song…”.
In this context, Majó remarks that El Patio Sevillano provides “ an artistic cast of approximately 15 individuals ”, among them prestigious dancers such as Ann Maria Bueno or Juan Martín are spotlighted.
come to El Patio Sevillano.
Adrián H. Maesso

... That's their version, now when you go to the restaurant (which I don't recommend going to) and feel like seeing the show; well just realized that you've probably paid 30 euros per person for the meal and will now have to pay another 30 euros a piece for the show. The show isn't bad, but it's not worth 30 euros.

Unique Suggestions Just don't do it

Fun Alternatives La Madruga, Las Niñas, El Carmen, and there's a good one on Calle Pages de Coro across from a Bingo and next to a pottery shop.

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Apr 09, 2007


The "Tablaos" are often wonderful shows of flamenco music and dance, however they are expensive and entirely geared for a tourist audience. Probably worth it if you don't have the time to find the "real thing." If this is the case, I think that Tablao El Arenal is probably the best show in Sevilla.

Unique Suggestions Accept it for what it is, a tourist show. The talent is truly extraordinary.

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Jul 06, 2003
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c/ Santa Rosa no 7, Seville, 41013, Spain
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Calle de la Cruz, 8, 41240
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Menendez y Pelayo 10, Seville, Andalusia, 41004, Spain
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Sure, it's a tourist trap, but everybody visiting Sevilla has to go watch a flamenco show. For me, the music is better than the dancing. A guy on Spanish guitar, two other guys belting out despairing songs of love lost, and yeah, the crazy dancing girl/guy doing the whole falmenco thing. We went to Los Gallos and enjoyed it. It's a little pricey, but think of it as the equivalent of seeing a show, and it's OK.

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Aug 24, 2002
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"Seville, my home town"
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"Keeweechic's Seville"
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" Sevilla tiene un color especial "
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"Sevilla, more moorish then spanish ?"
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""The Via de la Plata""
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