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Santa Justa station Tips (7)


Santa Justa is the train station in Seville, and it's in the Nervion district. There are trains connecting Seville to many cities and towns in Andalusia and beyond. It's possible to buy tickets online (either the Renfe website or the Rail Europe site), or at the station (either at a booth with an agent, or at the electronic ticket machine).

In 2007, I took a train to go to Jerez de la Frontera for the Feria del Caballo (horse fair), and the ride wasn't very long. I spent the day there and came back on the last train of the evening.

In 2014, I took the train from Madrid to Seville at the beginning of my trip, and back to Madrid at the end before flying home. The ride was about 3 hours or so, and comfortable enough to sleep on the way back to Madrid (then again, I'm a deep sleeper and noise doesn't usually bother me).

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Aug 08, 2014

From the Airport.....

From the airport I was able to catch the bus to Santa Justa train station which cost me 4 euro and was the second stop.I was able to walk to the old town/hotel 20 mins from here with 1 small bag. If the weather was hot and with a large amount of luggage I would have caught a taxi.Although if you are staying in the old town it may not be able to get to the front door as the streets can be to narrow for cars.The bus stop for a return to the airport is right in front of the taxi rank in the first picture.The train station was clean,safe and modern.

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Sep 10, 2013

San Bernardo Station>Cathedral/Plaza Nueva =EASY

How do you get from Sevilla Santa Justa to the Cathedral/Plaza Nueva area?

For the time being, the easiest/cheapest non-taxi way is to go to the san Bernardo station and take the T1 Tranvia or the Subway Line 1

If you're going from Sevilla's Santa Justa station to the Cathedral/Plaza Nueva, you might have realized that the connections are not the easiest:
Santa Justa is about 2km from the Cathedral/Plaza Nueva area.
Any bus that goes remotely close to the Cathedral/Plaza Nueva area is several blocks from Santa Justa
The Seville Metro Line 1 runs to within about 500m of the Cathedral/Plaza Nueva area, but there is no Metro stop at Santa Justa.

If you arrived on an AVE/AVANT train and/or are not on a tight budget, it's probably easiest to just take a's not very far

If you're arriving at Santa Justa on the AVE/AVANT train [depending on your budget, amount of luggage, and your willingness to walk a fair distance], traffic is light, or are more than 2 people, probably the best option is a cab.

If you arrived on a train other than AVE/AVANT and are on a tight budget, the rest of the info in this tip is for you

If you arrived on a Non-AVE/AVANT train (for example the "MD" medium distance trains, from places like Cadiz, Jerez, Granada, Malaga and Cordoba), chances are good that your train also stops at a station called San Bernardo,

San Bernardo Station Information

Location (GPS 37.377737,-5.979558)
The San Bernardo station is just one station south (3-4 minutes) of Santa Justa. (On RENFE schedules, it's often labeled San Bernardo (P))

What stops there
The San Bernardo station is a stop for:
MD trains [check to see of your train stops there]
Cercanias [regional] trains ,lines C-1, C4, and C5
Metro Line 1

NOTE: Google Maps's currently shows "San Bernardo (P)" as 37.383304,-5.983926. That is incorrect; it is the location of the old San Bernardo station, which closed when Santa Justa opened in 1992. Currently it is being converted to a market. The 37.377737,-5.979558 location is correct

Getting from San Bernardo Station to the Cathedral/Plaza Nueva Area

At this point, you can do one of two things:
Travel by T1 "Tranvia" tram/streetcar
Travel by Metro Line 1

TRAVELING by T1 TRANVIA - Current cost [single ticket]: ~1,40€

The T1 Tranvia is a tram/streetcar that has its own dedicated lanes. Thus even during heavy traffic times, unlike buses or taxis, it keeps moving.

Exit the San Bernardo station at street level.
Cross Calle Enramadilla/Av Ramon y Cajal (the street in frontof the station)
Take the T1 from the from its stop [37.378726,-5.978998] headed to Plaza Nueva.
Get off at the desired stop:

Prado de San Sebastian 37.380917,-5.986927
Puerta de Jerez 37.382281,-5.992595
Archivo de Indias (50m to Cathedral) 37.384514,-5.993947
Plaza Nueva 37.38448,-5.993925

TRAVELING by METRO LINE 1 - Current cost [single ticket]: ~1,40€

From within San Bernardo Station building, go into the Seville Metro.
Get off at the Puerta de Jerez station (50m to Cathedral) 37.382281,-5.992595


I think the T1 Tranvia is easiest, you come out of the ground once, and stay at street level the rest of the way, and can disembark very close to the cathedral


Yes, the PLAN is to continue extending T1 Tranvia back from San Bernardo to Sevilla Santa Justa (making it unnecessary to go to San Bernardo) .

However, there is currently no projected date of completion.

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Aug 30, 2013

Santa Justa Train station

Santa Justa is the main train station for the city of Seville and the gateway to the rest of Andalucia. It is the third busiest train station in Spain behind Madrid Atocha and Barcelona Sants.
I found it generally clean, well labelled and easy to get around. As I was catching fairly early trains I didn't have much of a chance to sample the services at the station.

From Seville you can get high speed connection to Madrid, Cordoba, Barcelona, Malaga, Valencia.

The slower regional trains will take you to Jerez de la frontera, Granada. though you can get high speed service to Cadiz.

Taxi to the station from Ave Las Palmeras, where I was staying, was about 7 or 8 euro at the time.

There is a left luggage office open from 6 am to 00:30. Prices for left luggage are:
small baggage- 3.10 euro
medium- 3.60 euro
large 5.20 euro

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Sep 12, 2012
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San Justa Train Station

We decided to take the high-speed train from Sevilla to Cordoba, which was a great experience!

do not get there in the last minute, especially if you still need a ticket! I still haven't quite figured out the system, but there are counters (and queues) for trains leaving within the next hour (?) and then there are counters that sell tickets for all other trains and then there are information counters and we had to stand in line at 3 different counters to get our tickets!

Then there will be X-Ray of your luggage and your tickets will be checked twice before you can even enter the platform...

This all takes up quite a bit of time, so count in a few extra minutes!

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Oct 04, 2008

Estacion de Santa Justa

Sevilla's train station is the link to Cordoba and Madrid on the high speed AVE train as well as your best way to reach other areas of Andulusia like Granada and Cadiz.
It's located on Avenida de Kansas City.

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Dec 22, 2002

Santa Justa station

Santa Justa train station is modern and there are regular services throughout Andalucia.
You can catch the sleeper to Barcelona. However it is quite a long walk from here to the city centre.

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Jul 06, 2008
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"Seville, my home town"
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"Keeweechic's Seville"
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" Sevilla tiene un color especial "
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"Sevilla, more moorish then spanish ?"
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""The Via de la Plata""
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