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Arco de Santa Maria Tips (8)

Arco de Santa Maria

At the near end of the Paseo, opposite the Puente de Santa María (Bridge of Saint Mary), is the Arco de Santa María. This gate tower was originally built XIV century and rebuilt in 1552. It was twice taller four hundred years ago. This massive town gate is flanked by two semicircular towers, best seen from the bridge of Santa Maria over the Arlanzón River. The entrance to the town is guarded by statues of Castilian heroes and kings: in the center of the lower row is Diego Porcelos, the town’s founder, flanked by Nuño Rasura and Lain Calvo, the first Judges of Castile, and in the upper row (from right to left) the Cid, the Emperor Charles V and Count Fernán González. Through the arch is the Plaza del Rey San Fernando, on the south side of the cathedral.

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Mar 15, 2014

Arco de Santa Maria.

You have to pass by this gateway to enter the centre and reach the cathedral if as most tourists you parked your car at the underground parking of Plaza de Vega.
From the bridge on the river Arlanzon you will have the best view on what is in fact a monumental arch flanked by two semicircular towers (from 14th c.)
The frontage was modified in the 16th century to make a triumphal arch in the honour of the emperor Charles Quint and represents the famous persons of Burgos. In the centre of the lower row is the statue of Diego Porcelos, the town's founder, flanked by Nuno Rasura and Lain Calvo, the first judges of Castile, and in the upper row the Cid Campeador, Count Fernan Gonzalez and the Emperor Charles Quint.
Emperor Charles Quint (Charles V born in Gent, Belgium; named Carlos I in Spain) had difficulties to put down the revolt of some Castilian cities.
Charles V wanted to impose his Flemish regent and court and increase taxes.

Amusing to see that centuries ago taxes were an export product of my country together with paintings and tapestries. Nothing new under the sun with taxes since the 16th c.; Belgium is still in the EU one of the countries with highest tax level.

At the top of these historical men stand the guardian angel of Burgos and the Virgin Mary which is the patron of the city so that most monuments here are devoted to her.

It is possible to visit the inside. On the upper floor is a pharmacy museum.
Open: Tuesday - Saturday 11 - 14 h and 17 - 20.50 h. Sunday 11 - 14 h.
Closed on Monday.

breughel's Profile Photo
Oct 24, 2009


In Burgos you’ll see some gates which were the entrances in the walls to the city but this one is the most beautiful. On the one side because its ornaments. On the other side because across it you see part of the cathedral. You go across it and you’ll be admiring the beautigul and enormous cathedral.

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Jan 16, 2005

The Arco de Santa Maria.

Built in the style of a medievel castle, elements for its design have been heavily influenced by other castles from the region.

This arch was one of twelve of the original gates in the walls of the medieval city of Burgos. It was rebuilt in the 16th century and features statues of Carlos V of Spain and other figures of significance in the cities history. It is a surprising and impressive structure. I have added more photos of it in my last travelogue.

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Dec 12, 2004
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Arco de Santa María

Arco de Santa María, at the end of Santa María bridge, receives the visitors. The original building dates from 14th century, but it was rebuilt at 16th century; inside there is an exhibition centre.

El Arco de Santa María, al extremo del Puente de Santa María, recibe a los visitantes. La construcción original data del siglo XIV, pero fue reconstruida en el siglo XVI; dentro, se encuentra una sala de exposiciones.

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Dec 01, 2003

The most beautiful entry gate to Burgos

I love the Arco de Santa Maria. It is located across the River Arlanzon.
It was one of the twelve gates to the walled city of Burgos. I climbed upstairs and could visit a kind of museum.

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Sep 16, 2014

Burgos - Arch Santa Maria

Crenelated archway into the town from the riverside dates to the 14th century, modified when Charles Quint came visiting in the 16 c. Can be visited and climbed on certain days, entrance is free

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Oct 24, 2008

arco de santa maria

pictured is the beautiful arco de santa maria. this arch is decorated with carvings of notible burgos residents.

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Jun 24, 2007
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"Burgos is the birthplace of Spanish Glory!"
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"Burgos: where Mío Cid still lives and fights"
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