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La Granja




La Alberca




Ávila de los Caballeros


Santo Domingo de Silos














Aranda de Duero


Puebla de Sanabria






San Ildefonso


Matavenero y Poibueno






Santa Catalina de Somoza


Ríonegro del Puente


Rabanal del Camino






Consuegra de Murera











See all 611 Salamanca Tips
  • Catedral Vieja - Old Cathedral

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Salamanca Things to Do

    The construction of the old cathedral started around 1150 and went on until the 13. century. 1172 the cathedral school was founded, which later on bacame the University of Salamanca. It is built in late Romanesque style and was badly damaged and partly restored in Baroque Classical style in the earthquake of Lisabon. Entrance fee combined with new...

  • Abba Fonseca

    Salamanca Hotels

    This was our choice to stay in Salamanca during our weekend and I have to say that was really a...

  • Casa Lis Museum Shop

    Salamanca Shopping

    The Casa Lis Museum Shop has good quality replicas of several object of the museum, also a video of the museum (there are for instance some mechanical puppets, there movements you can see only on the video not in the museum) on a USB stick. Not cheap but if you need a quality present for someone very good. € 9 for the video, other things from very...



See all 492 Segovia Tips
  • Roman Aqueduct

    Segovia Things to Do

    Although Segovia has a beautiful Cathedral and Castle (Alcázar), the aqueduct is the best-known sight in Segovia. It was built in the 1st century AD by the Romans and is well preserved. Althoguh some parts were destroyed in Moorish times, these were restored in the 16th century. This was also the time when the two statues of Hercules were replaced...

  • Infanta Isabel Hotel

    Segovia Hotels

    This hotel, located right on Plaza Mayor, is comfortable with large (by European standards) rooms...

  • Meson De Candido

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Segovia Restaurants

    He pasado unas minivacaciones por segovia, y como no, he visitado este mesón tan emblemático par probar el cochinillo del que tanto hablan. Crujiente y carnoso, como a mi me gusta, sin duda un lugarl al que seguro que volveré,



See all 165 Burgos Tips
  • Monastery of Miraflores

    Burgos Things to Do

    I visited the Cartuja Santa María de Miraflores (Carthusian monastery) together with two friends. In fact, our main goal in Burgos was the visit of the Monasterio de las Huelgas (one of the most intimate and marvelous Christian monasteries that I have ever seen in my life), what we did, but we still had time before going to sleep to our shelter for...

  • Meson del Cid

    Burgos Hotels

    I stayed one night at the Hotel “Meson El Cid” in Burgos during my pilgrimage to Santiago de...

  • Meson Burgos

    Burgos Restaurants

    A small tapas bar located near the cathedral. Popular with locals and not too many tourists visiting. It was quite full, which is normally a good indication of good local food. I was recommended to try Patatas Bravas, this is supposedly the best place in Spain to try them. Small fried potatoes covered in a spicy sauce. I was not disappinted, I...



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See all 196 León Tips
  • Rusty

    León Things to Do

    If you stand in the rain you may go rusty ,this one has.-- Leon is still a nice place to walk round in sunshine or rain.,and spend your Euros.

  • Parador de Leon Hotel

    León Hotels

    Hostal de San Marcos is a Parador Nacional, that is, a state-owned hotel, in a historic building. ...

  • Palace of the Guzmanes

    León Things to Do

    Palace of the Guzmanes is today the County Council. of Leon region....It is a renaisseence building in the city of Leon...Architect was Rodrigo gil de Hontanon ,built in the 16th century. It is 3 storey high and has square towers at the corners.



See all 50 Astorga Tips
  • Pilgrim lunch

    Astorga Restaurants

    I used to eat little during that pilgrimage; just one main meal a day plus some snacks with beers and coffee on the road. But after having a shower in the shelter I was very hungry and I celebrated the end of my pilgrimage ordering in a centrically located restaurant (in front of the shelter) a famous Astorga dish called Cocido Maragato. You start...

  • Casa De Tepa

    Astorga Hotels

    Santiago, 2, Astorga, 24700, es

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 5 out of 5 stars

  • Cathedral of Astorga

    Astorga Things to Do

    Construction of present cathedral was authorized by the Bishop Alvaro Osorio D. and Guzman (1440-1463) who in 1444 issued all necessary ecclesiastic documents and reached an agreement with the city council permitting the reconstruction of old Romanesque cathedral. Romanesque chapel with small image of the Virgin located at the entrance is the only...



See all 24 Lerma Tips
  • Tourist Office

    Lerma Things to Do

    From the Main Square, with Palacio Ducal at your back, take the street on the right at the bottom of the square. There, at the middle, on the left, you will find the Town Hall and tourist office, where they give you a map of the city and tell you the main highlights.

  • Alisa

    Lerma Hotels

    Madrid Irun Km.202, LERMA, 09340, ES

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Plaza Mayor of Lerma

    Lerma Things to Do

    Opposite to the main face of the Palace spreads a rectangular square, limited at the three other sides with houses on arches. There are about 70 columns and balconies.With 6.862 square meters it is one of the biggest squares of Spain, being the Duke's pride in his time.The all-powerful Duke of Lerma, plenipotentiary minister of the monarch Felipe...



See all 27 Soria Tips
  • Calatañazor

    Soria Off The Beaten Path

    Calatañazor is a small village, built on top of a hill. Visiting Calatañazor is like going back to the year 1000.The village keeps the medieval layout: the wall surrounding the village is well preserved and there are remains of the castle from the XIV century.Calatañazor is known as the place where Almanzor, the arab caudillo, definitely was...

  • Meson Leonor

    Soria Hotels

    I had spotted a poster advertising this hotel as we drove into the modern part of Soria and so when...

  • Plaza Mayor

    Soria Things to Do

    At Plaza Mayor we see a series of remarkable buildings: Casa del Común. For centuries it was seat of the Commons of Good Men of the city of Soria. The Charters that gave citizenship rights to the people of Soria are preserved in this building.This building also hosted the Public Library from 1935 to 1968. In 1957 the Casa de Cultura de Soria was...


La Granja

See all 22 La Granja Tips
  • Weather at La Granja de San Ildefonso.

    La Granja Things to Do

    Located at an altitude of 1190 m (higher than Segovia 1005 m) visitors should no be surprised that it freezes and snows in winter. This is not the Costa del Sol!Summer is not so warm, about 21°C, because of the altitude.When we were at La Granja beginning October day temperature was about 17°C and only 6°C at night. We were lucky to have chosen for...

  • Parador de Turismo de La Granja

    La Granja Hotels

    Staying with the Princes of Spain. For many years we have stayed at the "historic" Paradores and...

  • A good menu for visitors of La Granja.

    La Granja Restaurants

    We went here at noon and tried their Menu de la Granja at 14,50 €. The menu included soup, main course, dessert and wine all that for 14,50 €! The dishes were local and simple but good and the wine 3/4 l. was a Ribera del Duero! Furthermore the service was kind and even multilingual!We came back twice in the evening for diner. We choose à la carte...



See all 39 Zamora Tips
  • Puente de Piedra

    Zamora Things to Do

    This Romanesque Bridge (puente means bridge whilst piedra means stone) was built in the 12th century. It has 16 ogyval arches and crosses one of the widest part of the Río Duero (Duero river).

  • Parador Turistico de Zamora

    Zamora Hotels

    This is the best accommodation in Zamora. Inside a palace, it belongs to the Paradores chain. -...

  • By Car: How Far/How Long...?

    Zamora Transportation

    Zamora is in the west of Spain, very close to Portugal.From Madrid, take road A6 that becomes AP6 to Tordesillas, then, road A11 to Toro and Zamora.Some road distances from Zamora to:- Madrid: 254 kms.- Paris (France): 1.245 kms.- Roma/Rome (Italy): 2.049 kms.Thanks to the website, you can check more road distances together with the driving times...


La Alberca

See all 26 La Alberca Tips
  • Admire the architecture

    La Alberca Things to Do

    The ancient town isn't big take a time to stroll around. It is pedestrianized area and it make your walk much easierAdmire the ancient houses walking through to the cobbles street ,and is the easiest way to see the localsMany of the small street where sells local product and souvenirAnd it's very interesting if you want to know their own product....

  • Walk through the end of main street

    La Alberca Things to Do

    Is the square you meet when you enter the village if you came from the othersideHere stands arches and cross in the middle of the squareThe story says, it protects the village from evilThis square looks like the plaza mayor with cross. Here is not too busy as the main square where most of the people hang around to the placeIs just another...

  • Church of La Asuncion

    La Alberca Things to Do

    Very special church the building is very simple. Built in the 1300's, the town church may look unassuming from the outside but inside it tells a different and historically rich storyThe Church of the Asuncion, houses many revered wonders such as a 16th-century pulpit sculpted in granite, a splendid Gothic copper processional cross and a figure of...



See all 68 Palencia Tips
  • Roman Villa

    Palencia Things to Do

    La Olmeda,60 kms.North of Palencia (near Saldaña), is one of the greatest roman houses ruins in Europe. For visiting it every day except on Mondays. Tuesday afternoon is free (15,30 to 18,30).

  • Ac Palencia

    Palencia Hotels

    Avda. de Cuba, 25

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Holy Week

    Palencia Local Customs

    Although the best processions in Spain are the ones from Sevilla,Zamora and Valladolid;Holy Week in Palencia is more and more important.Seven days of processions,but Holy Friday is the main day.


Ávila de los Caballeros

  • Entering the walls

    Ávila de los Caballeros Things to Do

    Yes. Don't stand only in photographing the walls. Go inside, see the site, the cathedral, St Vincent and st Thomas churches, the palaces, and finally go to Sta Teresa's convent to find that, talking about "Avila de los Caballeros" or "Avila de Sta Teresa", you are talking about the same town (I think!) - Avila, for me.

  • The long Walls

    Ávila de los Caballeros Things to Do

    Almots three kilometers long, the walls of Avila come from the 12th century, built with the remains of ancient Roman constructions. They are surrounded by a road, allowing you to circle it and stop here and there for a closer look or photo. Some segments of the walls are part of palaces or churches, however, the most impressive image is the overall...

  • External ring

    Ávila de los Caballeros Things to Do

    Entering the walls is mandatory to visit the historic city, but the real sensation of power and strength given by the wall is only obtained from the external road, that encloses the old city. Either if you stay or just passing by, that road is a must that you shouldn't skip.


Santo Domingo de Silos


See all 24 Peñafiel Tips
  • The Castle

    Peñafiel Things to Do

    Penafiel's castle resembles a large ship and it has sucha shape to accomodate the narrow ridge on which it stands (210 m in lengths and 20 m across). Although it is only in spanish, the guided tour could be very interesting (it costs 2.5 euros) and it takes only about an hour (if it' more sorry! Anyway if it seems so few to me it means it was very...

  • Ribera Del Duero

    Peñafiel Hotels

    Escalona Avenue 17, Penafiel, 47300, ES

    Satisfaction: Excellent

  • The castle

    Peñafiel Things to Do

    It is impossible to miss the castle. Actually, the first thing you see when approaching the town is the hill with the impressive castle on the top.This castle was built in two steps. There is a platform from an ancient castle of XI century, and over it, the new castle, built in the XV century by Pedro Girón, Master of the Order of Calatrava. It...


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