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Parc Guell Tips (31)

Gaudi's most famous gardens

Favorite thing Parc guell is one of the most visited places in Barcelona, as a beautiful Gaudi's design architecture joining gardens and as an island on the sky of Barcelona offers a really great view of almost whole Barcelona!!

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Mar 01, 2008


Favorite thing Three ways get to Parc Güell: When friends, guests or just any tourists enquiring how to get to Parc Güell, we advise them to catch the bus 24 (direction: Carmel). From, Plaça Catalunya, Diagonal or at Plaça Lesseps. The bus drops you in front of the Parc Güell, the grand entranceway. Should you choose to climb up-take the metro L3 get off at Vallcarca-exit Hospital Militar. Most tourists books directions given is getting off at metro Lesseps, which is twice or more walking up hill.
Parc Güell
End of xixth Count Güell bought a large rural estate-the idea of developing it along the lines of the garden cities. To undertake this work he employed the architect Antonio Gaudi. The project was given a cool reception by the public in year 1941 work was brought to a halt when some of the building work on shared facilities had already been carried out. Its bench of broken tile work, the pillared hall, which was intended to house the market . Finished way the system of pathways, abt. 3 KM in all, featuring viaducts, steps and small walls. In 1922 six years after the death of Eusebi Güell, BCN Council bought the estate to make it a public park. In 1984 Unesco declared the Park Güell who left here the stamp of his great imagination and an obscure symbolism, which even today is difficult to make sense of. The roll of nature seems to be a minor one but in fact the architect was extremely careful to orchestrate an effective balance between the green of nature and the colour of his stonework. The view of the viaduct crowned with palm trees and covered by thickets and climbing plants is a good example of this combination between nature and architecture. The architect respected the already established flora of the site, which in our days is a wood when carob trees, oaks and holm oaks thrive amidst thick undergrowth. There are also some more recently planted trees.
Expect at least 2-3 hours enjoying Parc Güell.

Fondest memory Most tourist will agree with us, few of the best memories they have of Barcelona would be the (1) The Sunny Weather we have
(most of all year round).
(2) The famous market "Boquería.
(3) The Costal Beaches we have.
(4) Spanish Food and reasonable
prices of food in restaurants.
(5) Wonderful works of Antonio Gaüdi
and many other famous artists.

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Aug 10, 2005

Naturalised Parrots eating dates

Favorite thing When you wander around Barca, it is possible to see parrots that have escaped from captivity and become naturalised in the wild.

I snapped this one in Parc Guell, feeding his face on some dates in a Palm Tree. Most people seemed oblivious to his presence, but I was quite impressed to see one so content in the wild!

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Nov 30, 2004


Favorite thing Barcelona has too many places to see and visit,so I'll show you here just the most important ,all of them are a Must See in Barcelona:
The Cathedral of Santa Eulalia,.
The Sagrada Familia Temple.
The Park Güell.
Casa Batllo.
Las Ramblas.
La Pedrera.
The Olimpic Village.
Arc de Triumf.
Palau Nacional,Palau Pedralbes,Palau de la Generalitat.
The Opera house of el Liceu.
Museum Picasso.
Musseum Contemporani.
Dali Museum.
Maritim Museum.
Park of Ciutadella.

And also.....The Harbour,Montjuic,el Tibidabo,L'Aquarium,Plaça de Catalunya,Plaça de Espanya.
Picture taken in Park Güel another beautiful place designed by Antonio Gaudi.

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Jun 28, 2004
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Parc Guell

Favorite thing All the way across town towards Tibidabo is lovely Parc Guell. Designed by Gaudi (who else), it's a surprisingly intimate and peaceful retreat from the city. A great place to take a walk or go for a jog maybe. It's up on a hill so of course you get the view of the city. You can also take the opportunity to sit on the "longest continuous bench in the world", and it is pretty damn long. It incorporates a kind of tile mosaic thing and was designed by......what's his name.........oh yea, Gaudi.

Best way to get there is by bus, consult the transportation map.

Fondest memory One unexpected thing happened here that I'll not forget. We came across an excellent classical guitarist performing for tourists, although there were very few around. I asked him to play a piece that I've always liked, a rather famous (and perhaps somewhat cliche) piece called Austurias, by Spaniard Isaac Albeniz. I've always loved it. His reply, "Sure, my pleasure". And so my friend and I were treated to a kind of private performance by a true musician.....that doesn't happen every day.

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Jan 24, 2004

Parc G?ell

Favorite thing Wonderfull place to spend the day and go around with a "bocadillo" (sandwich) to eat. It?s a very big park, designed by Gaud?. It?s where you can see the famous dragon made with mosaics. But there?s much more to see there.

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Jan 12, 2004

Parc Guell

Fondest memory The most wonderful thing was sitting on one of the coloful arty benches, in the sunshine, thinking of Gaudi and how he lived his dreams and turned them into art.

It will takes years of more and more visits to this parc to disover every inch of the bench and to watch the city from above.

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Dec 30, 2003

Guell Park the real guard

Favorite thing I can speak about Guell park during hours.
The last two years I have spent a lot of hours taking pictures and there is somebody that always is there, the real guard of the park.
I don't think that anybody can take more care of the park.

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Feb 25, 2003

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Visit the parc Güell, I found...

Favorite thing Visit the parc Güell, I found it the most impressive sight in town!

Fondest memory Being chased by the undercover police on the Ramblas because I didn't have a licence plate on my Belgian 50cc scooter. After some discussion these policemen (who worked for a anti-theft unit) saw I was obviously not a thief and said that I was free to go, but that the other 'normal' would undoubtedly fine me. Yipes!

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Sep 08, 2002

Visit All of Gaudi's work.

Fondest memory Park Guell. Like most of Gaudi's work, the Park was not completed until after his death. In the front entrance there is a multicolored lizard, which is between two mosaic staircases. The Park was meant to be a garden city, and was to house the city's elite.

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Sep 07, 2002

There are several ' must see'...

Favorite thing There are several ' must see' s in Barcelona. The architecture alone is a great reason to visit this city. Gaudi's world reknowned architecture is stunning . The Cathedral of Sagrada Familia is truly amazing. The architecture hits you with force. Even if you are not religious at all, go, admire and think about this wonder. The views from the top are great . La Rambla, Barcelona's Oxford Street or Champs Elysees is a must see also. For people watching, admiring the architecture , colourful street vendors, acrobatics, singing- this is special. Don't miss ! ( keep an eye out for pickpockets though ) I liked Barcelonetta and the Harbour - good shops, food and a great museum of the sea . Park Guell with its's great views and amazing tiled architecture ( and Gaudi's house) is really worth seeing . Take a coffee at Cafe de l'Opera (La Rambla 74 ) Have a look at the Barri Gotic ( Gothic Quarter )- narrow winding streets and many impressive buildings, e.g. the Ajuntament ( Town Hall ) . If you like museums, try the Picasso museum ( one of the world's best collections of his work ) C.Montcada 15, off C.Princessa. Night life is not to be missed ( check the guide books for latest listings ) . A stroll around one of the quiet neighbourhoods is enjoyable ..take your pick .

Fondest memory There are many. For myself , I loved the overall feel and experience of Barcelona- the sights, the food, the culture, the people. Sagrada Famila Cathedral and Park Guell were great. Park Montjuic is very enjoyable, as is Barcelonetta and the Harbour.

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Aug 25, 2002

Visit Park Güell. A truly...

Favorite thing Visit Park Güell. A truly unique experience and place. You'll discover whimsical architecture, grottos, viaducts, the collonade with its undulating, mosaic-style bench (I was so enthralled with it that it took me over an hour to visually take it all in), meandering paths filled with lush greenery, palm trees and colorful flowers leading to a closed chapel at the top of the mountain.

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Aug 24, 2002

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