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La Paloma - CLOSED Tips (9)

LA PALOMA: techno music

La paloma is different from other nightclubs because it used to be a ballroom, now it's a techno night club with break dancers. The last time I went they even had an electronica singer and band, which was interesting, probably really incredible for those who love this music( not me). It's a cool experience, be careful at night though as it is not in the greatest area.

Dress Code Dress code is casual for a discotheque

emilybcn's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

La Paloma: Dance the night away!

This is a great place to spend your time dancing away the night (literaly)! Located not far from the city center, La Paloma is easily accesible by walking or taking the metro to the Universitat stop. The place itself is at 27 Tigre. And, although it may not look like much from the outside, the interior is absolutely beautiful! It is an elegant old ballroom that has been around since 1902. There is a wonderful atmosphere created by the red velvet interior, the excellent staff, and the geat music. Take a look from the balcony that surrounds the dance floor. There is often live music, and you can find people of all ages having the time of their lives. The music differs depending on when you go, but the later it gets the younger the crowd and more poppy the music becomes.
Hours: Thur-Sat 6p-5a, Sun 6p-9:30p

Dress Code There is no dress code that I know of. But, I would suggest something sort of nice-casual. I wouldn't wear shorts and flip flops, but coat and tie are not required. It is a pretty casual environment.

elise_crash's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011


Here we were looking for a certain disco at this area downtown and sort of got lost and it was a fortunate that we got lost and found this LA PALAMO where we had great time dancing till 5 in the morning. WHEW! it was fun! just dancing all night!

Dress Code Jeans and casual clothes,.

listenandlearn's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

LA PALOMA: Flamenco anyone? ;)

I remember seeing a paste-on ads of this place on the street..& was interested to go as there was a flamenco show(I lurrrv Flamenco! =D). The first thing I notice as I entered is the large, old-fashioned hall. Do come early if you wanna get a comfortable seat to enjoy the show. * (I don't know tho if they have flamenco show every week..So you gotta check with them). After the great Flamenco performance, the hall was 're-arraged"..seats removed, and transformed to a dance hall. Begins with Salsa music, the music then changed to techno, hip-hop & reggae as the night goes on.

One thing to take note, in this city, generally "party" doesn't really get started until about 2am. I remember leaving at 3am when the crowds was just starting to fill in..hee ;p
Therefore, try not to make much plan for the next day if you plan to party the night you'll obviously get shagged the next day :P

So party all nite..and as the sun is coming up, the tradition is to have churros dipped in your thick hot chocolate before stumbling home to sleep. ;)

Ibizahippie's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011
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La Paloma: Club

La Paloma is a very old building, it looks like a grand elegant old theatre, which it used to be. It is decorated in the Moulin rouge style with red velvet couches and a big chandler.
On Thursday they have a special dance night, called Bongo lounge, absolutely fantastic!

zionstar's Profile Photo
Nov 05, 2004

La Paloma: Clubbing in a re-styled theatre !

La Paloma

A ballroom style club: a big dancefloor, a nice balcony, comfy red couches on the sides, stylish video art and usually great techno music. One of the best clubs in the city, although drinks are pretty expensive (4 euros for a bottle of Heineken). This place opens at about 2.30 and if you are lucky you can pick up free entrance passes in the city during the day.

Sep 08, 2002

La Paloma: La Paloma

Huge dancehall-like place. Before midnight, u get all these older people doing their ballroom dancing.. but after midnite, it turns to a huge dance place for the .. er.. younger people :). It looked like a huge disco with glitterballs hanging from above. The people there were just crazy and would just grab you for a dance. Nice ;-)

Dress Code Smart casual (if there is ever such a term)

jenniferchin's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

LA PALOMA: Get there early!!!

It is best to get to the venue early, say around 11.00 stay until about3 ish. After that the atmoshphere changes and it can get quite aggresive, with non Spanish entering teh club. the earlier times are more gentle with an age renage from 18 to 75..yes that old!
Great night night out.

Dress Code Smart but casual

Ribeirasacra's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

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La Paloma: Breakdancing with the locals!

We went to this club on a Thursday night. We got there at about midnight and it was empty, but soom filled up with locals. We watched the local lads breakdance which was fantastic! The music was a mixture of Hip Hop and Spanish House. Of course, 9 girls attracted the attention of the breakdancing boys and we all attempted to converse using one of the guys as enterpretuer!

The drinks are pretty expensive in there but you do get the usual Spanish measure of spirits i.e. LARGE!.

The only warning I could give about this place is watch your bag! I left mine on the seat where we were all sitting, and I watched one of the guys we were talking to drop his jumper over my bag and then pick the jumper and the bag up and blatantly attempt to steal it! I just laughed at him shook my head and snatched it back (well there were about 20 of them - I wasn't about to kick it off with him!!!)

I would also recommend that you get a taxi home as it it's in a quiet area where there are not many tourists at that time of night.

Dress Code Anything goes!

Helen196's Profile Photo
May 17, 2003

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