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Maremagnum Tips (16)

Along the Harbor: Party by the harbor.

Along the Maremagnum Mall at Port Vell are a number of clubs that are open quite late. Tequila and Fiesta are two that I remember. We didn't go into any but we did walk by them and they looked like fun. We were tired of all our walking and the great meal at Mandongo Restaurant.

Dress Code Dress to have fun!

seamandrew's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

MAREMAGNUM: Spring break style @ Barca

Bar hopping at Maremagnum will not give you a very authentic taste of the local nightlife, but it sure is fun. These bars are large enough to dance and they have fun pop music, as well as all sorts of reasonably priced drinks. The clientele is made up almost entirely of tourists who are very casually dressed and for the most part leave pretty drunk. If you're up for a carefree night, Maremagnum is a good choice.

Dress Code Very casual.

cristinaap3's Profile Photo
Apr 22, 2007

MAREMAGNUM: Nothing is better

I've just returned, was there yesterday and it's THE BEST PLACE I'VE EVER BEEN in my whole life, ever. Yes, i am fairly immature, spanish guy hungry and into ridiculous dancing but im sure i'm speaking for many and this is the place to go if you're young and non-pretentious. Drinks were cheap i believe, entrance was free, occasional free shots given, beautiful dance floors, beautiful outside chilling area, beautiful beautiful beautiful boys, great dancers, superbly international, not too many girls which is always good, great music, podiums, poles, the nicest people i've ever met and i am actually lost for words about Maremagnum. If only I could be there now.............

Dress Code Casual dress code, we were a little dressed-up but if you do want to make more of an effort it's greatly appreciated.

Aug 02, 2006

MAREMAGNUM: Tapa Bar Eating/DISCO or Just Walking

Right behind the monument of Christopher Columbus is a body of water and in it is a man-made cute little island. Here is the famous Maremagnum of Barcelona. Speaking of ten years back, Maremagnum was a hit place to be in for disco as they have all kinds of nice enjoyable music for all ages. Until these past few years, I have been avoiding to take friends or even relatives to their disco as there has been too many fights and quarrels. Lets not forget that they too have TAPÀ bars out there, but I find it a bit overpriced, although it´s really a wonderful walking area feeling the seabreeze. Out here is where we have the IMAX movie theather, then in these same area is the Barcelona Aquarium and not too far from these is the Museum and History of Catalunya which is quite interesting if your from Barcelona or the surrounding barrios.

Dress Code As casual as you could get and at nights you could put on your dancing shoes! If you think you would hung till wee hours of the night, bring a bit of wind breaker as even during the month of August, it can get a bit nippy early mornings.

listenandlearn's Profile Photo
Jun 16, 2005
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MAREMAGNUM: Baccalao in Port Vell

Maremagnum is actually a single night club, but a complex of several night clubs. In one side of the large hall there is street with 5 different night clubs and in the upper floor some places more.

If you come before 2am, you will most propably get free flyers outside the night clubs. They all have the same offer: free entrance and 2 drinks in the price of one. However, since one small beer costs 4 euros, it is quite expensive to be in these places. One vodka lemon drink costed 7,5 euros and for some reason it seemed that the alcohol level in those drinks seemed to be quite low.

We ended up in a place called "fiesta". There were a lot of British tourists there, both girls and boys. The boys drank themselves out of the place and later in the evening the local gigolos came to attract the British girls (with success I would guess).

If you want to be with other tourists and expensive prices are not a problem, you should propably consider this place.

If you want to be more with locals and buy cheaper drinks, you could propably try e.g. Otto Zuzt night club. We were standing some tens of minutes in front of it and there were a lot of cool locals going to the place.

drei3t's Profile Photo
Apr 14, 2004

Maremagnum/Port Olympic: Great area for nighttime fun

Maremagnum is Barcelona's largest mall, but at night it's full of people enjoying the clubs and pubs. Just walk to the end of Las Ramblas and cross the bridge and you're there.

Port Olympic is also down by the port and offers a similar atmosphere, although the bars down there didn't have cover charges like the ones in Maremagnum. This photo was taken in one of the Irish pubs we ventured into one night at Port Olympic. I think it's called Irish Winds, but I'm not sure. The party in this town goes on well into the night (and the early morning!).

acemj's Profile Photo
Dec 13, 2003

At Maremagnum: Day & night fun...

This is a picture taken during the day, but this shopping center called MAREMAGNUM (which is located in the new-port area) is full of restaurants, shops and night clubs where you can come and have fun during the night, too! It's open till very late (unlike the rest of the shops in town) and it's a cool place to relax too (if you just want to sit next to the shore and watch the vessels that come back and forth)...

You can also see this weird wave-shaped wooden bridge (which pretends to simulate the waves of the sea) that opens sometimes to allow the small boats to come in from the sea to this little marina where they "park" them...

Laura_Mexico's Profile Photo
Apr 19, 2003

Maremagnum at the end of the...

Maremagnum at the end of the 'ramblas' offer so many choices:pubs,samba clubs etc...
But its very touristic,everbodys there.So if u want some real spanish nigths u should try the back streets of the old town.

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Sep 07, 2002

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The night is cool in BCN: one...

The night is cool in BCN: one of the most known places is the 'Maremagnum' a modern place plenty of different's disco's and pubs in the modern Olympic harbour.

Nice people!

Dress Code
Casual clothes.

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Aug 26, 2002

At the end of the Ramblas...

At the end of the Ramblas there is the old port, and crossing a modern wooden bridge you arrive at Maremagnum area: a hot night spot, with tapas bars, restaurants, latin American bars and clubs. Many and many people comes here on the summer nights to have fun and dance all night long. Another similar night spot is the olimpic port, a renewed zone for the 1992 olimpic games: here you go thru other restaurants bars, drag queens and many shouting people.

RedChili's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

No question: Maremagnum, down...

No question: Maremagnum, down at the port. It's a huge complex of discos, bars and theaters out on the water. There's no cover for any of the discos, but the drinks are damn expensive. I recommend getting liquored up back at your place of lodging, then heading to the discos around midnight. There are many discos, and some cater to specific musical tastes (like the great salsa disco on the bottom floor). Personally, I recommend the cheesy-sounding-but-really-fun 'Star Winds' on the top floor. They put on some hot electronica around 2AM.

ucbwalker's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

Maremagnum is the...

Maremagnum is the name...salsa, merengue! WOWWWWWWW That's a great place to find a boyfriend or girlfriend, really a nice place to enjoy and dance all the night and sometimes also in the morning...
Next the harbour, the sea, different areas and different kinds of music

Dress Code Be careful with sport shoes and sport clothes...sometimes access has this dress code not allowed. Not tie but handsome/beauty please!

silvia-m.b's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

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