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Gay Friendly City Center Walking Tour in Barcelona
"Once your guide meets you at your hotel you will start this 3-hour tour heading to Plaza de Catalunya passing through one of the city's main streets Paseo de Gracia. As you stroll through this area you will enjoy a delightful promenade observing all the modernism architecture like La Pedrera Casa Batlló Casa Amatller Casa Lleó i Morera
From EUR49.00
Barcelona City Center Private 3-Hour Walking Tour
"Once your guide meets you at your hotel you will start this 3-hour tour by visiting the outdoor museum of Paseo de Gracia boulevard which has some of the most beautiful and famous buildings in the city. Plaza Cataluña is considered to be the city center with many fountains and sculptures and is in close proximity to many of other popular landmarks of the city.On the way you will get a chance to see many great buildings including la Casa Lleó i Morera la Casa Amatller la Casa Batlló
From EUR49.00
Barcelona Gourmet Tapas Walking Tour and Flamenco Show
"After meeting your guide in central Barcelona near Palau de la Musica take a leisurely stroll to Eixample to discover a tapas gem one of Barcelona’s Modernist-style bars. The bar serves up delicious small plates of Catalan favorites such as pa amb tomàquet (bread with olive oil and tomatoes) and patates braves (potatoes with oil red pepper and chili served with aioli). Watch the chef prepare the food and then sit down to savor a plate and a drink while hearing tales about Catalan cuisine.Walk off your snack with a stroll to Born
From EUR71.00

Les Quinze Nits Tips (17)

Quinze nits, barcelona: Worst restaurant experience ever!

March 2014. Very surly waiter and, at times, quite rude. Extremely miserable Maître d who also, I might add, had the endearing habit of rolling his eyes whenever you asked for anything! We had to ask for a glass in order to drink our beer – twice! – then once the glasses eventually arrived, we had to ask for a clean one!. Again, had to ask for cutlery to eat our starters. Food was absolutely terrible. The filling of my cannelloni resembled cat food. ….and tasted really terrible. We were in Barcelona for 6 days and ate in some truly wonderful places and had tip top service in all of them - except Quinze Nits. I would never frequent this restaurant ever again….and would discourage anyone else from doing so!

Mar 28, 2014

Les Quinze Nits: Best Catalan food in Barcelona

We tried several restaurants in Barcelona and they were fair. They seemed to have Spanish food that was very simple and not well flavored.
Then we tried Les Quinze Nits in the Placa Reial. After the first time we were so impressed with the Catalan flavors that we ate our next four meals there until we had to fly home.
The Zucchini soup and seafood bisque were outstanding. We tried a number of dishes, duck, lamb shank, chicken with melted cheese and my favorite, the Iberian pork. Each dish came with it's own distinct enhancing sauce. Then came the Catulanyan, a dessert dish which consisted of sort of a melted Creme Brulee (the Catalonians' French influcence) on chocolate syrup topped with a nougat ice cream.
I thought the prices represented a great value for the quality of their food. Don't miss the red wine Sangrias. They complemented everything. Since it was our anniversary we also went to the Marisco Restaurant next door for a Cava Champagne Sangria also. They seemed to be the only restaurant that served a Champagne Sangria. The wait staff was very efficient. We enjoyed the outdoor area.

Favorite Dish All of the above.

Oct 08, 2013

Les Quinze Nits: Popular with a great atmosphere

In Barcelona you are spoilt for choice when it comes to restaurants but the reason we chose this restaurant was due to the location (Placa Reial) and the menu had a good selection. We arrived early (in Spanish terms) 8.45pm and it was busy however we didn't need to queue but it was a Sunday night in November!!

The atmosphere was buzzing, the service was good and the prices were reasonable. Not sure how they would cope in the summer but we really enjoyed our visit.

Favorite Dish I had tuna steak cooked in soy sauce and rosemary which was delicious.

LittleDee's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Quinze Nits: busy restaurant

The restaurant was very busy and seemed to be occupied mainly by tourists. there is normally a queue but it tends to move quite fast.
The service was a bit hit and miss they brought our meat but took forever to bring our veg to go with it so it was cold by the time we got anything. It seemed to take ages to order drinks etc so much so we didn't even bother to get any pudding we just couldn't be bothered waiting.
the food was reasonably priced but at the same time was nothing special in all honesty.

Favorite Dish nothing really stood out to be honest.

clareabee's Profile Photo
Dec 09, 2010
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Go inside, feel cosmopolitan

I go there with a friend on a saturday evening.
The Place REIAL is wonderful for a restaurant, my guidebook told me its the best place in Barcelona.

In front of the restaurant was a waiting list for round about 10 metres...

we go to the end and wait.. ( like 30 - 40 minutes).. Behind us the waiting list accrue to more than 25 metres!!! ( like 50 people or more!!!)

But it was okay, because you can see the blanches of the other people who comes from a ancillary road and street artists help to bridge the time...

Eating was very good, like in a designer or In-restaurant, the waiters are all Thais or Asians, very friendly itself. The guest are from whole europe, also barcelonas residents.

Prices are low, we paid 42 euros for three-course-menü and white wine/ sangria.


Favorite Dish Catalunya Creme like Creme Bruelee.

MASSSACA's Profile Photo
Sep 07, 2009

Les Quinze Nits: Les Quinze Nits is Horrible!!!

While taking an after dinner stroll last night around the El Born/ Las Ramblas area, we stumbled upon Les Quinze Nits and the beautiful square where the restaurant sits among 4 - 5 other restuarants. People were sitting outside enjoying the beautiful August night, the restaurant had white table clothes, and the most shocking thing of all was the VERY LONG line of people waiting to be seated!! The restaurant doesn't take reservations, and we were so stunned to see approximately 50 people waiting in line to be seated that we were dying to go try the food another night. If that many people can stand in line for dinner at 10:30 pm, then it must be good... right?

Wrong. We went today for lunch and it was the worst food of my life. Believe what the negative reviews on this site say, not the positive ones. As we went around 2:30 pm for lunch, there was no line and we were given the option to sit either inside or out. We chose out because of the nice weather and the view of the square, and we were first neglected by the waitstaff for approximately 10 minutes before getting accosted by the homeless in Barcelona (we were closest to the walkway). After this experience, we moved inside and were seated upstairs by a window. The decor is lovely and feels like an old french bistro, but the food is awful and the service is terrible. The waitress took her time in serving us, although was quicker than when we were seated outside. I ordered the 3-course lunch for 8,75 euros (a good deal), and started off with the tomato, pesto and mozerella salad, which was alright. No seasoning and a bit watery. The entree was a nightmare!! Ordered the chicken curry which came with rice - the chicken was gray in color, had an awful taste (maybe it was going bad?), and with every bite I literally felt like I was going to throw up. They didn't bring wine as they were supposed to (included in the price with the meal), and after eating a few bites and telling the waitress how horrible the food was; she took my plate away and brought me the dessert, coconut ice cream, yet refused to offer me another dish or take money off the meal.

My boyfriend ordered the salmon - which also had an off taste, and they served it with the same odd-tasting "curry" sauce that came with my chicken. Note, as someone else noted, the meat/fish entrees do not come with anything. You have to order either rice or french fries or a salad on the side. The french fries were a disgrace - were soggy and tasted only of the oil they were fried in. We couldn't even eat those!

The total bill for 2 people at lunch was 22,50 yet it is NOT worth it if you do not feel satisfied after the meal.

Favorite Dish None. Everything was terrible.

I recommend you try one of the other restaurants in the square, or wander up the rambla towards El Born (metro station: Jaume) - there are dozens of cute restaurants of all different food types, and most of the prices are reasonable.

Aug 25, 2008

Les Quinze Nits: Best restaurant in Barcelona!

The restaurant is just off the famous La Rambla and is located at the Placa Reial. It is a popular restaurant in Barcelona. Our friend told us that it is a place to be seen. We went there a bit early before their opening time at 9 p.m. and there is already 80 people waiting in front of us. We were amazed that we were seated 10 minutes after the restaurant open and also were able to order/serve food relatively fast. Definitely the waiter/waitress are pretty well trained. We heard that if you come there at later time then you expect to wait for a long time.

It is a huge restaurant with nice atmosphere. The food is fresh and very good. We are pleasantly surprised with the ambience,service and the food quality.

Favorite Dish Grilled sea bass filet,
mushroom, parmesan and walnut salde,
creme brule

simonli625's Profile Photo
Jan 08, 2008

Les Quinze Nits: Nice and on a budget!

Very nice restaurant! They don´t book reservations. I´ve heard lots of stories of peolpe having to wait lots of time for a table. The restaurant opens at 8.30 pm. Me and my wife have arrived at exactly 8.35 pm and we have waited.... 2 minutes to get a table...!! :)) I dont know if we were lucky but we did not had to wait at all... The food is very nice and it is a very cheap restaurant! It´s a great place but it is kind of tourist place... It´s not a cultural, local place. Dont forget to try the Catalunyan desert!

venteca's Profile Photo
Dec 20, 2007

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Les Quinze Nits: Don't get excited!

I was very underwhelmed!
Had read some great reviews and was really looking forward to a nice menu and a good price. We queued for about 25mins which was fine. The place had a warm atmosphere as we entered and was decorated very nice.
Service was abrupt and quite impersonal, overall service was a converbelt.
Food very sub standard, rosmary potatoes swamped in far to much olive oil and very un-tasty!
We passed on desert even though we were hungry because we just wanted to leave, soooo disappointing. Do your self a favour, explore and avoid the tourist trap. We had a lovely meal for only a few euros more at a place called 'Elche' Vila Vila 71, 08004 Barcelona!

Favorite Dish None

Dec 18, 2007

Les Quinze Nits: Give this a wide berth if you want good anything

I honestly don't know what it is about queueing, it must be the promise of something special. Something special is certainly NOT what is on offer here.
The wait of 40 minites was bearable at the time, but a complete waste of precious time (we were in Barcelona for 3 nights only) in hindsight. We were sat, thrown bread at (which the menu advised we were to pay extra for ) then left alone for far too long whilst everyone else who was sat after us was being served !
The service was surly, at times plain rude, impersonal, we had to ask for pepper, salt, butter, no-one asked if we were enjoying our meal, no-one broke into a smile. We felt like cattle.
The food - passable but virtually nothing Catalan. Menu aimed at those wanting to play it safe and not wanting to discover the real food of Barcelona, let alone Spain. Starter of patatas bravas was only just warm and one piece of spicy sausage in it (it was described as potatoes with spicy sausage sauce and ailioli). The pork loin we had - one was undercooked and the vegetables were slimy with too much olive (we hoped) oil. Passed on dessert as we just wanted to leave.

This was the only time I have ever not left a tip anywhere.
The ONLY positive was the wine - we chose the most expensive at just under 11 Euros and it was lovely.
This is such a shame, as the venue is gorgeous, the decor gives the impression of stylish, simple service with high standards. The staff and food are anything but (before the 'gates' were opened, we saw one of the waitresses having a fag at one of the tables in plain view!)
On leaving I had to say to the next person in the queue to be let in - 'don't bother with this place'. She wasn't English-speaking. But then, no-one there seemed to be Spanish speaking. Certainly no-one of Catalan origin would be seen dead there. Nor will I.

Favorite Dish It's cheap.

Oct 16, 2007

Les Quinze Nits: Les Quinze Nits

Everybody seems to know about Les Quinze Nits. Its location is the Placa Reial, just off the Ramblas, and in a very central tourist area. You'll spot it immediately on arriving at the square: it's the one with big queue outside. For years I've managed to avoid going there, put off by the long queues and travelling alone. This time, I wasn't alone; we were sat enjoying a beer at Glaciar, a bar I've mentioned elsewhere, in the corner of the square. We watched the queue form for well over an hour before the restaurant opened and said to ourselves "There's no way it can be that good!" and resolved to go elsewhere. However, around 30 minutes after it opened, the queue had mostly been accommodated and there were still a fair few tables left outside on the terrace. Thus, in the manner of Ebay auction snipers, we dived on the end of the queue, and ten minutes later we were seated. And we were pleasantly surprised! The food, styled as generally local Catalan fare, was both inexpensive and delicious.

So here's my tip: unless you're determined to sit inside, have a few drinks at one of the other bars in the square; around 20 minutes after the restaurant's roughly 8:30pm opening, the queue will probably have shortened such that your waiting time will be minimal.

Favorite Dish I had deep-fried battered John Dory, and came with mushrooms and tomatoes; Liz had seabass. Both were delicious, delicately flavoured and immaculately cooked. Both cost around 7 to 9 euros each. A bottle of the house red cost 6 euros.

monkeyfeesh's Profile Photo
Jun 10, 2007

Les Quinze Nits: Good place for a "nice" meal on a budget

Les Quinze Nits was a really nice alternative to the shawarma and sandwiches that I ate constantly during my time in Barcelona. It's extremely reasonable for what you get. The white table cloths, the service, the ambiance is very classy, and you feel like you are in an extremely high-end restaraunt. The food was not absolutely spectacular, but still very good, and there were a good number of menu options, honestly all very reasonable. The wine was also very cheap and rather good. I think it's probably the best place to go for a person who has been traveling on a budget who would like to treat themselves (and a date!) to a nice night out without having to pay an obsene amount of money. GREAT location for a date, quiet, but still lively, nice, but not over the top.

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Mar 02, 2007

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Placa Reial, 6


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