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Casa Batlló Tips (139)

Casa Batllo

Casa Batllo is possibly one of the strangest looking residential buildings around. Located on the grand Passeig de Gracia, the house was originally built back in the late 1800's. It was bought by Batllo i Casanovas in 1900 and he commissioned Gaudi to tear it down and build a new house.

In the end, Gaudi worked with the existing building, redesigning the amazing façade and roof, and remodelling the interior, with work being completed in 1907.

The outside of the building looks bizarre. It is covered with bits of green, blue, purple & brown tiles, and has multiple small balconies with bone-like pillars or pieces of skulls (hence its nickname, 'House of Bones'). Gaudi used colours and shapes found in sea life for his inspiration for the building, and it is said that the colours on the façade are like those found in coral.

Inside you can visit the first floor, top floor and roof top (though the admission price is steep!). The first floor is home to the main salon with its stunning curved wooden doors and sun-like light fitting.

The top floor has some fabulous arches and I loved the flowery floor tiles. There is a small terrace area here (near the gift shop) with a beautiful tiles pavement.

The roof is a must-see, for the colourful chimney pots which rise above it, and the other tower like structures also covered in the pretty mosaic tiles. As you descend from the roof you will get to meet the great man himself - Gaudi….well, a hologram of him anyway!

Opening Hours:
Apr to Sep - Daily from 9am-8pm
Oct to Mar - Daily from 9am-6pm

Admission cost: 16 euro (Jan 2007)

sue_stone's Profile Photo
Feb 27, 2007

Batlló House - Casa Batlló

Gaudí works are absolutly wonderful and unmistakable. It's allways a pleasure to walk along the Gràcia Promenade enjoying its marvellous Modernist building. One of the most beautiful is the Batlló House, by Antonio Gaudí between 1905 and 1907. Actually this building was erected in 1875 but Gaudí made a radical renovation on it. It's know as "Casa dels ossos" (House of bones) because the first floor columns imitate bones, as well as the balconies fences. The whole façade is covered with broken coloured tiles. The roof is arched like the back of a dragon. There is a cross in a turret at the left representing the sword of St. George defeating the dragon. This building is protected by Unesco from 2005.

Las obras de Gaudí son absolutamente maravillosas e inconfundibles. Siempre es un placer dar una vuelta por el Paseo de Gracia disfrutando de sus edificios modernistas. Uno de los más bonitos es la Casa Batlló, de Antonio Gaudí, construída entre 1905 y 1907. En realidad el edificio se erigió en 1875 pero Gaudí le hizo una radical reforma. Se conoce como "Casa dels ossos" (Casa de los huesos) porque las columnas de la primera planta imitan huesos, así como las barandillas de los balcones. Toda la fachada está cubierta de azulejos rotos de colores. El techo está arqueado como si fuera la espalda de un dragón. Hay una cruz sobre un torreón a la izquierda que representa la espada de San Jorge venciendo al dragón. El edificio está protegido por la UNESCO desde 2005.

Opening hours / Horarios de visita

Every day / Todos los días: 9:00 - 20:00

spanishguy's Profile Photo
Jul 11, 2006

"House of Bones!!"

Walking along Passeig de Gracia in the most distinguished district of Barcelona you can find the Illa de la Discordia block; which contains four art nouveau building designed by different architects.
The most interesting is Gaudi's Casa Batllo, one of the strangest residential buildings in the world. This house is probably the best known and most characteristic work of Gaudi in Barcelona.
It was restored and remodeled according to the plans of Gaudi and of Josep Maria Jujol between 1905-1907 for the middle-class family Battlo originally.

The modern form of Casa Batlló is the result of the conversion of an existing dwelling, its original structural system is almost unrecognizable behind the new sprawling, undulating, organic forms. Gaudi has developed the facades and the roof into sculpture; on the building there is not only a straight line either, windows, the frames are almost reminiscent of a dinosaurus bones. The organic forms are involved in the whole building, and also the roof studded with glazed ceramics adapts to this style.
The people of the period were quite astonished by this house and gave local names for the building such as the House of Bones or the House of Yawns

Although Gaudio is usually included in the Art Nouveau architecture (in Spain, "modernismo") his art is unusual and individual. Casa Batllo is a masterpiece of this particular style and the last building decorated with richly painted ceramics.
A part of the house was opened to visitors on the occasion of the architect's 150th birth anniversary in 2002. Today visitors already have access to the terrace and in the attic too.

Warning: to take pictures inside is not allowed.
Open daily from 9am–8pm; but closed if there is any special event in the house.
Admission fee: €16.50 (incl. audio guide)

csordila's Profile Photo
Dec 27, 2009

The hidden side of Casa Batllo

A tip: to see the back facade of the Casa Batllo, enter "Servei Estacio" hardware shop in Carrer Arago, go to the second floor (or third, I'm unsure now) and get out to the back terrace. You'll have an interesting view of an "interior d'illa" (the "square" inside each Eixample's block of houses).

Belsaita's Profile Photo
Apr 11, 2007
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This is another beautiful buiding designed by Antonio Gaudi,is located in Passeig de Gracia.The house it was a property house of textile industralist Josep Batlló and it was completly renovated from Gaudi between 1,904 to 1,906.

Casa Batlló is now a must see in Barcelona,it was open to public just last year and there are a few kind of tickets to see it.One option may be see just the main rooms and in the other you can see the whole house.During all your visit to the house,you can learn everything about this beautiful building by help of an Audioguide that you can get at the entrance and you can choose your own language,this is a good way to learn everything about the nice building.

Picture facade detail at Casa Batlló,to see more pictures of this beautiful house, take a look to my travelogue!.

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Sep 26, 2004


The Bus is moving and we are on our way up the Tree lined Passeig de Gracia, passing by many buildings with impressive architecture and lots and lots of balconies. My camera is being put to work already!

This is the 2nd stop on the BLUE TOUR

We are hopping off the Bus as there are several of Gaudi's building's here, including Gaudi's Casa Batllo, Casa Amatller and Casa Lleo Morera. What an unusual looking building Casa Batllo is!

This is the one I liked the best. I didn't go inside, but instead took time to admire the mix of colours, shapes, and to take in the distinct Gaudi architecture . It really is an amazing sight! The more time I took looking, the more of interest I found!
Gaudi restored & remodelled this building for a wealthy person named Batllo. Batllo lived in the lower two floors with his family, and the upper floors were rented out as apartments.

In my second photo, you can see the tiled roof which is meant to represent a scaly back of a dragon.
If you decide to go inside, then Audio guides are available from the front desk which will give you information on each of the rooms.....They are included in the price.

It is open daily from 9 - 8 pm, but sometimes the hours do vary, so check the website.

balhannah's Profile Photo
Aug 18, 2011

Basic Gaudi in 1 Day: Casa Batllo

This project was commisioned by a wealthy textile producer Joseph Batllo who wanted his old house renovated - this was quite a challenge since the house was one in a row of similar houses with small atrium gardens. It would have been much easier and cheaper to build an entirely new house somewhere else , but the prestigious location was obviously worth the extra effort and problems they had with local authotrities after stepping forward on the public walkway with pillars bearing the facade.

Gaudi worked on site just like on all his projects - he was designing and making alterations and finding new technical solutions during the process of building, with his hands on materials and tools. This caused extra costs, delays and problems with local authorities, but also resulted in some amazing visual and technical solutions .

This house had won me over, it is everything I imagined Captain Nemo's home would look like. The shapes and textures resemble those of underwater creatures, vertebra shaped lower border of the staircase, jellyfish shaped doors, fish heads smiling from balconies, fish scales, skeleton supporting the attic ...
Please take a look into Casa Battlo Travelogue for more pictures.

KristaB's Profile Photo
Dec 03, 2005

Casa Batllo

This impressive Modernista building was designed by Gaudi and completed in 1907. It is said to illustrate the triumph of Saint George over the dragon, as it is covered in blue, green and ochre ceramics, representing the scales of the dragon. The roof knobbly roof represents the dragon's back, the tower, the saint's cross and the balconies resemble animal bones. You can visit inside the rooms and the the roof for 16 euros. A trip just to the roof is 10 euros (which we did). You also get an audio programme to carry around and listen to. Please look at my travelogue for other photos of this amazing building.

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Jun 11, 2004

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Batllo Casa

The building was first built in 1877, and Antonio Gaudi restored it in 1904-06. It has a Modern/Art Nouveau look for the contemporary and unique design. The roof line is said to look like a dragon or dinosaur (?). The facade has a lot of mosaics with strange designs and line, as well as balconies of odd shape. The top chimney is presented to be Saiont George slaying the dragon with his sword-hint that the the cross and turret on top-but I cannot see it in my imagination.
The outrageous price to enter is 18,15 Euro, and I personally would not pay for that, especially since the wait exceeded one hour, and closer to 2 hours outside when we were there at 2PM. It is open 9-9PM daily every day of the year.

BruceDunning's Profile Photo
Dec 03, 2011

Casa Batlló (and Manzana de la Discórdia)

Along the famous street Passeig de Grácia, you can find a block of houses called Manzana de la Discórdia, because of all the bizarre architectural styles next to eachother. Most famous here is Casa Batlló, created by Antoni Gaudí from 1905-1907. The house is a clear example of Gaudí organic style. The roof looks like the back of a dragon and the front is covered with forms that remind you of skulls and bones.

As for the interior, this was the best Gaudí building we visited. Really bizarre but absolutely awesome. When we were there in 2002 it was Gaudí year. Before that it was closed to public. I'm not quite sure if it is open to the public now.

JanPeter74's Profile Photo
Sep 30, 2004

Casa Batlo

Casa Batlló was designed by Gaudí in 1905. Using curves in iron and stone the Casa Batlló is apparently thought to represent the legend of Saint George (the patron saint of Catalonia) and his dragon. The balconies are protected by imposing skull-like formations and supported by vertebrae-like columns representing the dragon's victims, while the roof is the dragon's humped and glossy scaled back. St. George can be seen in the turret, his lance crowned by a cross. Admission price is quite high at 16€ but worth it as you can also see Gaudí-designed furniture that is scattered throughout the building.

fishandchips's Profile Photo
May 10, 2006

Casa Batllo

This not-so-well-known house, also designed by Antoni Gaudi, is, for me, far prettier than La Pedrera. Only a few blocks from the first one, this smaller version has an amazing mosaic on its front, and the lightning by night shows all the details only Gaudi knows how to show.

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Jan 31, 2005

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