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Museu Picasso - Picasso Museum Tips (64)


This collection of works by Picasso is housed in 5 medieval houses all joined seemlessly together after many years of renovations. Although not born in Barcelona, Picasso spent some years in the city and learned to paint there. The collection contains a lot of his early work and is laid out chronologically so you can see how he progressed as an artist.

Well worth a visit. The queues were long when I got there but moved pretty quickly so it didn't take too long to get in. If you can make it on the 1st Sunday of the month then it is free entry

hevbell's Profile Photo
Jul 05, 2016

Insight into Picasso

Located in the Gothic area of the city, the Picasso Museum is well worth a visit. The museum presents Picasso's works in a chronological order and this really helps to provide a greater understanding of Picasso's development as an artist. The first part of the museum really gives a good insight into Picasso's education. I found it really poignant to discover that Picasso had initially been taught by his father who, one day realised that his son knew more than him and never painted again. The collection is neither extensive nor comprehensive but there is enough to give a representative overview of the great mans work.

Open Tuesday - Sunday 09:00 - 19:00. Admission €11. Last ticket 30 minutes before museum closes.

Free admission on Thursday evenings between 19:00 and 21:30

CEP1863's Profile Photo
Dec 28, 2014

Picasso Museum

This is the right place to get a better insight of Picasso's art and his life. Well-known for his cubist paintings, I was impressed to see how Picasso developed from a mainstream painter to an admired master of arts. You may spend some time waiting in the queue, but it's worth it with the time you spend inside the museum. 2-3 hours can easily be spent here and even more depending on your interest. The admission fee is 11 Euro per person.

muratkorman's Profile Photo
Jul 22, 2012

Awesome showcase of a masters work !!!!

The museum Picasso is a must do for a fan of his work ..... first of all... be ready to wait to get in ... !!!!! We must have waited about an hour to get in !!!!! Once inside... the museum is spread out within 5 different mansions .... it covers just about every part of his life from his early years to the late years .... we spent about 2 hours to get around the entire museum ....and we saw everything in a non rushed way !!!!! Admission price was 10 Euro's per person

jlanza29's Profile Photo
Oct 21, 2011
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Picasso museum

Picasso museum is located in medieval palace not so far from gothic Santa Maria del Mar church. I haven’t visited museum, as I am not too much into modern art, but it is nice to see outside of this place as well. Museum was opened in 1963, that time Picasso gifted some his works for a museum and later some more left after his death. Museum presents his works from first paintings, when Picasso was 15 -16 years old.

Here is a place, where you could see lot of tourists visiting it, was Picasso art is very popular worldwide.

Raimix's Profile Photo
Feb 06, 2011

picasso museum

being here brought an appreciation for picasso that i never held. the strokes in his figure studies are sensitively brushed, not as abrupt and bold as the lines in the "madonna and child" and "guernica" paintings for which he is known. you will see some of his first works and the evolution of his signature way of painting. the museum is also in a very old neighborhood and if you look up at the balconies of the buildings you stand beneath, you can see what i imagine to be traditional spanish life,with flowered balconies with iron fences, laundry drying, and the random person looking down at us invaders below.

rkearns's Profile Photo
Jul 24, 2010

Pablo's early work

I have seen many museum dedicated to Picasso but it’s never enough, isn’t it? The museum is housed at 5 large houses that used to be palaces between 13th and 15th century. It opened in 1963 and houses 3000 pieces of his work. You will enter from their common courtyard, get you ticket, leave you backpack(for free) and go up the open stairway for the entrance (pic 1). Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) came to Barcelona at the age of 13.

The collection starts from the first paintings of Picasso and continues in chronological order. My favorites here are: Science and Charity, The Embrace, The Frugal Meal
It is opened Tuesday to Sunday 10.00-20.00, the entrance fee is 9 euro. Photo/video isn’t allowed.

Opposite Picasso museum you can visit Barbier-Mueller Museum (pic 4) which is situated at Palau Nadal and houses Pre-Colombian Art of pre-Hispanic cultures of Latin America. It is open from Tuesday to sunday 11.00-19.00(Sunday till 15.00) and the entrance fee is 3euro

mindcrime's Profile Photo
Mar 27, 2009

Make the effort!

The Picasso Museum is a hit when visiting Barcelona. I learned so much about this artist- what a prodigy he was as a young child and how his art evolved over his lifetime. The museum is located in a group of palaces in the Ribera district. It is a beautiful location with a very picturesque courtyard. It is said that the museum holds the greatest collection of his work and Picasso himself would donate his work to the museum, although never visiting it himself (would not come in to the country of Spain when under Franco's rule). Note: if you are under 25 you can get your ticket for almost half the price (6 euros instead of 10).

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Oct 13, 2008

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Museu Picasso

Five adjacent mediaeval palaces in Barri Gótic were connected to form this fabulous museum dedicated to the works of Pablo Picasso. The Gothic palaces themselves are stunning, with some of their original decorations exposed, but the 3000 works of the artist on display are breathtaking. In particular, works from Picasso's "blue period" and the many paintings interpreting Las Meninas by Velázquez are most notworthy. Photography is forbidden inside the museum.

MM212's Profile Photo
Jul 30, 2008

Intriquing ceramics & mental cubistic pieces

Although Picasso was originally not from Barcelona or Catalonia, he lived in the city for a while. A large part of the collection has been received as a donation from Picasso in 1970. This includes all his early work (the ones before he started painting all this weird cubist stuff). There is obviously many cubist works too. I though the most disturbing were this work on Las Meninas (The Maids of Honour) which distorts the painting by Velázquez. If I had been Velaquez, I'd probably been annoyed!!! Oh well..

I loved the ceramics by Picasso though. There is a collection of ceramics: flat pieces, pitchers, bottles, small earthenware jars, bowls, tiles... all bearing witness to his passion for this art.. His subjects included the mythological world of fauns and satyrs, human figures, animals –especially owls (!), doves and goats, bullfighting.. I really loved his owl ceramics! Definitely worth seeing!

Admission to the permanent exhibition: EUR 6 (2007)

Sadly no photography is allowed.

annase's Profile Photo
Feb 28, 2008

Fine Picasso...!

The Picasso museum is worth to visit. The permanent work shows a vast period of Picasso's work since he was seventeen years old, including several stages of his work until and including the Cubism stage. It´s very nice and you will spend good a good time apreceating his work.

venteca's Profile Photo
Feb 18, 2008

Picaso Museum - Early work of Picaso

There are more than 3500 pieces of work for the famous artist - Pablo Ruiz Picasso. It is different than the Picasso museum in Paris in a way that you can have a chance to see a lot more of the earlier work of Picasso while he was still a student, growing up in Malaga and Barcelona. The museum building itself is quite interesting - Palau Aguilar. The palace conserves the remains of the old residence of Jaume Ses Fonts, from the thirteenth century.

The collection also is quite intimate relationship with Picasso himself. He donated quite a large collection to the Barcelona City Council to create a museum for himself.

The museum is open daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. except Mondays.

simonli625's Profile Photo
Jan 27, 2008

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Getting to Museu Picasso - Picasso Museum


Casa del Baro de Castellet, Montcada, 15-23


  • Sunday 09:00 to 19:00
  • Monday Closed
  • Tuesday 09:00 to 19:00
  • Wednesday 09:00 to 19:00
  • Thursday 09:00 to 21:30
  • Friday 09:00 to 19:00
  • Saturday 09:00 to 19:00