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Barcelona Sightseeing Bike Tour
"Book this sightseeing bicycle tour and be ready to discover the city center of this internationally known city. Meet your local guide and discover the unique architecture of Barcelona from a different perspective. The route you will follow will be around Sagrada Familia (optionaly) and make your way to several parks and beach areas like the Barceloneta Olympic Port and Ciutadella Park. Be prepared to get to know about the fascinating history of the city and receive their expert advice on what to do and see during the rest of your stay. This tour is suitable for all ages and you will mostly get""Enjoy your Barcelona stay with this 3.5-hour bike tour and discover the most known spots in Barcelona. Cycle through the city center as you sink in all the stories and details that your local guide explains to you.title=Barcelona+Sightseeing+Bike+Tour+Highlights&1=Family+friendly&2=Pickup+from+a+centrally+located+meeting+point&3=Free+drinks+included
From EUR23.00
Barcelona Bike Tour Including Tapas Lunch
"Meet your guide in central Barcelona and ride your bike to discover the unique architecture of Barcelona from a different perspective.Make the most of this experience and learn historical and cultural tips from your guide as you move around the city. Las Ramblas the Cathedral and Ciutadella Park.Your included tapas lunch will take place once you have returned your bike at the start point. Your guide will take you to a local restaurant where you will enjoy a tapas menu that consists of four different tapas an""Book this 3-hour sightseeing bicycle tour with tapas lunch included and be ready to discover the centre of Barcelona.Get to know the fascinating history of the city and receive the expert advice from your guides on what to do and see during the rest otitle=Barcelona+Bike+Tour+Including+Tapas+Lunch+Highlights&1=Instant+Confirmation&2=Great+overview+and+orientation+of+the+city&3=Perfect+for+all+ages+and+skill+level&4=Perfect+introduction+for+first-time+visitors""
From EUR40.00
Full-Day Private Wine Tour and Montserrat Mountain Experience
"Escape the big city and enjoy in this fascinating private tour during 8 hours where you will visit one of these wineries: Freixenet Artcava Pares Balta Codorniu Llopart or similar depends on the availability and you will finish the tour in the unique Montserrat mountain where you will see breathtaking views. Depends on the time and availability of the wineries the tour can start in Montserrat or in the winery. In the winery an expert guide will expla
From EUR157.00

Las Ramblas Tips (41)

A cheap meal that isnt!

I'd heard about some of the expensive/rip off restaurants on Las Ramblas, however I had been up to Montserrat and got back late, was tired and my daughter and I wanted to eat somewhere close to the Plaza Catalunya. After a short walk down one restaurant was advertising what appeared to be a Paella for 2 at a reasonable price. I got hit nearly 12 Euros for a small bottle of spanish (house) wine that should have cost about 3-4 no more. A simple meal for two ended up costing over 40 euros. Avoid the Ramblas....

Unique Suggestions Try the freshly squeezed fruit juices for 1 euro in the market or one of the fruit platters, really good value and delicious.

Fun Alternatives If you need to eat in this area then go to La Fonda, get there early or expect to queue, it does close for a few hours inbetween lunch and the evening (closes about 3pm if I remember correctly). Three of us had a fab 3 course meal with loads of wine, Paella, Ensalada, Pollo etc for 35 euro. The establishment is a training restaurant for a Barcelona University, all the chefs and waiting staff are students but the service is excellent as is the food...

siwaller's Profile Photo
Aug 01, 2008

La Rambla or Les Rambles or Las Ramblas

La Rambla, the main street in the city of Barcelona is filled with market stalls, vendors, artists, & flower stands and is most undoubtedly the place where everyone, locals and tourists alike, come together. Don't skip this cosmopolitan area but be sensitive to the fact that it is a touristy street and there are many things to see outside of this street.

Unique Suggestions Walk down the Ramblas, and follow it to the Calle Nou de la Rambla, which is where the Palau Güell is located (another masterpiece by Gaudí). You should not miss Pl. Reial with its archway and palm trees (some say the tallest of Europe).

savvygirl's Profile Photo
Jun 26, 2007

Pleasant Walking Trap

Las Ramblas is the place where the tour buses stop to let visitors wonder and buy their souvenirs. Actually, the walk to the Plaza Colon is quite pleasant, particularly in the morning. A great stretch of pedestrian only walkway that goes from the Plaza Sol to Plaza Colon, which is at the waterfront. Unfortunately, the Barcelona civic leaders didn't see the opportunity to actually build Las Ramblas ALL the way to the waterfront, so around the statue of Christopher Columbus, there is a rather hazardous circle of traffic. Mimes and other street entertainment actually make Las Ramblas a must see destination with Barcelona, as well as a tourist trap. This is a good place to shop for the cheap gifts to take home. Watch out for pickpockets and be careful at night.

atufft's Profile Photo
May 23, 2007


I have not been tricked but bear in mind that a lot of central restaurants will not have VTA included on their menus. Therefore your bill will increase:)

Fun Alternatives Restaurants in the not over rated tourist areas will definetely have good food and fair prices. Avoid all the crowded touristic restaurants.

mingul's Profile Photo
May 10, 2007
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Beware that man!

Mike malloy and his gang of wiely bandits try to pull the wool over ur eyes literally they take a coat of wool and cover ur eyes and when ur eyes r covered they take ur stuff

Unique Suggestions bring a knife

Fun Alternatives cry me a river

Apr 24, 2007

Beware of Bait and Switch Con Artists

On Las Rambles you will see people gathered in a circle. There are several people involved, the person running the game and the other con's looking like tourists. They play a game similar to finding the pea or ball under the cup or shell. They make it appear as though the make beleive tourists are actually winning however, (DON'T beleive it for a minute). Once the unsuspecting real tourist is convinced that the others are winning they also place bets. Guess What? the real tourist never wins it's all bait and switch. I will admit it is amusing to watch but don't even think for one second that you will win.

Unique Suggestions Watch only. Don't get me wrong....... Las Rambles is wonderful and safe. Just be aware of the above mentioned con game.

Fun Alternatives Do experience all that Las Rambles has to offer. See the street performers, sit down and have a drink at the outside cafes and people watch. You would do better not to eat on Las Rambles as it is know as a tourist area, therefore, prices are inflated.

AAAinps1's Profile Photo
Dec 24, 2006

Do *NOT* eat at plaza real, really scrum food

The restaurants in this square near the Ramblas have the worst paelia and food in whole spain. Because they are always full of tourists due to the position of the square (just near ramblas street) they serve ready made frozen food. If you don't have taste at all or are very very hungry then eat here else avoid these restaurants. One good restaurant was the "ATIC" on the ramblas street on the first floor.

Nov 17, 2006

Beware of Pita House on Las Ramblas

Avoid this restaurant if possible. Menus seem to be reasonable at first sight, but none of the beverages have any prices listed. They get you with the large sodas(with many straws in them). When we got our bill (party of 9) we were shocked to see that they charged us $9.75 Euro dollars per soda which was more then some of the items that we ordered to eat. That's about $12.40 per drink times 9 persons came out to $111 US dollars.

Unique Suggestions If you have to go to any restaurant around Las Ramblas always check the beverage menu and ask for prices when not listed.

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Sep 29, 2006

Top 5 Barcelona Writers

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Finding the Lady in Barca

Watch out for the card scam's going on in La Ramblas. There are usually 6-8 involved & the start playing 'find the lady' one 'punter' will put money down on a card & win, the next go he gets distracted & asks you which card to put his money he wins again, then he says to you have a go, that's when you are snared & so is your money. Also beware of pickpockets.

Unique Suggestions If you get asked say 'I wasn't watching' & walk away.

Jan 12, 2006

Las Ramblas

Ahh, of course you expected the Ramblas to be in the tourist-trap section. That's why I put it here. And admittedly, iin many respects they deserve their reputation. BUT: it's a perfect place for people-watching. Don't eat in the restaurants or have your fortune read at the stalls, but treat yourself to a coffee in the Cafè de l'Opera and watch the world go by. The Ramblas is a stage, not the real world. If you look at it like that, it can be very enjoyable indeed.

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Aug 29, 2005

Typical Tourists Trap

Here is a photo of young ladies from England... taken at Las Ramblas, this is right next to the Liceu Opera House. A small regular pitcher of Sangria costs these tourists 30 Euros. This small pitcher only was good for 4 fancy glasses. So, avoid drinking your Sangria on this particular terrace which is right next to the metro stop Liceu, which is also infront of the Liceu Opera House.

Unique Suggestions Go to this supermarket which is called "CHAMPION" and buy a bottle of Sangria which only cost 3 Euros. Avoid the terrace on Las Ramblas....

Fun Alternatives We shall continue writing about this tourist trap....

listenandlearn's Profile Photo
Jun 08, 2005

A drink for 13 euro?

Just about any outdoor seating along Las Ramblas is a trap. We ordered Cava Sangria, which conveniently did not have the price on the menu. Each drink was 13 euro. The menus are also all the same for overpriced, sub-par food.

Unique Suggestions Ask pricing and order smart. I'd really just play it safe and avoid it.

Fun Alternatives Travel on one of the side streets into the Barrio Gotico, they prices will go down and food quality will go up.

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May 26, 2005

Things to Do Near Barcelona

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Parc de la Ciutadella

This building, located in the middle of the park near the boating lake, is the Catalan parliament. Also in the park are a few museums and the Barcelona zoo - once home to Barcelona's unofficial...
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Museu Picasso - Picasso Museum

This collection of works by Picasso is housed in 5 medieval houses all joined seemlessly together after many years of renovations. Although not born in Barcelona, Picasso spent some years in the city...
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Museu d'Historia de Catalunya - Catalan History Museum

This museum opened during 1943 and one of its major attractions is to take a walk underground and view the streets of the Roman and medieval city. We were on a tour and did not have time to enter the...
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Museu de la Xocolata - Chocolate Museum

This is a museum about chocolate. I love chocolate and found the visit interesting. The exhibition starts with cacao and how it was used in America. And then how it came to Europe and later with the...
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Barcelona Walking Tours Gotic

This Great tour, organized by Turisme de Barcelona, offers you the possibility to walk by the Gothic Quarter, with an experimented guide that will explain you the history of all the hidden corners of...
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Santa Caterina Market - Mercat de Santa Caterina

In Bari Gotic neat the Santa Caterina church is the food market Mercat de Santa Caterina. Much smaller the Boqueria, it still has those wonderful smells and lots of vendors selling all sorts of...
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