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Flights Tips (11)

British Airways - A OneWorld Carrier

As a One World partner of American Airlines, I chose to fly British Airlines because their prices were much better than those of American Airlines. I have flown BA many times and they are a hit or miss with me. I've had excellent as well as not so excellent service with them, and manly due to their mis-communication with me. I don't worry myself too much with the food, but do care about the flight attendant's attention and care to the passengers.

During this particular trip, my experience was good. I didn't have anyone sitting next to me which made for an easier and more comfortable flight since I was flying coach. I enjoyed a few movies and was able to do a bit of reading and writing. The flight attendants were actually very nice, and seemed to genuinely care. As long as BA continues to be a One World Partner I will probably continue to fly them if I have no other option (taxes and airport fees can be a killer).

Gypsystravels's Profile Photo
May 13, 2016

Vueling airlines - right on the budget

From Paris I flew in to Barcelona via Vueling airlines. Fare was reasonable I think I've paid EUR59 online.

Snacks is available onboard at reasonable price. Crews are friendly and nice aircraft. Vueling is flying from Orly airport Paris not CDG, and landing at the Terminal 3 of Barcelona airport. Aeroport bus is waiting at the parking area below the airport that will take you to the centrum - Plaza Espagna or Plaza Catalunya.

I took the same Vueling flight going to Amsterdam but a bit expensive this time at EUR 79 I think. Be sure to click on the baggage if you have extra luggage not on the acceptable size and weight for handcarry, you'll pay additional though like EUR10. But if you did not pay this online, you'll pay more at the airport, like EUR20 - which I did. I wonder because in Orly Paris Vueling accepted by luggage as a handcaryy, but in Barcelona they made me pay EUR20 using a credit card - cash is accepted but you have to go to another window, not the check in counter.

June.b's Profile Photo
Jun 18, 2010

Vueling Airlines

We used Vueling airlines to travel from Paris to Barcelona. Originally we were going to take an overnight train, but the overnight trains were just as expensive, if not more and were segregated by gender unless you payed extra for a private car. I found Vueling on my internet search and realized that this route would be easier. Vueling is a Spanish airline and very reliable. It was about an 1.5 hr flight from Paris to Barcelona and everything was on time. The plane was large and well maintained. Along with that, the airport in Barcelona is so close to the main tourist area- it is just a short, cheap bus ride to Placa Catalunya. Vueling not only flies from Paris to Barcelona, but includes many other cities in Spain, Rome, France, and Portugal.

nyonnetti's Profile Photo
Dec 16, 2008


We flew from Johannesburg to Barcelona via Madrid.
I did not hear many positive comments about Iberia before, but it was not a bad experience. There is actually no inflight entertainment worth watching in economy class.
The cabin crew we had on both trips were friendly and helpful.
The prices on Iberia were also a bit cheaper than most other European airlines flying from South Africa

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Sep 13, 2008
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Hotels Near Barcelona

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Paseo del Borne 30, Calle Pescateria 1, Barcelona, Catalonia, 08003, Spain
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Pla de Palau, 17, Barcelona 08003
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By plane from Helsinki to Barcelona

We were travelling to Barcelona from Helsinki, Finland by Finnair plane.
From Estonia to Helsinki we got by hydrofoil ship (1,5 hour)

They (Finnair) using Boeing planes. The food was good.
On flying time they were offer the free alcohol (wine, sparkling wine).

There were tv in plane, where we can follow the flight path, and commercial.

When we return back from Barcelona, there was the radio with ear muffs.

Helsinki Vantaa airport is good and comfortable airport.
Barcelona airport is quite good too ... and much bigger ...

From Barcelona airport to city you can drive by local transport, bus number. 46 (Pl. Espanya).
Usual local price of ticket. We drive with ticket for 10 time. Price was in may 2007 - 6,90 EUR, which made the price for 1 ride 0,69 EUR (today i think, the price is higher)
10 time tickets you can buy from kiosk in railway station. To railway station you can go by tunnel bridge (Look the photo)

Bus-stop is before the terminal B.
There is some shuttle buses too, but they are more expensive
With local transport and timetables you can read up on in here

eksvist's Profile Photo
Apr 13, 2008

flights to barcelona

How to travel to barcelona very easy and fast? by plane! that is why I have been looking for vuelos barcelona on the internet. you can find really cheap ones. so no more reason the doubt about going to the cosmopolitan home of Gaudi. this is where I found the cheap flights.

Apr 11, 2008

Cheap Airline Tickets

i always took Girona to be an access point for the Costa Brava not Barcelona as Ryanair advertise but at least they put transport into Barcelona on - we flew into Bergamo which Jet2 advertise as Milan and its about the same distance away from Milan as Girona is to Barcelona - there is an airport bus running but i think thats an Italian run one - doesn't matter as long as you get there -and realise there is usually a good hours journey invilved to and from the cheaper airlines - the only advantage in that is you get to see some of surrounding countryside - assuming the flight isn't at silly oclock ( my terminlogy for either very early or very late flights) which many of these cheaper airports use

Have fun in Spain

doodybee's Profile Photo
Mar 11, 2008


Leaving Barcelona to go to Göteborg, Sweden I had booked a flight with Spanair (with a transfer in Copenhagen, Copenhagen to Göteborg was with SAS).

We boarded the plane a bit late, but eventually we were all seated. Unfortunately we were seated and not moving for about an hour. It was only then that we were told that the airport was short on baggage handlers and that it had taken so long for us to have our baggage put in the plane that we had missed our spot on the runway for departure and may have to wait another hour or two! Not good when my connecting flight was supposed to depart 1hr15mins after the arrival of my Barcelona flight - if it had been on schedule.

Luckily 15 minutes later we were told we would be taking off. Apart from that flying with Spanair was comfortable and the flight attendants helpful when I asked questions in regards to my connecting flight. They also showed a movie (no personal screens, just one each side of the plane about every 4th or 5th row), but you had to pay for headphones.

It must have been my lucky day, as my connecting flight ended up being delayed by 1hr30mins, so I made it.

I would say Spanair is a nice airline... just hope they have enough baggage handlers.

Marpessa's Profile Photo
Jan 16, 2008

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To get to Barcelona my friends and I flew with Ryanair (from Venice Treviso). The flight was short and sweet. When I am in Europe I fly with Ryanair frequently and I have never had a problem with them. The flight attendants are always nice and helpful.

If you haven't flown with Ryanair before, just note that they serve food and drinks onboard, but you have to pay for it. You can of course always bring your own food.

From arrival at Girona (just north of Barcelona, the airport on the Ryanair website is 'Barcelona (Girona)') it is easy to grab your bags, buy a ticket for the bus to Barcelona (from a counter in the arrival hall) and then just hop on the bus. It takes just over an hour to get from the airport in Girona to the main station in Barcelona (from there you can get a taxi, bus or the metro to different areas within Barcelona).

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Jan 16, 2008

Getting to Barcelona

Both times we have visited Barcelona we flew from London Gatwick airport - the first time with Easyjet and the second time with British Airways. The flight from London takes between 1.5 - 2 hours. British Airways also fly there from London Heathrow, and Easyjet from Luton and Stansted as well. Other airlines that fly there from London include Iberia and Air Berlin.

The airport is located around 13km from the city centre.

If you are already in Spain, you may want to catch a train to Barcelona. It has good rail links to other Spanish cities, such as Madrid (4.5 hours) and Valencia (3 hours). I have also heard that you can get cheap flights between Barcelona and Madrid.

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Feb 26, 2007

Flying In and Out of Barcelona (BCN)

If you're looking for cheap air transportation in and out of Barcelona, there are several options. Ryanair flies into Reus and Girona, but requires a one hour bus ride that will set you back about 26 extra Euros roundtrip, something to consider while booking seemingly cheap flights. Check out Vueling for low-cost flights directly into El Prat, the city's main airport (BCN). For an even better option though, look up the less-known ClickAir, especially for flights within Spain. Barcelona is one of its hub cities, and the flights are extremely cheap with an impressive list of destinations. And if you book and fly soon, most of the flights are 20 Euros all inclusive during a special promotion going on now.

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Feb 23, 2007

Things To Do Near Barcelona

Things to Do

Parc de la Ciutadella

This building, located in the middle of the park near the boating lake, is the Catalan parliament. Also in the park are a few museums and the Barcelona zoo - once home to Barcelona's unofficial...
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Museu Picasso - Picasso Museum

This collection of works by Picasso is housed in 5 medieval houses all joined seemlessly together after many years of renovations. Although not born in Barcelona, Picasso spent some years in the city...
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Things to Do

Museu d'Historia de Catalunya - Catalan History Museum

This museum opened during 1943 and one of its major attractions is to take a walk underground and view the streets of the Roman and medieval city. We were on a tour and did not have time to enter the...
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Things to Do

Museu de la Xocolata - Chocolate Museum

This is a museum about chocolate. I love chocolate and found the visit interesting. The exhibition starts with cacao and how it was used in America. And then how it came to Europe and later with the...
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Barcelona Walking Tours Gotic

This Great tour, organized by Turisme de Barcelona, offers you the possibility to walk by the Gothic Quarter, with an experimented guide that will explain you the history of all the hidden corners of...
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Santa Caterina Market - Mercat de Santa Caterina

In Bari Gotic neat the Santa Caterina church is the food market Mercat de Santa Caterina. Much smaller the Boqueria, it still has those wonderful smells and lots of vendors selling all sorts of...
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