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  • Gran hotel Peñsicola
    Gran hotel Peñsicola
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  • view of the iconic Peniscola castle
    view of the iconic Peniscola castle
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  • Peniscola beach from the Castle
    Peniscola beach from the Castle
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Peñíscola Things to Do

  • Exposition of the Knight Templars

    Since this castle was originally built by the knights of the Order of Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem better known as the Knight Templars, castle invites all visitors to attend special exhibition dedicated to mentioned knights. Exhibition is situated in the premises of former dungeon. Unfortunately reconstruction of arms and armor is poor. Authors were...

  • Monument of Antipope Benedict XIII

    From the November 23, 2007 figure of Antipope Benedict XIII (Pedro de Luna) also known in Spain as Papa Luna, installed under the wall of Peniscola Castle. That sculpture was made by Sergio Blanco and Sergio Mocedades. The statue is two meters tall and weighing 700 kilograms. Monument shows the character of that man who was the prominent...


    The Gate of Sant Pere (St. Peter), commissioned by Pope Luna in the XV century, provided the city with a new access by sea. It disrupted the old course of the city walls and created a landing stage which remained in use until the 18th century, when it was walled up and levelled off for military reasons. This gate consists of a large segmental stone...

  • Church of Virgen del Socorro

    Church of Virgen del Socorro or Virgin of Consolation is situated right under the wall of the Peniscola castle. That church was built in early XV century and in spite of several reconstructions it still has expressively Gothic architectural elements. Unfortunately church was closed during our visit to Pniscola and we failed to get in.

  • Castle of Peniscola

    Castle of Peniscola is situated on the highest point of the rock, with an elevation of sixty four meters above sea level. It has a perimeter of around two hundred and thirty meters and an average height of twenty meters. The Knights Templars built this castle on the remains of an old Arab citadel between 1294 and 1307. Similar in style to the...

  • Guardroom and Stable of the Castle

    When you enter the gates of Peniscola castle you find yourself in the guardroom. When this castle was real defensive structure sentries and officer of a day were billeted here while their performed their guard duty. One doorway leads to the bailey from this guardroom. On right and left hand sides entrances to the stable and storage are situated in...

  • Big Hall and Kitchen of the Castle

    Big hall of so called Papa Luna Castle decorated with insignias of Holy See, de Luna Family and Order of Templars. All there decorations are the fantasy of designer who conducted the restoration of the castle. Although we cannot tell how was decorated this hall we can surely say it was used for the official ceremonies. Unfortunately equipment of...

  • Church of the Castle

    Church of Papa Luna castle survived and still exists. There is nothing special but church is remarkable because it connected with Antipope Benedict XIII. During the last period of his life when he lived in Peniscola he served the masses in this church personally.

  • The Pontiff Palace/Living room.

    Benedict XIII withdrew the city and castle of Peniscola from the jurisdiction of Military Order of Montesa and placed under protection of Holy See. When he found a shelter here castle was rebuilt to provide him place where he could live and work. Here Antipope Benedict XIII lived.


Peñíscola Hotels

Peñíscola Restaurants

  • Good value for money

    There are alot of restaurants to choose from in Peniscola, and many of them try to entice you in by explaining their menus in great detail. We decided to give this one a go as they did a Menu Del Dia, and it seemed in a nice position just below the Castle.There was plenty of choice on the menu, and they specialise in Fish dishes.We chose chiperones...

  • Not overly impressed with this...

    We walked up and down the streets slowly looking at many of the menus. Some of the local dishes on the menu caught our eye since we wanted a bit of local flavor.The restaurant has half dozen tables inside and maybe another ten outside on the sidewalk patio. When the weather is not cooperative, these are covered by a temporary tent.The staff was...

  • Good variety of homemade Italian

    We were searching for something good, reasonably priced and not being pushed upon us like most of the other restaurants located within the tourist zones.When we smelled pizza, saw the menu prices and were not pressed by the unassuming Italian man who spoke little Spanish, we knew we were in the right place. The pizza was quite good. The large size...

  • The best Steaks

    Very nice old building 2 km outside from Peniscola. All the meat come from the big fireplace outside.You can eat very good Rib eye steaks 300g and 500g. WIFI Gratis the best is the Rib eye Steak. Meatspit El Campo and the big Chicken skewer for 2. All come with Salad and Fries. The rabbit is very good.

  • Multi National

    La Pataleta is a very friendly bar and restaurant run by Cees and Gabi who previously owned La Carabela.They offre an excellent menu and this combined with their friendly and efficient service makes it a must for eating out in Peniscola. Their argentine entrecot steaks are mouth watering.

  • Not what it once was

    La Carabela was our favorite for many years on our frequent visits to Peniscola. Unfortunately Cees & Gabi the previous owned closed the restaurant at the end of 2010.On our visit this year we found that now La Carable lacked the ambience and friendliness we had found before and that food was not worth commenting on.


Peñíscola Transportation

  • reus to benicarlo/peniscola by public...

    Its probably a bit late for you but i just found your post by accident today and maybe you need to make the journey still or will need to do it again.First off when you exit reus airport you will find the bus rank in front of you, usually the closest bus to you will have plana painted on the side. and be labeled as traveling to la pineda - cap...

  • I went there by car

    I was driven there by a friend, and it took about 15-20 minutes to get there from Alcossebre. If Peñiscola is not on your map, look for Benicarló and Torreblanca, and then pay attention to road signs.This simple map comes from a little 4-page booklet that you can get at the castle's entry.

  • A town on the sea.

    Peñíscola is situated in the North of the Valencian Community, close to Catalonia. If you do not have a car, the best way to reach Pañíscola is by bus.


Peñíscola Local Customs

  • trawlers entering harbour:a thrilling...

    trawlers come into port around 4.30pm :all the fishers families go on and select the fishes and go back quickly to sell them by auction...

  • Corrida

    Once a year in Peniscola take place corrida, as part of local one week festival. I have seen it only once, but it's really wonderful!The Spaniards build a fence through the city and in the end of week they release a herd of bulls and drive them to the castle. Simply great.

  • Cultural events at the castle

    Here's a deck that was being prepared for some concert the next day.Pity I had to leave... Any concert in this scenery must be quite an experience!


Peñíscola Warnings and Dangers

  • Outrageous souvenirs

    There are a lot of people selling the souvenirs in Peniscola. Some of those souvenirs are traditional and some exotic ones even from Africa. Unfortunately some souvenirs are very outrageous and obscene like these teapots made in from of Spanish gendarmes with very big genitals instead of spout. If you are traveling with children pay special...

  • 8km coastline lost for the nature....

    modern blocks and hotels lend a charm to the landscape,taking a great deal of the coastline!no place at all for nature!

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Peñíscola Tourist Traps

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    Peñíscola is a historic town...

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    Peñíscola is a historic town that combines an incredibly beatigul maze of cobble streets with a spectacular location on a rock near the coast and large sandy beaches. No wonder that it attracts so many visitors every year. In fact the number of souvenir shops in some streets and the tourists in tasteless Hawaiian shirts and bermudas make it seem maybe too touristy, so much that this whole area may look like a real tourist trap during peak season. Nevertheless, a visit to Peñíscola is always interesting. Anyway, try to come on a weekday off the season for a more rewarding visit.

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Peñíscola What to Pack

  • Packing List

    A big kiss for watching this page and giving me a nice compliment ha ha. Just a funny face to make you smile, have a good time and i hope you enjoyed watching my page!

  • Packing List

    Swimmsuite, good shoes, suntanlotion and cotton clothes! Resort All you need you can buy in the little shops everywhere in the old and new city of Peñiscola!

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Peñíscola Off The Beaten Path

  • Big fishes, Water Hens and Seagulls.

    Usually nobody looks at the castle moat filled with the sea water. If you have a look there then you will see the hordes of incredibly big fishes. According to local legislation any fishing is strictly prohibited in these moats. That fish must live and die in natural was. Tourists are allowed to feed them with bread. Other inhabitants of these...

  • Serra d'Irta

    As you can see in this picture, tourtist developments have seriously damaged the Mediterranean coast in Spain. The Serra d'Irta, southwards of Peniscola, is one of the last stretches of coast that have remained virgin and undevelopped in the region of Valencia. It has recently been declared a Natural park, so its preservation for future generations...

  • Just a few miles from...

    Just a few miles from Peñiscola is a lake where you can cano and swimm, walk and picknick. Its great overthere and we had a lot of fun overthere doing all of this in one day.


Peñíscola General

  • Look at it from the beach

    Go out to the beach and look back to see the whole compound on the hill. I guess you'd get an even better view from the sea but I didn't (I was there only for an afternoon's trip).If you have more time you can spend some time on the beach swimming below the castle. Oh, by the way, this is the beach that El Cid (starred by Charlton Heston) died on...

  • Excellent view of Peñiscola below

    From the castle you get stunning views of the town, its red roofs, boat harbour, and beaches as well as the remote surroundings of Peñiscola.When you're at the top deck hold on tight: you may get a vertigo!Oh, and it can be rather chilly and windy up there! My friend in the picture was convincing me that we should check out more castles in Poland....

  • Monumental architecture

    I like visiting places that reveal their magnificence gradually. Peñiscola is a good example because you get to see more and more as you approach the castle entrance. This builds some sort of suspence and anticipation of even greater structures as you go up the hill... Fortified walls can be seen well below the castle! The grandeur of the...


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