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Córdoba Private Guided Day Tour from Madrid
"Enjoy this private 8 hour tour with your guide and get to the historical city of Cordoba very comfortably in a fast train service. The tour will start off with a ride from Madrid's ATOCHA train station and then travel comfortably by fast train to your official tour guide will meet you at the train station and your private tour will start. Your tour is completely personalized to fit your own needs. The tour will be organized taking into account what you want. An example of what some of the Jewish quarter and Gothic architecture and roman remains.The tour will finish off at the same meeting point.""""Once you visit Madrid and have a day to spare you cannot miss on a visit to Cordoba. Embark on an amazing full-day excursion. Explore Cordoba’s Moorish monuments with your private tour guide and emerge yourself in the historical streets and admire the great architecture."title=Highlights&1=Private%2C+full-day+tour+to+Cordoba+from+Madrid&2=Ride+the+fast+train+with+a+guide+through+the+scenic+Andalusian+countryside&3=See+highlights+of+the+city%27s+UNESCO-listed+historic+center&4=Step+inside+Cardoba%27s+famous+cathedral+built
From EUR229.00
Madrid Full Day by High Speed Train from different points in Spain
"Transfer by your own to the High Speed Railway Station to take the morning High Speed Train to Madrid. Arrival in Madrid. Free time to discover this magnificent city considered as one of the most beautiful in the world. We include an afternoon city tour at 15.00 h (meeting at 14.45 h) in our VPT Terminal at C/ Ferraz 3. The best tour to get acquainted with the city. During approximated 2:30 hours we’ll see the most important buildings avenues and squares to know the monuments and its history from the old Habsburg and Bourbons quarters to the present modern city: Gran Vía Plaza de España University
From EUR165.00
Madrid Full Day Tour by High Speed Train from Valencia
"Transfer by your own to Valencia Railway Station to take the morning High Speed Train to Madrid. In Madrid you will have free time to discover this magnificent city considered as one of the most beautiful in the world. It is included an afternoon city tour at 15.00 h (meeting at 14.45 h) in the terminal. Enjoy visiting this amazing city during 2.30 hour where you will see the most important buildings avenues and squares to know the monuments and its history from the old Habsburg and Bourbons quarters to the present modern city: Gran Vía Plaza de España University Moncloa
From EUR165.00

Cultural tips Tips (11)

Paseo del Arte

Favorite thing Not only is this the name of the street where the big three museums are found, but also a discounted admission ticket to all three.

You can purchase one at any of the museums, or from a tourist office. Great deal, and you don't have to stand in line to buy a ticket at each. Go straight to the admission desk or window.

Cost: 7.66 euros
Hours of each museum are listed on the back of the ticket.

Fondest memory The Reina Sofia, the Prado, and the Thyssen-Bornemisza are all must-sees. Each has fantastic holdings, and you can see the enitre collections without 'swimming' in too much art at one time.

vivalasteph's Profile Photo
Apr 05, 2004

Los Madrileños somos así

Favorite thing 1. Madrileño: Se dice de aquel que nace en la Región de Madrid, sin discriminación de raza, sexo, religión o signo del RH.

2. Uno es de Madrid sea de dónde sea de la Comunidad de Madrid. Ya, ya sabemos que si eres de Hospitalet no eres de Barcelona. Pero aquí eres de Madrid tanto si naces en Guadalix de la Sierra como si vives en Móstoles ó getafe, Eres de Madrid y punto!

3. Debido a lo anterior, la expresión "ir al pueblo" no es una frase despreciativa tintada de centralismo. El significado es "irse de vacaciones o pasar un fin de semana en el lugar de procedencia de la familia".

Aunque tú sigas siendo de Madrid, tus padres y hermanos pueden ser de cualquier otro sitio. Los pobres.

4. Es absolutamente falso que Madrid no tenga playa. Si no, visitar
Torrevieja, Gandia o Benidorm (y ultimamente hasta las playas
gaditanas) cualquier verano o puente.

5. La expresión "está ahí al lado" se traduce por "está a 10 minutos en coche o 20 andando", pero bueno ¿Tú sabes lo grande que es Madrid........?.
¿No te digo que la playa la tenemos en Torrevieja?

6. Si vamos de visita a vuestras encantadoras ciudades provincianas y os preguntamos si el chorizo que estamos comiendo es de matanza, y en realidad es Campofrío, no hagáis chistes sobre el asunto. Ya nos gustaría veros a vosotros en el Metro.

Fondest memory 7. Se pongan como se pongan los bilbaínos, el metro de Madrid es el más bonito de España. Y esas caracolas que tienen en Bilbao de diseño en las entradas del metro son como la "caseta del perro con flores esa donde guardan cuadros". Una horterada.

8. En Madrid Ruiz Gallardón es el Bueno. Álvarez del Manzano es el Malo. Feo no hay porque en Madrid somos todos muy guapos.

9. No os dejéis engañar. Los que pronuncian "Ej que" en vez de "Es que" no son madrileños, son barriobajeros madrileños, que es muy diferente. Qué aquí siempre ha habido clases hasta en los acentos. (Que conste,que aunque diga a menudo ej que, yo nací en Madrid ,en Madrid capital)

10. Y finalmente y para terminar, no critiques a los madrileños porque se van todos los fines de semana de la ciudad porque no la aguantan. No no,los que se van los fines de semana son los que NO SON DE MADRID y vuelven a casa. Los madrileños salimos en Puentes, los dos días del fin de semana no nos dan para alcanzar los confines de Madrid ni para aprovechar todo el ocio que Madrid ofrece. Porque eso sí, en Madrid no hay inmigrantes y si los hay, sus hijos son madrileños.

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Jan 13, 2004

Learn some Spanish!!! (¡Aprénde castellano!)

Favorite thing Why not learn something new and enhance your travel experience, by making an effort to learn something and communicate in Spanish/castellano?

It is possible to get by in Madrid with English... but I really think your experience will be far, far richer if you have a basic grasp of some key vocabulary and an idea of how to defend yourself.

I´ve lived here for a year and half, teach English, and have only started Spanish classes this month (thanks to my crazy workload and irregular timetable). However, I like to talk and meet people, learn about different cultures and so have managed to learn a decent level of Spanish by generally chatting to anyone and everyone. So it´s a bit like ´street Spanish´, refined with some feedback from my students when I explain certain English terminology with them.

I also started out by attending intercambios - informal meetups with people of different countries to ´exchange´ languages :) (try and search for SPANISH in Madrid or whichever town you are in).

Despite being generally very helpful and communicative, I guarantee you will get a greater response from locals (in this case los madrileños) if you make a real effort to communicate with any Spanish that you can.

I also recommend you check out an audio course by Michel Thomas (which I used to get myself started)...

and have a look at .... where you can learn, and also connect with other learners and/or Spanish people to converse (email, MSN messenger, etc)

Good Luck and Enjoy the Journey!! ¡¡Suerte!! ¡¡Buen Viaje!!

mollymoo0oo0's Profile Photo
Jun 12, 2008

Street signs

Favorite thing I have seldom visited a city where they have such a beautiful street signs. Look up a little and enjoy the sight of them, artistic, beautiful and well worth the effort to stop and just gaze at their simplicity of splendor

Joacim's Profile Photo
Aug 23, 2015
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Using the phone - tips for North Americans

Favorite thing If you're North American, you're used to a local call costing you a fixed price.
Well it doesn't work that way in Spain - you pay for the time you spend on the phone, whether it be in a booth or from a regular phone in a hotel. It's not crazy expensive, but do expect it.

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Aug 23, 2006

Be ready to Party!

Favorite thing Madrid is a city that never sleeps. The restaurants and bars are always bustling. There doesn't seem to be a recession of any kind, maybe this was because we were there during the Holiday season. Luckily I love to shop and had a ball going in and out of shops in the fashion mecca around Puerta del Sol. I also love the hours. I love being a late riser, having afternoons off and being able to shop late into the night (some stores are open to 10pm).

Fondest memory Old Madrid is my favorite area, with with "caves" under Plaza mayor, each containing a little tapas bar, wine bar or restaurant. I love the singing in the restaurants and bars, and the music every where for that matter. There is music in the streets, plazas and subway stations. there is also the smell of baking bread everywhere.

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Dec 07, 2002

Need to get online?

Favorite thing There are plenty of internet places in Madrid. In the area around my hostal, there were three or four (Puerta del Sol).

There's an Easy Everything near Sol as well as a place called Cybers Canal at Calle Espoz y Mina off of Sol. Just walk around and you'll see some places to get online.

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Dec 16, 2002

Cute town Madrid

Favorite thing Madrid-Spain’s most central region and national capital, Madrid may be the major business center and industrial headquarters of the country, but do not be surprised to learn that Spaniards work to live, rather than live to work. As Hemingway said, "Nobody goes to bed in Madrid until they have killed the night." While many of the city’s 5 million residents are not out on the town every night-thousands of them are. Even on weeknights you can be stuck in a traffic jam at midnight in the center of Madrid. The reality is that this city is awake at night-all night. An evening marathon of food, drink, and song is meant to be enjoyed slowly so that you can have the energy to make it to the end. Described as one of the world’s greenest places, El Retiro, a botanical garden, captives the attention of visitors. Prado Museum ranks as one of the leading art collections anywhere.
Madrid-Spain’s capital city has played a major role in the Iberian peninsula since 1562. The city has cultural attractions, architectural treasures, and endless entertainment. During the summer months, Madrid is a slower-paced city—many of the residents take vacations then.

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Dec 17, 2002
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"¡Bienvenido a Madrid!/Welcome to Madrid!"
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"Madrid is where I live"
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"Madrid: My home for 3 fantastic weeks!"
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"Home is where you're always from"
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Melting pot

Favorite thing Most of Madrileños are first or second generation and very few can claim to have their roots in the city. Despite the lack of roots in the majority of its inhabitants, Madrid has a strong personality, which is precisely the result of the merging of people arrived from all four corners of Spain and, in these days, the entire world.

This mix of people has resulted in an openhearted and welcoming attitude that makes that nobody feels stranger in Madrid.

Since most newly arrived Madrileños immediately felt they belonged to the city, Madrid has not had "communities" or distinctly regional or ethnic neighborhoods. A Basque taverna next door to a Galician grocery store is the most common of the things. This phenomenon has only started recently, when people are arriving from further and further away.

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Sep 01, 2008

El Prado Museum

Favorite thing Visiting Madrid means a couple of very important sites and El Prado Museum is on the top of my list. I really enjoyed walking through the corridors and imagining what took place when many of those paintings where being painted. Some extraordinary paintings from the best in the world. Among El Greco, Goya, Rembrandt and Velasquez, gosh the list continues. We walked with a tour on our visit and it's facinating hearing the stories behind each piece. I highly recommend a stop in one the worlds best museums.

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Mar 28, 2005

Too much to see in just a month

Favorite thing There's really to much to mention and it's hard to chose just one. I guess just sight seeing of the cathedrals, palaces, museums and night life, squeezed into one day.

Fondest memory I miss the sights the most. I miss the family i stayed with when i was there.

Oct 20, 2002

Things to Do Near Madrid

Things to Do

Museo del Ferrocarril de Madrid

Train lovers lookie here! The Railroad Museum includes exhibitions of steam, electric and diesel trains and wagons. They have 4 rooms featuring infrastructure and models of foreign and Spanish trains....
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Things to Do

Centro de Arte Reina Sofia

The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía - in short: Museo Reina Sofía - is Madrids leading modern art museum. Established 1992, it began to take over the Prado Collection of 20th century modern...
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Things to Do

La Casa Encendida

So La Casa Encendida is a kind of socially-conscious project/creative and learning space sponsored by the Caja Madrid bank.... The building has several floors with various different spaces, most...
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Things to Do

El Parque del Buen Retiro

The Retiro Park (Park of the Pleasant Retreat) is the largest Public Park in Madrid and was formerly a private park of the Spanish Monarchy. This park has historical significance as is was formerly...
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Things to Do

Retiro Park

Retiro Park is one of the top places I visited when in Madrid. With around 125 hectares of grounds to explore and numerous routes and walkways around the park, you will not get bored here. Many of the...
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Things to Do

Palacio Cristal

We found Palacio Cristal accidentally on the walk around Retiro park. There leads a path under trees and opens into a lake, where live turtles and dugs. In the middle of the lake sprays a fountain. On...
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