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Madrid Tapas Night Walking Tour
"On the walking tour you'll visit four traditional bars/restaurants to try authentic Spanish delicacies. It might be chorizo in cider octopus from Galicia cider from Asturias sherry from Andalucia or other regional specialties. The tour price includes your first drink and tapas at the first bar you'll visit. You can then choose how much or how little you'd like to eat and drink at the other bars/restaurants you'll visit on th your English-speaking guide will explain the traditions behind Madrid's food and wine and advise on local specialties. Your local guide will also assist with language and translation while providing interesting facts about Madrid's history
From GBP35.00
Madrid Panoramic Tour with Museo del Prado
"Discover Madrid on this 2.5-hour sightseeing tour where you will see the most important buildings avenues and squares. Get to know the main monuments and its history from the old Habsburg and Bourbons quarters to the present modern city. See attractions such as the Gran Vía Plaza de España Moncloa Calle Mayor
From EUR39.00
Madrid Panoramic Tour with Museo Reina Sofia Entrance Ticket
"Discover Madrid on this 25-hour sightseeing tour get to know the main monuments and its history from the old Habsburg and Bourbons quarters to the present modern city. During this tour you will see places such as the Gran Vía Plaza de España University
From EUR31.00

Museo del Jamon Tips (31)

Museo del Jamon (Ham's Museum)

Of course, this is the place to taste to heavenly Jamón Serrano, a kind of smokey-dried ham. You can ask for a sandwich (bocata), have it alone with olive oil, with bread and tomato...

SirRichard's Profile Photo
Dec 09, 2002

Museo del Jamon (Museum of Ham): Soak up the atmosphere of Playa de Mayor

We were in need of lunch as we had not had any breakfast. So we stopped here, the service was fairly quick if not a little abrupt. I can recommend the Ham and Cheese Croissant which was just the right size. I cannot remember the price, eating by the square is never going to be cheap.

Museo Del Jamon (Museum of Ham) is part of a chain of shops and restaurants. It is worth having a look in one of their shops even if you don't intend to buy anything. If you walk from Sol metro towards Playa de Mayor, you will see some of the shops on the way.

traceyspacey's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Museo del Jamon: Unusual dinner

At the beninning, I was a bit confused when I saw the sign "Museo del Jamon" which litteraly means "Ham Museum". I was expecting a museum, but the window reminded me of a butchery, and in the end the place is a restaurant, where, of course, ham is the main dish of all courses!
We ate in between hanging hams, an extremely peculiar location indeed!

BurgerQueen's Profile Photo
Feb 27, 2011

The Museo del Jamon: A cheap but fascinating place to eat and drink

We saw two of these Museo del Jamons near Puerta del Sol. They were always packed because they were doing a promotion where you could get a draft beer for a Euro and a filled roll for a Euro. The walls of this restaurant/shop were lined with hams.

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Jan 01, 2012
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Museo del Jamon - and others like them: bocadillo Jamon (or bocata in slang)

I found this to be quick and easy and good. For a couple of Euros, you can walk up to the counters, order a Ham Sandwich (bocata de jamon) and a drink. It was great when you just want something to eat, and don’t want to sit down for a couple hours.

i found these all over the city.

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Jan 26, 2003

Museo del Jamon

The chain restaurant with the interesting name, Museo del Jamon was one of our favourite restaurants in Madrid and we ate here numerous times.

As you can tell from the name it's speciality is ham though there are also good selections of cheese, wine and pork as well. It's a very popular place with the locals and most of them eat at the counter, tapas style. The food is very good value and they also serve takeaways which can be useful for picnics.

We visited two of the restaurants, on Calle de Alcala and on Paseo del Prado, though there are many more branches around the city.

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Nov 21, 2006

El Museo del Jamón: Don't miss this place

This place is certainly a must if you are in Madrid. The prices are unbelievable (ie very cheap) and the food is delicious. If you want a place that is typically spanish, both the food and the service, this is where you must go.
To give you an idea of choice and price, we went here as a group of nine at around half ten. The place was full and there was a great ambience, but there was still room for us to sit (the salón is upstairs and is quite big!)

{by the way, these "raciones" are bigger than individual portions and they are to share. If you are wanting individual plates, you would choose media ración and it would be obviously cheaper}

We had:
two big plates of olives (dos raciones de aceitunas) (they were enormous, extremeley tasty and very popular) at €5.60,
two plates of ham croquettes (dos raciones de croquetas de jamón) at €12.50,
a plate of fried whitebait (una ración de boquerones - a popular dish in Spain) at €9.50,
a plate of cured ham (una ración de jamón serrano), at €9,
a plate of octopus (una ración de pulpo) at €15,
a spanish omelette (una tortilla espanola) at €6.90,
a plate of chorizo,(una ración de chorizo) at €5.90,
a plate of mushrooms with garlic (una ración de champiñones a la plancha) at €8.80,
a plate of prawns cooked on the griddle with salt (gambas a la plancha) €12.50
8 breads (pan), €4
Three bottles of white house wine (Valdepeñas - very nice), €10.50 - yes, total for all three!
One bottle of casera (this is like somewhere between a lemonade and tonic water) at €1.50

For vegetarians there are also salads, fried peppers etc.

We also got great service by the very kind, speedy and attentive waiters.
This all came to €101.60 which, between the nine of us, came to something close to 10 euros. Unbelievably cheap! We would have loved to have tried a million of the other things on the menu but we were simply too full!

If you are looking for a take-away meal to eat whilst on the go, or to take with you to the airport, I suggest you come here too. Downstairs in the bar/shop area, they had big sandwiches of ham or cheese or chorizo for €1.80. Even better is the menu option where you can get a sandwich+drink (bottle of water/can of coca cola/can of amstel lager) + an orange or an apple for €2.

Strongly recommend this place. Don't miss it! Unbelievable choice and prices, especially whilst being literally at the door of Sol.

Favorite Dish Boquerones : extremely tasty
Olives : the biggest, fattest olives you'll ever eat
Prawns : juicy, tasty
The ham is very good - so it should be, considering it's Museo del Jamón!

All the food was delicious.

Aug 02, 2011

Museo del Jamon: You can Miss this place

From Reading the reviews on VT I thought this place was a must, But after eating here I was dissapointed. The hams were ok at best some of it reminded me of a ham you would have for sunday dinner at home. The interior of the resteraunt is nice and fun but definetly not a must. Try the shrimp that was good.

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Feb 26, 2007
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"¡Bienvenido a Madrid!/Welcome to Madrid!"
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"Madrid is where I live"
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"Madrid: My home for 3 fantastic weeks!"
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"Home is where you're always from"
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Museo del Jamon: Cheap and good fastfood

A sandwich with Jamon Serrano 1 Euro, a glas beer as well, and in the evening the place is quite full.
I had a Sepia Plancha (grilled octopus) which was quite good.
Next to Plaza de Espana, several other locationes as well

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Aug 21, 2016

Museo del Jamon: Stop for a bocadillo

Those are all over Madrid - I wanted to try this restaurant but I didn't even have to look for one, they seemed to find me constantly!

This is a very popular place and it's definitely worth a stop. You can eat at the bar, sit a table or buy foods to cook at home. There are hams hanging from the wall, which is surprising at first, especially when you see employees climb up a ladder to get one of them!

The food was cheap: we got two bodadillos and two cafés con leche for 5€.

Quartzy's Profile Photo
Jul 14, 2006

Museu de Jamon - Ham museum!!!

Museu de Jamon - Ham museum!!!
very nice background - there is lots of smoked ham hanging at the amusing to me!!!

I took the advice of VT members from Spain - i must agree them that it is yum!!! best ham in the world!!!

Favorite Dish ham - we had lots of them. Smoked Jamon - serrano, iberia etc. Order small plates and ask for crusty bread, and some cheese and for drinks have some sangria there. We also ordered fried calamari (squid rings) and also try out their seafood paella (rice dish). All excellent albeit it is a fast food type of place.

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Aug 25, 2002

Eat in a Museo de Jamon. I...

Eat in a Museo de Jamon. I hadn't seen it before.

Favorite Dish Don't forget to eat PAELLA and of course LA TORTILLA.
I'll give you the recipe to make la tortilla de patatas.
First of all you need:
1 onion
4 eggs

Peel off the potatoes and cut them in thin slices.After cutting the onion in small pieces add it to the potatoes.Fry them with low heat.When you finish with it, the oil must be drain off.Beat the eggs and mix them with potatoes and the onion.Leave the mixture for a while so as the potatoes soak well with the eggs.
Put a little oil into a pan and heat it, pot the mixture. This need law heat also.When the mixture curdles you must turn it over to curdle on the other side also.

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Aug 24, 2002

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Getting to Museo del Jamon


Gran Via, 72; Alcalá, 155; Atocha, 54


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