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Private Tour: Madrid Walking Tour of Los Austrias
"Start your tour with a pickup from your centrally located Madrid hotel and start your walking tours of Los Austrias. Meet your private guide and learn about the area hearing how it’s referred to as Habsburg’s Madrid in reference to its majestic monuments built at the time of the Habsburg’s dynasty. Pass the Royal Palace of Madrid and hear tales of the Bourbon kings who once lived in this extravagant abode.Continue along Calle Mayor admiring elegant 17th-century palaces like Palacio de Abrantes and Palacio de Uceda and then stop for photos in front of Madrid’s oldest church – Iglesia de San Nicolás de los Servitas – that was built on the site of a mosque in the 12th century. See its striking bell tower (the only Moorish feature that remains) and then stroll back to Madrid’s trendy covered market that sprawls across Plaza de San Miguel and browse its gourmet food stores and bustling little bars. Hear tips from your guide for the best stalls to visit
From EUR46.00
Madrid Pub Crawl Including VIP Club Admission
"In Pedro Almodóvar's film The Flower of My Secret Marisa Paredes' estranged husband rings her from Brussels asking if it's too late to call. She wistfully replies 'In Madrid it's never late.' While the whole of Spain is known for its late-night life Madrid takes it to the extreme with the city only truly coming to life long after darkness falls.Meet your local guide and fellow partygoers in central Madrid and then make your way to the first venue of the bar crawl. Kick off the night at a popular cocktail bar
From EUR12.00
Guided Walking Tour of Historical Madrid
"First you will visit the “Madrid de los Austrias” (Royal Habsburgs) the Plaza Mayor and cross the Arc of Cutlers which is one of the nine ports of the Plaza Mayor. You'll continue through the ancient winding streets around and will head towards the nearby Plaza de la Villa the core of the medieval Madrid. Here we will admire some of the oldest buildings in Madrid. Such buildings as the Casa de Cisneros Lujanes
From EUR48.00

San Ginés Chocolateria Tips (17)

San Gines: Awesome !!!!!

So much has been said about this place, and it well worth the trip here ..... the chocolate is out of this world good !!!! One comes in orders and pays for the chocolate and churros ... is given a receipt and you find a seat either inside or outside, motion to the waiters who take a look at your receipt and then they bring you your order. the prices are fair ... a combo of chocolate and 6 churros are 3.50 euro. They also have coffee and a couple of other delights but the star attraction is the chocolate and churros ...... a must do !!!!! and they also sell there chocolate for sale in nice container's for gift !!!!! Also seems this place never closes .... were went there at 8:00 am and it was open and also went there at 2:30 am and was still open and packed with almost no space to walk in !!!!! wow !!!!!!

jlanza29's Profile Photo
Oct 28, 2011

Chocolateria San Gines: Hey You Chocolate lover turn your taste bud on

At San Gines Kim and I experienced the pleasure of Churros. VT friends Santi, Ursula and Joaquin met us downstairs in a very cosy and warm booth. Churros was immediately ordered and the fun began. These delicious long sticks of fried dough are enjoyed by dipping into mugs of warm delicious chocolate. This we found to be a very enjoyable way to chat with friends and pass time. A big thanks goes to our VT mates in Madrid for the treat. WARNING can get very messy and is highly addictive.

San Gines is a very popular hang out for all ages and favourite haunt of many Madrileños. If you loved chocolate go to there.

fachd's Profile Photo
May 30, 2009

Chocolateria San Gines: Chocolate con churros, anyone?

Stopping by the Chocolateria San Gines is such an experience, I almost felt like putting this tip in the "Things to do" section! Without necessarily being the best place for chocolate in Madrid, it certainly is the most popular and it's worth going in just to soak up the slightly old-fashioned atmosphere of the place. It's pretty much always full of people, and the later it gets, the more crowded it becomes - it seems like going out for chocolate and churros after a night out in Madrid is the Spanish equivalent to going out for poutine at 3:00 am when you're in Quebec ;o)

So what is so special about chocolate and churros? Well, first of all, chocolate in Spain has nothing to do with the hot chocolate we get in Canada. It is so rich and thick, I guess I would describe it as a chocolate fondue poured into a cup. Churros are fried-dough pastries that you can dip in the chocolate, but I prefered my technique: eat the chocolate with a spoon (because it's so thick you can't really drink it), and then take a few bites of churros to cut the massive sugar intake. Another tradition I fell in love with!

Favorite Dish I'll let you guess!

Jefie's Profile Photo
May 16, 2008

Chocolatería San Ginés: Chocolate con Churros

Great anytime, especially if the disco has closed and you don't want to go back home yet.

This place serves thick cups of Chocolate con Churros (hot chocolate with long sticks of fried dough) in a white-marbled bar. It has been around for well over a hundred years and is still popular with people of all age groups. It is busy in the early evening and absolutely packed from 4 a.m. onwards, after a night out on the tiles!

Chocolate con Churros: Don't waste your time looking for the translation anyway!

The third pic is Pasadizo de San Ginés, the street that leads to the Cocolatería from calle del Arenal.

Favorite Dish Chocolate con churros.

Redang's Profile Photo
May 15, 2008
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Hotels Near San Ginés Chocolateria

Calle Arenal 16, Puerta del Sol And Mayor Square, Madrid, Madrid, 28013, Spain
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Plaza de Celenque no 1, 4 Izq, Madrid, 28013, Spain
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Arenal 15, Madrid, Madrid, 28013, Spain
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Plaza de Celenque, 1, 28013
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C/ Bordadores 9-1 Bajo F, 28013
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Arenal, 24, Madrid, 28013, Spain
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Chocolateria San Gines: Chocolate Heaven!!!

A great institution in Madrid is Churros (deep fried batter) dipped in dark hot chocolate, and nowhere else does it better than Chocolateria San Gines.
Tucked away in a side street just off Calle Arenal and about midway between Sol and Opera metro stations lies this famous Madrileno emporium. Allegedly it's custommary to munch on it's delights after a night clubbing - usually ending up at Chocolateria San Gines at around 5am!!! A wonderful Madrid tradition you must try.

Favorite Dish Churros Con Chocolat - Of Course!

ALANinWORCS69's Profile Photo
May 01, 2008

San Ginés Chocolateria: Self explaining name

San Ginés Chocolateria is an institution in the Madrid's downtown. You cannot miss it because is between the Gran Via and the church of San Ginés, indeed. The ambience is very nice but NOTHING compared to its chocolate, so creamy, soft and tastly. The only disadvantage is that it is always overcrowded but don't loose your patience: the chocolate will re-pay you completely. Of course you have churros (better not to think to the cellulite a churro can increase) or other "potres". You can standing or sitting. I cannot remember exactly but I think that smoke is forbidden. Considering the high price for a cappuccino in Madrid (that in in 90% of cases is milk+coffe....non a real cappuccino) I think it's better to have, for a lower price, chocolate with churros.

PALLINA's Profile Photo
Jan 07, 2008

San Ginés Chocolateria: Best Churros in Madrid

Have a good Chocolate con Churros is one of the things you must to do in your visit. I did it and it was good. I read some comments about San Gines and we decided to go, my sister got a table and i took the ticket, we wait about 2 minutes and after we were enjoying the best churros in long time. San Gines is one of the most popular place to have hot chocolate and churros.

Tomarse un buen chocolate con churros es una de las cosas que debes hacer cuando estás en Madrid. Leí varios comentarios sobre San Gines y nos decidimos a ir a merendar una tarde, mi hermana cogió mesa y yo me quedé en la barra sacando el ticket, esperamos un par de minutos y después estabamos disfrutando del mejor chocolate con churros.

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Dec 10, 2007

San Ginés Chocolateria: Café San Ginés

Make sure to pay/order first and then go sit...they will bring it to you. I went to Madrid thinking that chocoalte and churros was going to be the best thing ever, don't get me wrong it was good but did not live up to the hype, they have the same hot chocolate in paris and the churros are a little greasy...good though. I am sure this would of been much better if i would of just came out of a bar late at night hungry. Don't get me wrong it is good.

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Feb 26, 2007
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"¡Bienvenido a Madrid!/Welcome to Madrid!"
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"Madrid is where I live"
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"Madrid: My home for 3 fantastic weeks!"
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"Home is where you're always from"
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Chocolateria San Gines: For chocohalics

The restaraunt was very crowded but bright when we entered. You have to place your order at the counter and you pick a seat when you get your order. There are two floors with one downstairs. This restaraunts specialty is desserts.

Favorite Dish The churros are freshly made and are served with a cup of melted chocolate that can be used to dunk the churro or can be a drink

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Feb 25, 2007

Chocolatería San Ginés

Chocolatería San Ginés is a famous cafe in Madrid. It has been here for more than a hundred years and is very popular with the locals, especially after a night of clubbing. You have to try the chocolate with churros (fried dough sticks) which is a very popular snack in Spain.

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Nov 17, 2006

San Ginés Chocolateria: We came, we saw, we dipped churros

Just North of Calle Major this place is easy to miss. It makes for a fun and entertaining and tasty way to enjoy a bit of decadence. You basically order a small mug of melted chocolate and dip your churros. I prefered mine with a cafe con leche. But you can also eat them straight up.

Roadquill's Profile Photo
Aug 28, 2006

San Ginés Chocolateria: For your daily sugar fix

For churros con chocolate (which is basically melted chocolate in a cup), this is the place. Having heard it was pretty packed all the time, we went during siesta - we were the only two persons in the place!

Pay attention when you look for the place - I happened to turn my head to the right when we passed a street just in time, else we'd have missed it.

Quartzy's Profile Photo
Jul 14, 2006

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Pasadizo San Ginés, near to Puerta del Sol


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