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San Ginés Chocolateria Tips (17)

San Ginés Chocolateria: Late night bite

This place is great. It's a stone's throw from many of the popular discotecas and bars that line Calle Arenal and its side streetss(a main street in "downtown" Madrid). Open well into the early morning, we often came here after going to various clubs and bars (very close to "Joy" discoteca). It's the perfect bridge between the time at which you're tired from being out until very late, to hold you over until the metros open again at 6 AM (taxis from this part of town are painful to get at this hour). Even if the discoteca scene isn't for you, check it out anyway.

Favorite Dish "Chocolate con churros." Expect a cup of rich, thick hot chocolate accompanied by a plate piled high with unsweetened churros. You're in for a treat. If I remember right, this was only a few Euros.

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Jun 15, 2006

San Ginés Chocolateria: since 1894

Chocolate lovers: this is certainly your place!!!

Located next to the Church of San Ginés, near to Puerta del Sol, just off c/Arenal. You will enjoy there “Chocolate con churros” (a cup of thick hot chocolate with long sticks of fried dough). “Porras” are like “churros” but bigger. The street level is a lovely old bar, with white-marbled tables. If it’s full (as usual) you can go downstairs, but you should pay in advance at the counter.

The place has been around since 1894 and is still popular with people of all age groups. It is very bus in the early evening and packed for early breakfast, from 4 o'clock onwards, after a night out! (it opens all night)

Favorite Dish Chocolate con churros, of course (if you want something else, better go anywhere else).

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Apr 02, 2005

San Ginés Chocolateria: Don't miss Coloreros Street

Right across Plaza Mayor there is a short 2 block street named Los Coloreros which is full of restaurants, bars and chocolaterias. It is a very nice and charming area to dine out or go for a drink.

Chocolateria San Gines is at the end of the street and serves hot chocolate and churros (sticks of fried dough). It is a very popular spot that is usually crowded even at 2 am in the morning.

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Jul 04, 2004

San Ginés: Hot Chocolate

Chocolatería San Ginés is an ancient typical chocolate house, where you can have a delicious hot chocolate and "churros".

"San Ginés" es una antigua y típica chocolatería, en donde se puede disfrutar un delicioso chocolate caliente con churros.

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Jul 15, 2003
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Hotels Near San Ginés Chocolateria

Calle Arenal 16, Puerta del Sol And Mayor Square, Madrid, Madrid, 28013, Spain
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Plaza de Celenque no 1, 4 Izq, Madrid, 28013, Spain
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Arenal 15, Madrid, Madrid, 28013, Spain
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Plaza de Celenque, 1, 28013
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C/ Bordadores 9-1 Bajo F, 28013
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C/ Arenal n 6 - 3rd floor, Madrid, 28013, Spain
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If you star or finish your journey near to Puerta del Sol you can eat a "typical" spanish breakfast ( Hot chocolate con churros o porras) in San Gines

Favorite Dish You can drink or coffee or chocolate or milk and eat the "typical" churros y porras

Apr 16, 2003
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"¡Bienvenido a Madrid!/Welcome to Madrid!"
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"Madrid is where I live"
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"Madrid: My home for 3 fantastic weeks!"
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"Home is where you're always from"
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Getting to San Ginés Chocolateria


Pasadizo San Ginés, near to Puerta del Sol


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