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Electric Bike Rental in Madrid
"Get an electric bike and enjoy at your own pace alone or in company of your friends your family or your co-workers the advantages of going by cycle in Madrid but helped by his small electric battery that will make the experience fabulous and so comfortable. The e-bike works as a normal bike but with an useful electric assistance. While pedaling you feel that an acceleration help you so much especially going up the hills. Once you try you will re walk through the streets corners
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Madrid Segway: 2-Hour Casa Campo Off Road Tour
"Try segway and you will not regret! Discover the largest park in Madrid on a segway trip you decide the level of adrenaline you want!The duration of the tour is two hours and is made in X2 segway this model resists any land. Driving these vehicles is based on balance so go to practice! You will have so much fun learning to handle it.Cheer up gather your friends and enjoy an experience of a segway SUV in Madrid! For groups of 12 or more.Go up and enjoy!"""
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Madrid Casa de Campo Segway Tour
"Casa de Campo is the largest urban park in Europe with more than 1750 hectares. Casa de Campo means “Country House” and gets its name because it was once a royal hunting state. Public park since 1931 An amusement park the zoo an artificial lake and a cable car are few of the things we can find located in the park.Your journey begins in the Royal Palace home once of the Spanish kings and their court. Passing by the gardens of Sabatini from where you will have a beautiful view of the Palace
From EUR39.00

Casa de Campo Tips (19)

Countryside in the city?

On the outskirts of the city to the west is the Casa de Campo. Formally hunting grounds it is now a 1800 hectares site of shrubland containing a zoo an amusement park, swimming pools, tennis courts and plenty of places to sit and picnic with friends and family.
The most fun way to get there is by the Telerifico. A gondola style cable car. It rises high above Madrid and the trip from the city to the park is 11 minutes. It seemed more like 111 minutes to me but it was worth it for the photo opportunities. You can also get there by metro and bus.

nhcram's Profile Photo
Feb 06, 2005

For a great view of the Casa de Campo

Casa de Campo used to be the royal family's hunting estate. It is located close enough to the Royal Palace, on the other side of the Manzanares River, and it was turned into a public park back in 1930. To enjoy a great view of the park and of the city, it is possible to go on a telepherique ride (aerial tramway) between the Parque del Oeste and the Casa de Campo. The two stations are 2.5 km apart, so it's just long enough to take a few pictures and admire the scenery without becoming boring. There's also a pre-recorded tape that plays during the ride to describe the landscape and buildings that can be seen.

From April to September, the teleferico is open every day from noon to sundown. Round-way tickets cost 5 Euros.

Jefie's Profile Photo
May 13, 2008

Teleférico de Madrid (Madrid Cable Railway)

Great place to relax while taking in the views of Casa de Campo. I could see as far as Parque de Atracciones, Almúdena Cathedral and the Royal Palace. Inside the cabin there's an audioguide (in Spanish only) that tells you where and what to see. Perfect after a day of walking.

Should hunger attack, there's a cafeteria where you can enjoy a good meal. There's also a souvenir store.

marielexoteria's Profile Photo
Jul 13, 2009

A place to relax

I think it is the largest parkland of Madrid. Commonly, a getaway from many Madrilenos but for sure also for local and foreign tourists. For kids and sporty, a great area and also for picnicking. There is also cafeteria nad restaurant at the cable car station. It was not one of my major listing to visit but since we were just close to the area walking at the Paseo Pintor de Rosales, we decided to have a cable car ride and spent some short tranquil moments in the park. We stayed there before sunset to catch a nice capture of the setting down of the sun at Devod Temple. Now i may say, it is a must!

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Feb 13, 2009
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Zoo Aqaurium de Madrid

Housing over 2000 species of mammals, a visit to the zoo is an excellent day out in Madrid. They have 70 varieties of poisonous snakes, including vipers from Gambon and the black mambo, which is considered the most dangerous snake in the world. Dolphins, seals and sea lions give regular performances throughout the day.

luke850's Profile Photo
May 26, 2004

ride over a huge park!

One nice half day in the city can be done with a visit to Casa de Campo, the biggest park of Madrid that was formerly a hunting spot. The best way is to use the cable teleferico that rides for about 15 minutes over the park and the Manzanares river and you can enjoy the nice view from up there. The windows weren’t clear enough though for great pics. The park is peaceful with only a few people that cycle or running. There is a lake with some cafes, an aquarium and a zoo (a big one, with pandas, snakes etc).

mindcrime's Profile Photo
Sep 03, 2008

Casa de Campo

This is the biggest park of Madrid. Is located at the west side of it, and inside you can feel like in the countryside, no buildings around.
Its main highlights are:
- The lake with terraces for food and drinks
- The zoo
- The theme parks (Parque de Atracciones)
- The swimming pools (from June to September)

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Jun 13, 2003

Casa de Campo

Casa de Campo (Country House) is a park, situated on an ancient royal hunting place. It has leafy trees, a lake, a zoo and an amusement park. Sport and recreative activities, concerts, rides, Casa de Campo calls madrilenians and tourists.

Casa de Campo es un parque situado en un antiguo coto de casa real; tiene árboles frondosos, un lago, un zoológico y un parque de diversiones. Actividades deportivas y recreativas, conciertos, paseos, Casa de Campo convoca a madrileños y a turistas.

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Dec 17, 2003
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"¡Bienvenido a Madrid!/Welcome to Madrid!"
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"Madrid is where I live"
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"Madrid: My home for 3 fantastic weeks!"
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Teleférico / 1

A ride with the Teleférico gives you some great views over Casa de Campo and Madrid in general.

A single trip with the Teleférico takes a bit more than 10 Minutes and covers a dictance of about 2,500m. When I used it in February 2005, the price for a round-trip ticket for an adult was 4.45 Euros.

I loved every second of the trip and took some great photos (there are small windows to use your camera).

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Feb 27, 2005

Parque de Atracciones

Now that I had a roller coaster buddy, of course I had to visit Parque de Atracciones (P de A)! I bought the tickets online on their website, and upon collecting our bracelets we got our picture taken.

Then we proceeded to ride the ferris wheel, roller coasters and free fall ride (Lanzadera). The park is big and didn't feel crowded, it had lots of green spaces and shadow and several fountains with drinkable water, so you could buy one bottle of something and refill it for free.

One thing I have to say about the roller coaster rides in Madrid is that they go up rather fast, so when you come down or twist and turn, you do it with force!!!! My favorite ride of the park was Abismo.

P de A is inside the Casa de Campo area and is a place where you could bring your own food and have a picnic at.

marielexoteria's Profile Photo
Aug 06, 2009

Casa de Campo - choose your day out there

The Casa de Campo is a huge parkland just outside of the city centre. It includes a boating area on the lake, cycle tracks, walking areas, cafes, the teleferico, zoo and the parque de atraciones.
The area was known for prostitution, but this is no longer the case. The teleferico is a relaxing ride and it is a great area for a picnic at the end of the ride (make sure you get a return ticket or you have a VERY long walk!).
The park, I believe, used to belong to the royals, but it is now public parkland with a number of parking areas and three metro stations (all on line ten) depending on which area you want to go to. Near the lake there is an information hut about the grounds. (metro lago)
If you go to the Zoo or the atractions park, the metro is casa de campo, a short walk to the park and some fifteen minutes to the zoo. Most of the park does not allow cars, so it is safe to cycle and walk.
At the weekend the area is full of locals relaxing and enjoying the nature.

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May 18, 2010

Parque de Attracciones

Madrid has big park called Casa de Campo, you can get there with the teleferico, the cable car, you can visit the Zoo Aquarium de Madrid, or Parque de Atracciones de Madrid or Lago de la Casa de Campo, which has a big fountain that is seen from the city centre!

p.s. there is also a Red Light District in Casa de Campo. Be Aware!

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Aug 13, 2006

Things to Do Near Casa de Campo

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Parque del Oeste

Parque del Oeste is near the royal palace so I went there after my visit to the palace. The park is nice but the most amazing is the ancient Egyptian temple inside the park! Templo de Debod is very...
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Museum of Costume - Museo del Traje

This Museum offers a very interesting trip across the history of costume, from the XVIII century till the present. The ambience and the way the collections are presented are very special too, as it is...
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Museo de America

Situated a short walk from Moncloa metro station, the Museo de America provides a fascinating insight into the Central and South American civilisations of the Mayans, Aztecs and Incans amongst others....
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Arab Wall

Next to the Cathedral you find rememnants of an Arab citywall dating back from the 9 th century. Its a 3 meter high wall build in flintstone materials and is situated in the parque of Emir Mohamed,...
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Jardines de Sabatini

We didnt have the chance to go inside, but we just saw it from the top from the palace. Attractive, shapely garden with stricktly sheared trees and bushes in a french style. The way a garden around a...
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Almudena Cathedral

Why did the capital of one of history's greatest Christian empires not have its own cathedral until 1993? Spain built plenty of cathedrals in new cities all across the Americas, yet Madrid had to wait...
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