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Córdoba Private Guided Day Tour from Madrid
"Enjoy this private 8 hour tour with your guide and get to the historical city of Cordoba very comfortably in a fast train service. The tour will start off with a ride from Madrid's ATOCHA train station and then travel comfortably by fast train to your official tour guide will meet you at the train station and your private tour will start. Your tour is completely personalized to fit your own needs. The tour will be organized taking into account what you want. An example of what some of the Jewish quarter and Gothic architecture and roman remains.The tour will finish off at the same meeting point.""""Once you visit Madrid and have a day to spare you cannot miss on a visit to Cordoba. Embark on an amazing full-day excursion. Explore Cordoba’s Moorish monuments with your private tour guide and emerge yourself in the historical streets and admire the great architecture."title=Highlights&1=Private%2C+full-day+tour+to+Cordoba+from+Madrid&2=Ride+the+fast+train+with+a+guide+through+the+scenic+Andalusian+countryside&3=See+highlights+of+the+city%27s+UNESCO-listed+historic+center&4=Step+inside+Cardoba%27s+famous+cathedral+built
From EUR229.00
Madrid Full Day by High Speed Train from different points in Spain
"Transfer by your own to the High Speed Railway Station to take the morning High Speed Train to Madrid. Arrival in Madrid. Free time to discover this magnificent city considered as one of the most beautiful in the world. We include an afternoon city tour at 15.00 h (meeting at 14.45 h) in our VPT Terminal at C/ Ferraz 3. The best tour to get acquainted with the city. During approximated 2:30 hours we’ll see the most important buildings avenues and squares to know the monuments and its history from the old Habsburg and Bourbons quarters to the present modern city: Gran Vía Plaza de España University
From EUR165.00
Madrid Full Day Tour by High Speed Train from Valencia
"Transfer by your own to Valencia Railway Station to take the morning High Speed Train to Madrid. In Madrid you will have free time to discover this magnificent city considered as one of the most beautiful in the world. It is included an afternoon city tour at 15.00 h (meeting at 14.45 h) in the terminal. Enjoy visiting this amazing city during 2.30 hour where you will see the most important buildings avenues and squares to know the monuments and its history from the old Habsburg and Bourbons quarters to the present modern city: Gran Vía Plaza de España University Moncloa
From EUR165.00

Security Tips (77)

cell phones on the street..

Iýve lived in Madrid for 2 years, without facing any major threats. However, be careful with flashing your celll phone - it is likely to be taken away from you on the street and metro in the central Madrid. If you need to take it out, do it descretely and away from the road.

Theft is a common thing in general.
Just make sure you don t keep your money/valuebles in one place.

Laerke's Profile Photo
Jun 01, 2004

Pick Pocketing!!

There is no part of Madrid where this is any better or any worse - its the same all over. Three of my friends had attempted bag snatches within an hour, so if you bring a bag out make sure you its an "over the shoulder " bag that you can hold on to at the front !!

fifitrix72's Profile Photo
Apr 22, 2004


"Is Madrid safe?" I ask my dinner guest Carlos, a middle aged academic who looks like Salvador Dali.

"It is safe, if you are careful about the traffic and AIDS. Very few people ever get killed by terrorists."

"Who are the terrorists?"

"Most well-informed people believe that it is western governments who organise the terror. Sometimes they recruit Muslims for minor roles."

"Why would the CIA and its friends want to bomb Madrid or Casablanca?"

"The US wants to send more and more troops into North and West Africa. They've already sent troops into Mauritania, Mali, Chad and Niger, and they're already working with the security forces in Morocco and Algeria. The US Sixth Fleet may be moving from Italy, to the southern Spanish port of Rota. Why? The US National Intelligence Council believes that by 2015 West Africa will supply 25% of the oil used by the US. Why the bombs? They give the US an excuse to send in the troops. It's just like in Indonesia and Afghanistan."

"But the bombs let the Socialists take over."

"The CIA, and its friends in the Spanish security services, may have miscalculated. They may have thought the Spaniards would rally to the Popular Party. But how do you know that the Socialists are not controlled by the CIA? Back in 1982 the Socialists promised a referendum on whether or not Spain should remain in NATO. After winning the elections in 1982, the Socialists under Felipe González adopted a pro-NATO stance. They signed an agreement for the renewal of the US military bases in Spain."


Crime - Watch out in hotel lobbies, airports, train and bus stations, on public transport, in supermarkets and car parks. Take particular care in the Puerto de Sol and surrounding streets including the Plaza Mayor, the Retiro Park and Lavapies.

Mar 17, 2004


Be careful of pickpockets in Madrid. One of the girls in my group nearly got robbed once when we were getting on the bus. I saw a hand going into her purse, but people noticed and the guy stopped. Thank goodness he didn't steal anything. But for safety, wear a money belt if you have one, or carry your purse in front of you. Especially if it's the type that's easy to reach in even if it's closed. Don't carry too much cash, or expensive jewelry.

fairy_dust's Profile Photo
Feb 12, 2004
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You wont even feel it...

Take good care of your stuff, Madrid it´s very secure, but there are some really good thieves... I went to El Rastro market... I buyed a 1euro necklase... Someone took my 400euro camara... And I dont even knew when or how... My backpack was wide open... Try to avoid neighborhoods as Tirso de Molina and Chueca, and in touristic places watch your stuff all the time...

Gaby_G's Profile Photo
Oct 24, 2003


Though I personally didn't see any, Madrid is notorious for its pick-pockets. Wear a moneybelt or other secure device to keep your money, credit cards, etc. Women should also have hold on securely to their purses and cameras are best secured with the strap around and across the chest. Better safe than sorry.

roamer61's Profile Photo
Oct 13, 2003

Pickpockets at El Rastro

El Rastro is a fun open-air flea market that is held every weekend in the working-class La Latina district in Madrid. It's full of people and is blocks long. Definitely a must see, but beware of pick-pocketers. Luckily I had my wallet in a button pocket on my shorts because I noticed a man had slipped his hand in my front pocket (and I didn't even ask for him to! the nerve!). There are tons of people here (Sunday morning until about 2P is the best time and the most active).

nkdnatl's Profile Photo
Oct 11, 2003

I live in Madrid...

since I was born (35 years ago). I have never had a security problem in the city. The advice is: don't look like a tourist, try to look like you have been in the city for years. People is very kind and is always willing to give a hand. Most of young people speak english, so, if you feel unsecure, ask any bar tender or any taxy driver to help you. Pickpockets occur in the Gran Via, Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor. Be careful in the subway, but this is one of the best subways in the world. There are some security problems in the airport. Keep your things near you in every moment. Enjoy this wonderful city... and dont miss a soccer match at Atletico de Madrid stadium.

Sep 24, 2003
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"¡Bienvenido a Madrid!/Welcome to Madrid!"
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"Madrid is where I live"
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"Madrid: My home for 3 fantastic weeks!"
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"Home is where you're always from"
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Take care in El Rastro

If you go to El Rastro fleamarket on sunday morning, take care. I haven't had any bad experience, but my mother, who lives in Cadiz, has been 5 times here... and the 5 times she got stolen in El Rastro!!
Well, she might be an extreme case, LOL, but be very careful. Avoid to wera purses or bags if possible...

SirRichard's Profile Photo
Jul 02, 2003


They exist, and they are specially skilled near the tourist areas (Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor, Museo del Prado).
For example, if you see people gambling on the street (typically a guy playing cards and other ýactorsý acting as players), be aware that they probably will take a look onto your wallet if you get too close to them.

agarcia's Profile Photo
Jun 30, 2003

Pick Pockets

I don't think enough warnings are made to tourists about pick pockets. I am always careful about my surroundings when I travel, but I was unaware when it happened to me. A knife was used to cut my bag when it was over my aware!

TXgal's Profile Photo
Feb 27, 2003

Pick Pockets

Although it didn't happen to me here, some other travelers I ran into in Madrid complained incisively about pickpockets around the plazas. The differences between them and I - they were leisurely walking around, looking like tourist, looking more up and around, than where they were walking. I, on the other hand, always walked like I knew where I was going, and when I wanted to look at something, I would stand to the side, and look. It makes a big difference.

Pounder73's Profile Photo
Jan 26, 2003

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Museo del Ferrocarril de Madrid

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Centro de Arte Reina Sofia

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La Casa Encendida

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El Parque del Buen Retiro

The Retiro Park (Park of the Pleasant Retreat) is the largest Public Park in Madrid and was formerly a private park of the Spanish Monarchy. This park has historical significance as is was formerly...
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Retiro Park

Retiro Park is one of the top places I visited when in Madrid. With around 125 hectares of grounds to explore and numerous routes and walkways around the park, you will not get bored here. Many of the...
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Palacio Cristal

We found Palacio Cristal accidentally on the walk around Retiro park. There leads a path under trees and opens into a lake, where live turtles and dugs. In the middle of the lake sprays a fountain. On...
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